In the Name of Secularism

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It is story of a girl named "Rabia Waleed", she was betrayed in the name of "Secularism" when she became blind in terms of fake worldly love.

Submitted: February 14, 2017

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Submitted: February 14, 2017



When it comes to love nobody is till now able to give an accurate universal definition as everybody has it's own definition of love based on predetermined mindset or life expriences. For some people love is life whereas for others love is a useless emotion that blinds the man's consciousness to understand the reality over virtuality of this world. There can be conflict regarding definitions of word love but nobody can lie about it's existence.

Rabia Waleed was born in Islamabad, Pakistan. The city is well known as "The dead city of Pakistan" where water is more pure than feelings. Rabia was love child of so called respectful politician; who as usual ecountered his prey to satisfy his "Libido" in a gloomy winter night when he drives his car on a road that was leading to his residence near "Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad".

Rabia's mother wants to give her best of life so she can live up to high standards which her mother was never able to, because of poverty. She make assure about every possibility that connects Rabia to better options of life while disconnecting her from rock-bottom miserable life.

As time passes by, Rabia entered into her teenage and she was admitted to well renowned school by her mother. She was unaware of upcoming hazard as every film has a good start with lively moments until it reaches to climax.

When she passed her 8th standard and was promoted to next higher standard, here she met the handsome boy named "Taimoor Ali", who was her classfellow and after couple of meetings they became lovebirds. Rabia and Taimoor used to hang out a lot and mostly they used to stay with each other while her whole class used to call them "Titanic version of Pakistan".

Rabia was staunch supporter and follower of "Secularism" and not at all to religion. Her philosophy of love was based on principles of secularism and secular's love is not agape. Rabia was madly in love with Taimoor and she was even willing to die for him as she was living in the universe where Taimoor was center of her life. 

The life took the wrong turn when both passed their college and Taimoor started ignoring Rabia while she was always frantically trying to connect herself with him. Rabia suffered from first severe panic attack when she caught Taimoor with some random girl and the end of this worldly fake love was the same as expected, "An ill-lit break up of Rabia's heart".

She tried to commit suicide for several times through different means including excessive intake of sleeping pills. She started preferring darkness over sky that was full of lighters. Meanwhile her mother was very tense for her daughter's state but she was helpless.

Fortunately, Rabia met an Islamic scholar named "Faiza Naseer" through her friend and the process of spirtual healing initiated. She worked hard on herself and with time she became religious by soul but not in terms of clothes. She started offering five time prayers and she also learned to recite "Holy Quran", gave an attempt of entrace examination for a university in which she topped.

Now Rabia is living her life to the fullest and currently she is pursuing her degree in "Arts". She still wear fashionable western clothes as according to her religion is by soul and not by clothes. She used to summarize her life as "A journey from in the Name of Secularism to in the Name of Allah Almighty".

Writer: Arslan Akhtar Ali



© Copyright 2018 Arslan Akhtar Ali. All rights reserved.

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