Ali's Story

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a satisfyingly tragic love affair set in the BDSM world. a cautionary tale that delivers. Please leave some comments so I can plan for my next erotica chronicle.

Submitted: February 14, 2017

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Submitted: February 14, 2017



Ali’s Story


It’s my epic summer.  I crave the heat.  Heat seems to stir up my happiness genes.I had no idea how my organized, careful world would come to such an abrupt and decisive end.  You can direct and plan your life in a fashion that corresponds with your economic means and social demands or you can try to self-actualize.  I had gone the safe route with occasional side trips to my secret life.  I say chuck it all, why not live in the brief time you have.  Revel in your oneness.  Narcissism in small bites might not be a bad thing.

Why all the detail?  I wanted to make sure you understood I wasn’t bored and looking for some gratuitous action.  I had a lot of cool things to hold my attention.  Why I encouraged a visit to a part of my life I always thought of as my secret world is still something I’m pondering along with my attachment to my friend Ali.

So I started tooling around on the Internet highway on a freeway dedicated to those of the BDSM persuasion.  I would chat and message interesting women who styled themselves as Submissive.  I had always been comfortable as the Dominant so the D in the D/S pair.  Lots of fun, great on-line conversation.  Even some texting and a few phone calls.  I grew more creative and suggested to a few profiled babes I had a specific scenario in mind and to please message me if interested.  I could imagine the hilarity as some of the more sophisticated recipients thought “Fucking Nerd”.  Ultimately I met some approval and had to deliver.  I offer for the readers entertainment and sympathy (please), Instructions.



You are instructed to answer your door wearing your shortest skirt and no under pants.  You can choose either a pushup bra or Bustier.  You need to find the best way to provide good access to your erect nipples.  High heels will be in order and a nice bright red lipstick.  Your fragrance should suggest you need serious examination.

Once inside I will continue with your assessment.  I need to determine what type of spanking suits you.  Your level of grooming will need attention.  You may have hair in places that needs to be removed or trimmed.

I will ask you to give me your tongue.  After your tongue is placed in my mouth I will begin inspecting your nipples with my fingers.  At first I will use gentle caressing pressure to make them stand up.  When your nipples are sufficiently hard I will begin to squeeze them and as long as you murmur enjoyment and pleasure your nipples will receive my attention.  Careful breast squeezing will further arouse your interest.  Perhaps some careful sucking, licking, and nibbling will be well received.Your respectful encouragement is expected.

You will now have a collar fitted and a short lead attached.  Naturally you will be led around to get a sense of how you walk in heels, how your hips and ass thrust up as you slowly move about.

Your pheromones will now be tasted and their fragrance examined.  You will be directed to wet two of your fingers where you should now be wet and aroused.  Offering yourself and asking if more is needed will go a long way to establishing further attention.

You will be directed to spread your legs so you can be inspected.  A little hair for decorative purposes is ok but too much around your labia will have to go.  Your hair will be trimmed with perhaps a stylish V created and the rest shaved off.

You have begun your journey and it’s time for you to dress for the adventure.  Do you have stockings and a sexy garter belt?  Well put them on.  I expect skimpy and sheer panties.  Your breasts should be supported and offered.  Makeup and fragrance needs to show how you want to be used and aroused.

Spanking is so critical to your excitement.  You love to be spanked but how is the question?  There are three basic spanking types; hand, paddle, and cane.  Which one will make you lose control and submit must be discovered.

Pulling on your lead you will be positioned on your knees.  Crossed slender wrists will be bound behind your back.  You will be instructed to position yourself on my lap.I want to make sure you are comfortable and available.  I can detect your fragrance and increased breathing.  You know you want to be taken.

Instructions follow.  I will grasp your hair and pull it back as you are vigorously spanked.  Naturally you will be aroused by the hair pulling and spanking.  You will have to count out the spanks and plead for harder or less so.  10 spanks will decide how you like your this treatment.

Now things are getting serious. After the hand spanking you will resume your kneeling position.  Have you ever worn a ball gag?  The sexist aspect is the drool and you need to accept that you will drool when you’re gaged.

You will be instructed to open you moth and the ball gag will be inserted.  Tying the ball gag in place behind your hair will set the scene.  A paddle will be applied to your ass.  You can ask for harder by nodding yes, begging for less by shaking no.  You can continue with the way it is by just remaining still.  You will be gaged and unable to speak but you can express you delight by groans, moans, squeals, and squeaks.

Perhaps hand spanking and paddling is enough to satisfy your desire for ass pain but in that unique case you may want to be caned.

If caning is your desire other arrangements will be necessary.  You will have your bonds released and be led over to a short table.  Your wrists will be tied to sides of the table.  Next, your legs will be spread and tied to the legs of the table.  You are now bent over the table and ready to receive the cane.  Again you can control the severity but you must understand that you won’t escape without marks.

Bent over the table, panting and waiting.  I will toy your ass with the cane to let you get a feeling for what is to come.  I will have to express my disappointment in having to abuse you in this fashion.  The caning will start and the count will be given.  You can controls the intensity but you will receive 5 strokes.

Which do you like the best?  Does the hair pulling make you wet and weak?  Questions that are answered during the spanking assessment determine where things will go next.

I would have paid good money for a WEB cam or to be a fly on the wall to watch and listen to the reactions.  Now bear in mind I didn’t post this on OK Cupid but often thought that might be fun.  I sent this to ladies in the life who could at least understand and appreciate.  On the whole when I received reactions they ranged from approval to contemptuous dismissal.  Dangerous overblown ego resulted from the positive responses.  I became selective and started wanting to edit the comments that I received.  I thought to send back the edited comments with instruction on how to approach me correctly.  Fortunately I realized that self aggrandization is the path to a big fall besides I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

The profiles on the Internet “Fet” (Fetish) site have stylized pictures and some sort of interesting name.  I took a shine to NaturalOne and launched my fetish initiative.  It took a couple of days before I received a short but thoughtful note from NaturalOne.  What kind of rope did I envision and what would she have to do if her wardrobe didn’t include a pushup bra?  BDSM banter, kinky terminology, fetish lexicon.  We tested one another with the secret handshake of the sexually liberated.  NaturalOne turned out to be a wholesome lady by the name of Ali.  Ali, Ali, there was something about that name that fascinated me. Ali was a mother with two young children and, as she repeatedly said, a clueless boring spouse.  I had to promise solid confidentiality and respect her position at all times. Little did I know?  Had my Crystal Ball not been in the shop I would have taken a short vacation, chucked it all.  But I didn’t.  Many stories have a satisfying arc, a happy ending.  Other more sordid accounts are woven with interesting tragedies and a startlingly sad ending.  My tale features both which makes it all the more compelling to tell and hopefully for you to explore and process. You will root for Ali and Terry even at the end. At your peril my friend, at your peril. 

I met Ali in the fall. Well it really was more like a collision.  The intersections of our lives and hearts was the most breathtaking event I’ve ever experienced. We both pulled up to the BDSM four way stop. Neither of us could stop. We crashed into one another on the internet.  An alternate life style WEB home for lonely people with a proud desire to confirm their life styles. I once had a relative tell me I needed therapy after broaching the concept of vanillaness.

Ali and I were separated by 80 miles so naturally we gravitated to an e-mail life.

As our email became more complex and nuanced we realized we needed more intimate contact. Ali had a challenging job as a special math and science teacher so her time was not always hers. We fell into two calls, one as her day began and another in the evening when she walked her dog.

Obsession wouldn’t come close to describing my feelings about these calls. What did we discuss?  In the end we left nothing on the table. My connection to Ali was welded by the frank, honest, and open discussions. We both had come together to explore our Dominant - Submissive roles, to define our desires, to stake out positions. Time and time again we detoured into romantic, life mating possibilities. I could see myself with this women. I could see a life together. Ali’s submissive desires would just be the seasoning in our life changing stew.

Nothing survives the light of day. Especially my half formed thoughts and confusions. Nothing will be the same after our final ultimately satisfying but tragic meeting. I asked for it.  I planned and plotted. Ali aided and abetted me and drove things along with curiosity and determination. Clearly I was the captain of our adventure and really the more responsible of the two of us for the way things turned out.

We had plans for a special life affirming first meeting but somehow I couldn’t fully accept the new reality. I had actually brow beat Ali to send me a photo. Major infraction in the FetLife community. I had my reasons. Ali complied. My realization of Ali’s purity, her beauty drove me to the depths of intense self-recrimination. How could I doubt my angel? We had poured our souls out to each other and I had demanded a JPEG tribute. Perhaps women are right about male base insensitivity. Not perhaps, we are or at least I am.  Worst of all.

Ali and I had planned to meet Friday at a quaint riverside restaurant that she had selected for intimate seating. Sounded great to me. Unfortunately I could not contain myself. I suggested we meet Monday just for a quick chat and a chemistry check.  Ali agreed and we planned a lunch time meeting. My motives were jumbled but I think driven by insecurity more than anything else.

Not content with restaurant plans I arranged to meet Ali in a park on Monday. We were getting together for drinks on Friday but a quick get together on Monday seemed right for me. Ali would have arranged a Bruce Springsteen concert if I asked. For perspective, 160 mile round trip for an hour visit. Hilarity abounds. Ali points out that this spot where we’re meeting is the rendezvous for the local micro criminals who meet to trade in urine for drug tests.  Safe pee, what a concept. I saw Ali appear on the opposite side of the park. I raced over, parked and jumped out of my car. Greeting Ali for the first time stunned me to my core. All I could do was extend my hand for an introductory hand shake.  Ali grasped my hand and I felt the ocean move under me. Our first full embrace seemed to last forever as Ali’s softness flowed against me.  I had intense feelings of longing, of desire, of downright fear and confusion.  I hadn’t felt any human emotions like these for many years and now I wondered if I was being realistic about it all.  I released Ali and saw in her smile and the way she held onto my arm that she had undergone a similar realization.  I guess this is the moment that people talk about.  The elusive “Love at First Sight” moment.

We retreated to my car and after some gentle hand stroking we tried a hesitant kiss. Soft, sure pleading. I knew I had found a very special person. We had spent so much time in one another's psyches that physical contact was both strange and very satisfying. I decided I was falling in love. Falling in love with an idea, with a fragment born online.  Alternately couldn't believe my good luck and knew I should get the hell out of there.

We discussed our latest BDSM conversations. I suggested I could tie her hands behind her back to see if she liked my technique. Ali was both amused and aroused so she readily complied sitting forward with her hands behind her waiting for the rope.

Ali and I fooled around and laughed. So pure, so together. We parted and I aimed my curiously impoverished-self northward. I should have been satisfied and let it go at that. Greedy bastard.

Friday arrived and I settled into the long drive south.  I arrived early and parked in a nearby riverside parking lot.  I decided to conduct a couple of business calls.  The absurdity of mixing business with pleasure never felt so real to me now.

Off the river park and into town. Ali had made arrangements to meet at a local restaurant famous for its intimate, laid back decor. The King George Inn was now famous for the union of Ali and Terry.  I asked Ali if she’d rather call our newly claimed special place “The King” or perhaps “The George” she just laughed and slid into her seat.  I couldn't believe my good fortune as I dropped into my seat across from Ali. We ordered wine and decided food was irrelevant.  Ali was my queen, my hotness.  Ali’s cute face was wreathed by stunning long hair and her eyes just went on with a blue that announced a serious brain on the other side.  I decided to break the ice by complementing Ali on her prominent breast works.  Ali almost lost her wine laughing at my rather forward observation but clearly she delighted with my attention.

We talked, we laughed, and we planned to offer our special selves to each other. Time stood still. Finally time evaporated and I escorted Ali to a cab and watched her disappear. My heart was broken until I realized this was just a tune up for next Friday. Oh did I mention we had plans for an all-day fetish event, alone, with no limits?  Our deepest desires on the line and waiting.

We couldn’t leave it alone. Our calls continued and our lovers in love theme dissolved into pure BDSM Dom Sub chat.

I sent Ali a nice picture of a kneeling woman in her underwear with her hands tied behind her back. Ali liked that and encouraged me to branch out. I sent a picture of a woman bound with a rope pressed through her cunt. Nice. I commented on the roughness of the sisal rope. Ali though it might serve to focus attention and wondered if I had a piece of rope like that for her. I assured her I did and couldn’t wait to rig her appropriately.

Our graphic encouragement continued. We discussed aspects of the Dom Sub ethos. How to use correct titles. I settled on Sir. I’m not a big fan of the whole Master thing. Ali insisted that her submissive desires were tied to pleasing me completely, without any reservation. I couldn’t tell her that my only desire was to possess her heart and the body that it beat in. What was I thinking?  I started with a yearning to fulfill my BDSM desires and now I had fallen in love with my prey.  Clearly a dangerous mixture of carnal desire and the things that make life important.

Ali was steadfast that she was a submissive and her desire was to serve her Dom.  I wanted to explore how we could manifest her desires.  Ali was sure about this and went into detail about collaring, leashing in private and subtle collaring in public. I wanted it all. No limitation. Ali was mine and subject to my command. I felt comfortable and strangely empowered. The whole Dom – Sub relationship made so much sense, was so primal and filled an aching hole in me. What I couldn’t process but I loved was that despite Ali’s Sub status she had ideas, she had interests and goals. A smart poised woman who clearly knew what she wanted. Who was I to argue?  I went with the flow. My heart ping ponged between ecstasy and disbelief.  How could we ever become the couple we envisioned?  

 can’t do justice to the enormity of the tale by leaving it at that.  I try to understand, to process, to be at peace but nothing will let that happen.  I must deliver the details and I ask your forbearance.  We fell into two hour long phone calls a day.  Ali called me to preserve her privacy and to make sure she wasn’t overheard.  I had the same problem.  I used a convenient over the ear Bluetooth device with my mobile phone.  I would stalk around my yard every morning trying with Ali to make sense of our previous evening’s ramblings.  As I mentioned, we yo-yoed between intense BDSM – Don/Sub conspiracies and a potential life changing joining of our fortunes.  Probably our biggest mistake was mixing our interests.  We crossed the streams with spectacular results.  Very satisfying, terrifyingly tragic.

Our evening calls were the most satisfying for us both.  Mostly because of the solitude of our individual settings.  Ali was out walking her small dog so she was away from all her hubbub at home and able to really concentrate.  And concentrate she did.  Ali had some very specific ideas about her Submissive role and constantly tried to get my views, to draw me out with seemingly innocent but usually very charged questions.  “My dear, do you think a Sub should spit or swallow” was par for the course with Ali.

I was usually outside as well with a nice fire going in my Chimenea and a decent glass of wine at hand.  I could feel the beginning cool air of early fall, see the autumn constellations wheel overhead, and enjoy the quiet.  Occasionally the sound of dried leaves rustling down toward the ground would fill the background sounds.

We talked, we laughed, we plotted, and we planned.  Our ruthlessness regarding our families, jobs, friends, and social circumstances should have been the first clue to me that my thought process had gone off the rails.

The internet and associated e-mail, text, and chat possibilities assured us that we could exchange our highly charged ideas, observations, and emotional storms.  Usually without adequate intellectual vetting and certainly without a real plan built on a solid foundation.  We constructed our new public and secret lives on the fragile foundation of our doomed dreams.

Ali’s e-mails always began innocently and then wound up in some steel toothed trap of charged D/S miasma.

Ali to Terry


Speaking in terms of a relationship or BDSM dynamic only, would you say that you enjoy surprises, the unexpected, variety, and spontaneity?
Would you say that in the long term, you would consider your ideal partner to be one that embraced personal growth and accepted part of the responsibility of initiating innovative play?

Terry to Ali

Ha, Ha.  Is this a trick question?  I suspect you already know the answer.  Surprise, innovative play can on one hand be a delightful addition or a delicious opportunity for ritual correction.  Win win.  Don't you think Il Mio Amore?

Ali to Terry

Not a trick question.  Just trying to learn about you.

Terry to Ali

ell I hope it was instructive but seriously didn't you see my reaction coming?  I have tarted up a little ditty for your inspection and enjoyment.  I messed up tense and sentence structure but I was determined to move our discourse in another direction.  Your impressions and possible effect on your day will be eagerly awaited.  BTW would you rather a Word Doc or is the in-line approach acceptable?  I offer for your enjoyment and arousal, “Ali Surrenders”.

Ali Surrenders

You enter the room and things seem slow and tinged with deep shadows.  You notice the candles and sense some exotic fragrance that seems to infuse the air.  You’ve seen this before and sure enough there is the chair front and center.  A pillow is positioned in front of the chair and another on the right side.  Nice comfortable pillows reassure you that your Dom Lover has your comfort in mind.  You ass isn’t so sure.  Your man enters the room, he’s wearing a short silk robe and underneath a pair of short black silk shorts.  He’s got a gleam in his eye, a crop and paddle in hand, and an intoxicating cologne that seems to make your erect nipples quiver.

Your Dominant commands “I direct you to assume your submissive position on the front cushion”.  You kneel and cross your wrists behind your back.

“You need to be reminded how your true feelings need to be reinforced and expanded”.  You know how apprehensive you are about being spanked.  Apprehensive and eager with a twinge of sexual arousal.

You love your submissive position and the combination of the compression of the room’s features, lighting, and scent seem to make you glow.  Your long hair frames your face and falls by your neck just asking to be stroked and handled.

“I would like to give you something intimately from me and I ask you if you are prepared to offer yourself to my desires”. “If your need to please will fulfill your inner most yearnings”.  You whisper “yes my dearest, I am yours to do as you please”.

A bottle of Amaretto and shot glass sit on a small side table. Taking the bottle I pour a nice shot and drink it down but I don’t swallow.  I lean down and gentle take your chin in my hand, and lower my lips to yours.  Our lips touch and you feel the crisp almond taste of the liquor on your lips.  As you slowly part your lips a small trickle enters your mouth in a slow and sensuous stream.  Easy to drink and exciting in the close and personal intimate exchange.

“Let’s get up and stretch darling”.  “I need to lead you around to feel your needs rise to the surface with your breathing and heaving of your breasts signaling your apprehension”.

Ali loves impact play and licks her lips in anticipation.  She knows that’s it’s all about the ritual and she can’t wait for it to begin.  She can’t wait to be directed, to be the center of Terry’s attention.  Spanking is so critical to Ali’s excitement and she expect Terry to be firm and sensual.  Ali needs in the depths of her soul to surrender to Terry and she knows Terry feels the same way.  Love can take many forms and this is just one more.

Pulling on your leash you will be positioned on your knees on the right side of our chair.  A couple of elastic hair bands gather your long hair into a loose pony tail.  Your crossed slender wrists will be bound behind your back. You feel the soft rope start to circle your wrists.  I take my time.  I circle with an X motion around your wrists. You can feel me making short confident movements as I fashion the knot.  We both love the smell and feel of leather.  You have a nice leather collar with the necessary short leather leash.  The collar signifies your commitment and the leash serves to instill confidence in my will to protect and control you.  I want you to feel the confinement that has taken over your world.  I want your senses focused on our little world.  We live for the moment, for each other.  I show you a long leather strap I have removed from my bag.  The strap is about an inch wide with a large buckle and ample holes for exact tension.  I ask you to smell the leather and if you approve of its use you will gently kiss your strap.  I know your ass will enjoy the attention to come but to remind you that your breast are mine to use I pull the strap across your breasts and tighten it.Your pert breasts will feel compressed and receive the attention you crave.  Your nipples spring erect against the strap providing an uncomfortable but arousing sensation.

I command you to lean forward onto my lap and I help you wiggle into position.  I pause and take the time to make sure you’re comfortable.  You elected to wear your high heels and I look admiring at the bulge of your calves

I lean down and nip at your neck and ear.I whisper in your ear that I want to make sure you are comfortable and available.  I can detect your animal fragrance and increased breathing.  You know you want to be taken.  You want to feel the sudden impact of my hand on your bare bottom.

I casually mention that your pretty ass is about to become red and hot.  Your tight silk panties yield slowly to my gentle tugging.  I don’t remove them completely.  I find it more interesting and confining to just slip them down past your ass cheeks and that serves to create another restraint around your legs.  You plead with me to spank you hard and please, please just pull your hair. I relent and grasp your hair and using slow and gently pressure pull it back until your head tilts slightly.I laugh and strike you once with a satisfying crisp smacking sound.  Your breath catches.  I strike three times in quick succession.  You can’t help but moan and wiggle.  I correct you and remind you that you must stay still.  We repeat this until we’ve both had enough.  I have to make sure you’re not too red but have received the attention you so crave.

I slowly untie your wrists and gently rub them.  I kiss your hands and wrists.  I help you up and lead you over to a couch where we sit together.  We lightly kiss and whisper to each other.  You tell me you want more.  I whisper in your ear that you’ve earned some other special treatment. When I begin to reveal your fate you reach into my robe and start rubbing my nipples.  I tell you to go ahead have your way.  You untie my robe, gently move the cloth aside, and begin licking my nipples.  You enjoy this play because you’ve learned that soon I will invade your heaving mound and roll your clit around my lips.  I can’t wait to begin the ritual oiled massage that precedes the languid licking and sucking but I know you need to get your fill.


At this point Ali kicks off our erotic image exchange by sending me a nice BW of a woman in just panties with her wrists tied behind her back.  A real stark picture taken from the back.  We discussed her motivation for sending it, her message and then her source.  Turns out Tumblr has a treasure trove of whatever erotic genre you desire.

Ali to Terry

I have stopped at the point in the story where you have asked if I am prepared to offer myself.  I hope you enjoy the pic your story thus far has inspired. A gift from me to you.

Ali to Terry


I have stopped at the word, "apprehensive", and have decided to go get a glass of wine.  I'll be right back. :-)

Ali to Terry

Thank you for the gift of your story Terry. It affected me on many levels and perhaps the tables have turned and now I find myself in the mental state that you experienced yesterday. Like you said though, it's not just me that put you there but a camel straw scenario. I'm sure the source of my state of being right now is for the same reason as yours was and thank you.  Even if we end up riding off in separate directions as you say :-)

Ali to Terry

The more we continue to chat, the easier the decoding process is becoming it seems.  Somehow in one conversation you've been able to determine that I have ripple like orgasms.  No one but you knows that about me.  That's a perfect way of describing them as well.  Perhaps you do have a crystal ball.  In addition to the above, your story also touched on many elements I find very erotic including hair pulling, spanking with leather implements and bondage.  I like the idea of rope bondage very much.  I would love the experience of having you place a collar around my neck.  A collar is such a powerful visual statement of submission also.

Ali :)

Terry to Ali

I had some difficulty shutting down last night. No crystal ball just a keen student of female sexual release.   Should I do another piece for you?  It seems like we're both enjoying them.  For me it's the fantasy creation and for you the recipient it's the unknown unfolding for your desires.  The missing element is your side of the story.  I don't need any details but a few ideas.  One or two words might spark a torrent.  You’re musing on the collar and rope are a good start.  I may be able to elaborate on them but I'd really like to chart a new path. 
Our new connection is erotically and exotically delicious.  I have serious business concerns on Monday and Tuesday that are about to suffer from distraction but it can't be helped.  I need two things from you.  One would be how you would like to please me.  Where you would go, what you would do.  The second is our infamous pebble conundrum.  We're about 80 miles and 1 1/2 hour apart which at the heart of it isn't a big deal.  I think we need to find a better way to explore our new feelings face to face.  Can we meet somewhere closer to the middle occasionally?  I suggest Princeton and I have some friends there that may be able to help us.  If you're car adverse NJ Transit is a convenient approach.

Ali to Terry

The breeze from the ocean furled her dress as they walked down the boardwalk.  She enjoyed that it gave him a sneak peak of what was to come.  The air was crisp and cool in the early morning and it was a sharp contrast to her burning hot desire for him.  Their first meeting was a sweet success with light and intense moments commingled.  Today though, she was seeking to explore more of their intense erotic desires.  Her need to submit to him was beginning to overflow.

As they neared the hotel/casino he had mentioned, she stopped abruptly.  He turned to her inquisitively and she squeezed his hand and gazed into his eyes.  He pulled her close with a fistful of hair and they kissed passionately for what seemed an eternity.  He released her and their eyes met once more. "Are you sure this is what you want Ali?  Once we enter that room you are mine to do with as I please."  She resisted the temptation to look away knowing he admired the strength in admitting ones truest desires.  "Yes, it is what I want and need Sir, to be the submissive you desire."

A different thought on a trip to AC. :-)  Occasionally a train to Princeton would be lovely

A few thoughts on how I would please you?  I could continue the story above or list them alphabetically. You choose.  Lol!


P.S.  Good morning

Terry to Ali

Just read this again.  And again.  You accomplished so much more than I did in much less terrain. 

Ali to Terry


Ali to Terry

I love the style of your writing as well, but you didn't answer my question Terry.  Shall I continue with the story or list the ways I'd like to please you?

Terry to Ali

Can't I just say yes to both?  Well that's my desire dear.  Please make it so.   I'm open to your communication form but I always thought the Sir, Master stuff is redundant but if it's your pleasure I'm all game.

Ali to Terry

It is a fishing expedition to find what you most like and throw back the rest.  ;-)

Terry to Ali

Fish away.  So far your captain has rated your catch golden. Just
started a new work with the goal of shortening things.  Maybe you like
my longer ramblings.  Also let me be more direct.  Please list the ways
you'd like to please me.  The dark mystery is still hovering in the


Ali to Terry

The dark mystery?  Hmmm...  I've always wanted to experience anal at least once in my life.  I suppose because it's a taboo.  That is the attraction

Terry to Ali


For your secret enjoyment.  Hidden pleasure reveled.


Ali's Predicament

Ali finds herself in a predicament.  Dressed in a black garter belt, black stockings, high heels and a pert pushup bra.  The leather collar she wears has had the leash removed but she can feel it around her neck.  She’s bent over a narrow table with her wrists circled by leather cuffs, her arms spread and attached through the cuffs to the corners of the tale.  Her legs have similar leather cuffs in place with rope spreading her legs to the lower table legs.  Ali is breathing hard and feels a rhythmic taping of a short riding crop on her raised ass.  The taping isn’t hard, there’s something sensuous and languid about it.  Slowly the tapings starts to work their way to the low steamy mound of her womanhood.  Her labia is red and swollen.  It glisten with her fragrant juices.  The crop slowly work its way across her swollen sex organs.  The crop is more an instrument of inspection, a reminder of how aroused she is.

Suddenly it’s over, the ropes removed.  Ali’s leash on again and leads her to the couch.  She’s instructed to kneel and position herself across a pile of plump pillows.  Still in high heels she has some initial difficulty compiling and has to he guided into position.

“My pet you’ve astonished me with your submission, you’ve surrendered to my every wish with a quiet, sweet acceptance that makes my heart break”.  I lean forward and cupping your breasts lean across your back to whisper in your ear.  “You deserve a very special reward, a treatment of a secret place you’ve dreamed about and kept hidden”.  “You think you’ve kept it from me but I’ve noticed so many signs of desire when I accidently brush by your forbidden place”.

Ali is astonished and feels apprehension.  Will the riding crop come back for some hard work?  She wouldn’t like that and worries how long it will go on for.  Suddenly the pressure of her dominating lover is gone from her back.  She feels an oil of some kind applied to her throbbing labia’s.  It doesn’t seem necessary as that area has been engorged and very wet already.  Next she feels a viscus lubrication salve rubbed with slow soft circles around her puckered anal area.  Oh no he’s uncovered my desire to be taken in that orifice, oh now I don’t know if I’m really ready.  I know I want it but will I be able to relax and accept the intrusion.

Ali feels her buttocks spread further hanging her secret place out for all to see.  Embarrassed by the revelation she waits expecting some penetrating pressure to begin.

Instead the pressure is somewhere else, she feels a gentle finger enter her vagina and start to gently stroke the soft swollen parts inside.  Next she first senses but later feels a gentle licking start in her secret palace.  The feeling of pleasure is intense and the licking continues until the tip of the tongue begins to enter her down there.  The pleasure swift and strong continues.  Her whole rear being is awash in erotic excitement.  The combination of the probing tongue and steady finger pressure brings up a wave of release.  Ali’s orgasm seems to roll across her in waves and soon dissolves into a satisfied feeling of contentment.

Ali to Terry

I love your story Terry but would find it difficult to accept such a gift unless I had truly pleased you in many ways including my submission and sexually pleasing some of your darker desires.

Terry to Ali


Where is my list?Doesn't have to be alphabetical.  If you use my stories serially I'm sure you'll earn that and more. How did you like my use of the crop?  That neat little leather loop at the end doesn't have to be used for hard strikes.Got to go.


Ali to Terry


I find impact play very erotic. I enjoy accepting and showing my submission through the sensual and not so sensual side of that type of play.  I enjoyed your sensual use of the crop very much and it would seem that you enjoy pleasing a partner as much as I so I suppose we will both be fortunate in that regard.  I'm going to work out and develop a list for you.


Ali and I continued our madcap email and phone schedule.  Both of us knew Friday was a scant 3 days away.  Apprehension, longing, major arousal all comingled with what we knew was coming, what we couldn’t really control but were drawn to in an unquenchable torrent of desire.  We both wanted it all.  Seriously wanted every aspect.  Our plans for BDMS play were firmed up by the detailed highly charged stories we wrote for one another.  Even now out by fire writing the staggering conclusion to our epic I still long for just a small fragment of the relationship.  Just a piece, a word, a sentence, anything before it all submerges into a receding memory.  I can’t but must, will have to ultimately let it all go.  Writing about it reconnects, opens old wounds, and stirs longings that will never be fulfilled.  Bittersweet, but powerful life affirming.  I’ll never be the same.  I don’t want to be.  Like a scar that is proudly viewed and shared I’ll live with my Ali’s memory until the end of my days.

I planned our campaign and began collecting special items.  Ali favored a certain fragrance for me.  I never went near men’s cologne, thought it superfluous and dandified.  I was rugged, a feral animal prowling the pampas of the vanilla world.  Unencumbered by artifice.  I arrived at a local Mall which sported a lot of high end purveyors of the bit and bobs of refined civilization.

Michael Kors it was and a bit on the pricey side.  I threw caution to the wind. Literally.  I expect the fragrance to be carried on the wind to my Ali and further drive her lust.  Hopefully.  Anyway that was my fantasy.  Next on the list was a visit to Victoria’s Secret for some intimate female underpinnings.  So much of our erotic discourse added all kinds of interesting underwear and I was determined to surprise and delight.  I explained to the sale lady that my girlfriend had bet me that I wouldn’t buy her an exotic outfit.  What would the bet pay out if you win she asked?

I demurred and she pressed with wicked determination.  Clearly didn’t know who she was dealing with.  An aside, I try to rein in my impulse, my desire to communicate deeply with the curious.  I explained that I’d have to take her back to one of the changing rooms to adequately answer her question.  Subject changed but I sensed amusement and not horror so a good interchange all and all.  With my purchases installed in the pink striped gift box and nicely slipped into a bag that proudly proclaimed for all to see the bearer had visited Victoria and now knew her secrets.  Jesus H.  At least I had a bag from Macy’s I could use for camouflage.

Last stop a high end chocolate shop for some of Ali’s favorite delicacies.  I don’t eat much candy and it’s hard to buy things not in your ken but fortunately I had some background of Ali’s taste and a nice sales person so done and on my way.

Thursday dawned and I had to take care of business.  Normally I write a sales report on Friday but I had planned to be otherwise engaged. On Friday.  I planned to be up to my ears in pussy.  Literally.  Ali complained that she had never received adequate oral stimulation and was somewhat incredulous that I found that the most stimulating and compelling of male – female interaction.  Why not?  Pheromones dictate our reaction, drive animal lust.  Why not go to the source?  My favorite thing.

I had all my exotic BDSM equipment, crop, ropes, nipple clamps, ball gag, and other sundry delight stimulators packed in a nice black tactical knapsack specially secured for the operation.  Appropriate wine, musical selection, and some nibbling food loaded into my car and south bound I floated on a cloud of desire.  About halfway I stopped at an Adult Toy store and purchased a nice set of wrist and ankle cuffs that included a conveniently configured D ring attachment that facilitated hog tying.  Ali had absolutely loved the picture I sent her of a hog tied damsel with her hair being pulled, being spanked. I planned to deliver.  In spades.

South I ventured.  My heart in a place it hadn’t been in many years.  Again, I thought I should turn around, chuck everything.  I’d call Ali and explain something had come up.  Nope the die was cast.  On my way Ali called for our usual 4P steam bath call.  I described the sea of brake lights, she mused about having her clit licked.  How can anyone connect the two?  Brake lights, a women’s, most intimate sex organ.  The conversation was so normal so genuine for us.  Are you getting the picture?  We had no limits, no boundaries.  Intoxicating needs another word further up the scale of obsessions.  I don’t know what it is but even today I marvel at our openness, our needy exploration.  Ali and I had finally found someone on our own wave length.

I arrived at the condo that had been generously provided by one of my flying club pals.  Shit hole was the description he used and, well, I guess if accuracy was in question he was right.  I was in a frenzy.  Fortunately there were cleaning aids and I set to with determination.  Kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom all were inspected found wanting and dealt with.  I was satisfied and headed out for dinner.  Would Ali reject the setting?  I had a backup plan with a local Marriott.

Friday dawned. Our 8 AM rendezvous at the train station went without a hitch and we headed to a local restaurant known for its breakfast cuisine.

I looked at Ali as she attacked her omelet and I seriously wondered if I could fulfill our dreams.  Hell yes.  No doubt in my fevered mind.  Ali was going to be mine.

We headed over to our soon to be love nest.  I gave Ali a tour and suggested we could go elsewhere, I had made other arrangements.  Ali liked the setting and wanted to waste no time

Many things raced through my mind.  Adequacy, competency, honesty rose to the surface.  I was determined to be everything my Ali wanted and needed.

Do you expect me to describe our BDSM antics in detail?  Various ties were tried.  Dominant – Submissive protocols were exchanged.  Ali loved it all.  The spanking was intense and very pleasurable for us both.  We drank wine, we cuddled on the couch.  Our plans for being together in some future wonderland were examined and found acceptable.  More than acceptable, required, longed for.

Our day progressed. I needed to fulfill one of Ali’s darkest desires.  I checked my ropes and clamps thinking how I could test my little darling next. Ali was leashed and in a state of Submissive reverie that I think is call Sub Space. But who knows what was going on? At least I was sure that Ali was happy and content with our play.  Ali was determined to please.  Ali wanted it all for her Dom.  So pure, so elemental.  I could not begin to be worthy.  I plowed forward determined to be the man, the Dom Ali needed, wanted, had to have.

I had collared and leashed Ali earlier and she loved to be led around.  I had Ali crawling around and assuming a position of submission.  She loved it and I couldn’t believe her satisfaction.

I believed I was in love with Ali, that I held her heart and would find a place in her history.  History is the operant word for all I have is history and a poignant place that will never heal.

History speaks and I’m am still listening.

Ai had sent me a striking series of pictures of a women in what looked like a large dog cage.  The women was tethered to the cage.  In one of the shots her leg was extended and secured to the top of the cage.  Ali commented that she would like to experience such stark and raw bondage. I explained that I didn’t have a suitable cage right now but if tight bondage and a serious predicament was her desire, I had a great solution in mind.

I led Ali through the hallway into the bedroom.  She was directed to kneel on a pillow by the bed.  I had a short blanket that I warped around her even though she said she was quite warm and enjoyed being naked for me.  Something snapped in me and I found myself on the rug next to Ali kissing her and assuring her she was mine to do with what I pleased because I loved her.  Ali seemed surprised that the play had gone off the rails and that I had become romantic at a time she expected at least another spanking.  Ali looked up at me and said that was why we were so good together, that she felt the same way.  I needed to get things on track so I pointed out that she had broken one of our rules by looking up at me and she’d have to be corrected.

My supply bag yielded 4 nylon wrist and ankle straps with Velcro closures and nice D rings.  I made Ali first present her wrists and then sit down with her legs presented to me.  The straps were installed and I used the leash to guide Ali into a standing position.  Naturally I cautioned her to keep her hands behind her back and her gaze downward.  I asked her what her state of mind was, did she want to continue, had she had enough.  Ali knew we’d moved into a new serious phase and I could tell she was excited when she commented “Sir your needs are so important to me but I was disobedient and need a spanking, a good hard spanking.”  It was very apparent to me that Ali was revved up again and her love of impact play was sometimes hard to satisfy.  I didn’t want to really hurt her but she so loved to be hand spanked, paddled, and sometimes caned.  I planned to use the paddle for this session.

I moved Ali on to the bed face down.  Using some rubbing oil I massaged Ali’s rump and her thighs.  I kneaded her soft ass and paid attention to squeezing her, pulling her two cheeks apart and then squeezing them together.  Ali was murmuring her appreciation but she knew this is how most of our serious beatings stated.  When I was finished I told her I would make sure she could neither resist nor complain.  I heard Ali’s soft voice somewhat muffled by the blankets, “Sir, my Sir this time I really want to feel your power, I want to remember what this felt like.  Don’t hold back and if you can, leave some marks.”

Why is it that some enjoy doing the spanking and some enjoy receiving?  We’d made a game of it.  We had ritual spanking, punishment spanking, and pleasure spanking.  Somehow this session seemed to be a bit of each for me.  As I mentioned earlier I was having trouble separating my romantic feelings from my dominance lust for my dear partner Ali.

I produced a neat little ring device and clips that let me pull in Ali’s arms and legs into a classic hog tie.  I made Ali squirm and asked her if she could get loose or move.  She said no in a way that sounded like she was thrilled to be in such tight control.

I found my ball gag and straddled Ali from behind.  “My dear do you have anything to say before I stuff this gag in your mouth?”

“Oh Sir I am on fire for you I can’t wait for you to make me accept the ball in my mouth again”

I slowly pulled the straps and pushed the ball into Ali’s mouth.  I took my time and did everything slowly and surely. “Open up my little slut”

I stepped back to admire my work.  Ali was in a classic hog time with a nice red ball gag in her mouth.  I left her like that and walked out of the room.  I went into the living room and sat down to try to make sense of my feelings.  Could we sustain this intimacy and passion?  What would the years and time do to either diminish of strengthen the bonds we were forging in our nascent Dominant – Submissive marriage?

I left Ali for almost 10 minutes.  Sounds cruel?  Not really.She loved to be left in a helpless position.  I’m not totally sure why and she tried to explain her feelings about this to me many times.

“I’m back my dear and I found your favorite paddle.”  As an aside I had found a really nice paddle used for some European beach game.  It was at least 10 inches across.  I bonded some textured leather to both sides.  The first time I showed Ali she squealed with delight.  I was stunned that she was so happy, that I had made something special to beat her with.  Curiously exciting to say the least.

We had some special protocols, safe words and for this safe gestures.  If Ali shook her head back and forth in a “No” we would have a hard stop.  Shaking her head up and down in a “Yes” meant keep it up and maybe a little more.

Ali looked up as I entered the room so I showed her the paddle.  She enthusiastically nodded her head up and down.  She wanted this and I had to deliver.

I went to the back of the bed and started to rub the paddle on Ali’s butt cheeks in slow gentle circles.  Ali wiggled and seemed to trust her ass up to meet me.  I took this as a signal to begin.

I stated slowly and without a lot of force to strike both sides of Ali’s ass.  She seemed to calm down a bit so I hit her harder.  I could hear her grunts behind the ball gag so I knew I was on track to give her what she wanted.  I moved down to the sweet spot on the back of her legs just below her ass and rained down a series of shots that turned her skin a nice red.  I moved back up to her ass and just didn’t relent as I hit her harder than before.I was somewhat amazed when I saw that she was signaling for me for harder attention.  Ali was grunting and trusting herself up to meet the paddle she couldn’t see.  I continued to paddle my darling.  That’s right, my darling.  When you love someone you give them what they want and in this case I was enjoyed myself immensely.  I couldn’t wait for our cuddle and debrief.

Ali’s ass was a bright red and she was panting and drooling behind her nice red ball gag.

“I think this is enough my pet, you’ve learned your lesson and endured this bearing with grace and style.”

I put my paddle down, unbuckled Ali’s gag, and worked it out of her mouth.  I had some trouble as she had clenched onto the ball and was reluctant to let it go.

“Please my dear let it go I might want to reward you with something more interesting to put in your mouth.”

Ali loved to suck on my cock after I beat her so she knew what I had in mind.

What happened next?  That’s unimportant but this was how we rolled, how we related to one another, how we met one another’s needs.  Ali loved this and as I marveled at her red ass she rolled over and spread her arms for me.

“Terry I know this is breaking the rules but please, please take me in your arms and tell me you will love and treasure this thing we have”

How could I refuse?

Ali and I continued in our play.  Nothing was out of bounds.  Experimentation, innovation.  We tried it all and more.  We were never satisfied. Ali wanted more, demanded I fuck her in the ass.  I complied.  My penis entered her smoothly and she sighed with pleasure. “Don’t just put in in there, fuck me hard my dear, don’t hold back” were Ali’s instructions. My fondest remembrance of my now departed lover.  I didn’t think so at first but finally we were exhausted, spent.

I turned the tables and warmed the left-overs from breakfast.  Ali and I ate in contented silence. We rested, gathering our desires, expecting things would soon heat up again.

The heating never happened.  Disaster struck.  Ali got a call from her boss.  A problem with her son at school had drawn her spouse into the picture.  Ali’s husband had cut his trip short and was heading home.  Ali had to be there and we lost no time collecting her things and quickly rushed to the train station.

Everything happened in a blur.  I wanted to be supportive and not weigh on Ali’s problems.

Ali kissed me good bye at the train station. She kissed me goodbye and though I didn’t know it at the time, left my life forever.

I don’t want to dwell on the details but Ali had to choose between her children’s well-being and our relationship.  We exchanged terse emails. I told her I would withdraw, allow her the space, the peace to repair her life.  It was done, a sorry completion to a torrid love affair.  Our frenzied last trip to the train station left behind a trail of Ali’s spore, clothes, underwear, earrings, and her beloved Hitachi vibrator.  All of this and my BDSM supplies repose in my black knapsack tucked away on a shelf in my backyard shed.  My knapsack is like some time capsule waiting for me to open and inspect but instead of wondering what the artifacts mean I’m sure the memories will create the avalanche of emotions and visions that I just can’t face right now.

Our last emails to one another sum it up nicely.  I don’t know why two intelligent, sharp people would stoop to such cliché but I know for my part it was all about my inability to accept the loss.

Our last echoes have reverberated and I must honor our final good byes.  I can’t bear the loss but I must move on.  Painful, devastating?  Hell yes.  Knowing all this would I do it all again? A sane person would of course counsel avoidance.  I would not trade the experience, the memory, the friendship for anything.  I plan a short BDSM sabbatical but I know that door will never be firmly closed for me. 


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