A Rose In The Wolf's Mouth *Preview*

A Rose In The Wolf's Mouth *Preview*

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance




This is a work in progress story. I'm a young writer so I'm just looking for some comments to help me on my path to be a successful writer.
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This is a work in progress story. I'm a young writer so I'm just looking for some comments to help me on my path to be a successful writer.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Start Of A New Day

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Submitted: February 14, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 14, 2017



A Rose in the Wolf’s Mouth

By: Jewel Denham


It was in highschool, my sophomore year at MHS, the day after my birthday, and I could remember like it was yesterday. October 10, 2016, a day I wish I could forget. The day of my first and one of many breakups. Joseph was a junior and a new student to the school. He had called himself a “military brat.” His voice was that of an angel, and he could act like no other. Joseph and I had met in our first hour, and we had found each of intriguing. We would try to talk  to each other whenever could. In school through email, almost any kind of communications. Though there was one thing I wasn’t hoping for and that was our breakup.

“Do you think this relationship is going to workout, Maddie” Joseph questioned.

“Yes, of course. “ I replied.

“I don’t know, I think we aren’t going to workout, I think we should take a break.”  He said.

“Okay, I understand.” I sighed

“Just know I care about you.” He smiled.

I tried not to cry, time had passed and it was around Christmas time. I was tucked up in my bed and alone in the house. Not a single sound was scurrying across the wooden floors. It was chilly and gloomy in my room. No light shined through the windows like it did once before. I was in my black tank top with my black and white Nike shorts under my Hello Kitty comforter. I got up slowly and walked to the window. I wore my comforter on my shoulders almost like a cape. I opened the blinds and revealed the outside world. The ground that was once green in the summer was a tanish colour and cover by a thin layer of snow. In the driveway, was a blue Chevy Malibu 2005, my father’s car, was covered in the same white substance.

I had dropped the comforter on the floor, and raced to my favourite part of the house. The kitchen was always my favourite room, it contained the many things I required to live. Soon as, I had walked into the kitchen I immediately grabbed my Wonder Woman coffee cup, poured boiling water in it from a thermal, and put in an Earl Grey teabag. There was a sudden ring at the door. I thought to myself “who could it possible be?” My coffee cup that was ironically filled with tea was in my left hand, I walked to the front door and opened it. There was a tall young man standing in front of me. He was in a white and black suit for some odd reason. He had deep blue eyes and long brown hair. On his face was the biggest smirk, so big that made me almost want to smack it. His face looked almost like someone like I used to know, then I realized who it was.

“Mitchell?” I questioned.

“You missed me, babe.” He smiled.

“Hell no, what are you doing here?” I asked.

“I’m here to see your house.” He chuckled. “Nah, John and a few friends of mine have a surprise for you, but you have to come to Nebraska now.”

“Why should I?” I snarled.

“Because we have been planning this for over a month and if you don’t come we will be sad.” He signed.

“Come on I don’t have all day. Now you don’t need to pack clothes we got something special for you. Just pack the things you need to survive a few nights there.” He grinned.

“Okay.” I sighed.

I packed my bag and hurried out the door. It was 11 degrees fahrenheit outside, when the wind blowed. My body quivered, I walked to his car. Mitchell took a blanket, and pick me up while wrapping me in it.

“You are pathetic.” He sighed. “But for some reason I adore you.”

He carried me to his car, trying to keep me warm. A grin went across his face, he looked down at me. I analyze his face. His eyes looked almost childish, they were big and blue just like a newborn child but, they gave me a chill down my spine. His jawline was strong and his teeth glistened like pearls the sun. As soon as I sat in his car, my body started to warm up. The man, I had once hated had make made my heart pound.

His hair rippled in the wind and the snow lightly fell on his nose and eyelashes. He shut the door and walked to the other side of the car. I sat down in the driver seat and took out a pair of sunglasses. I looked out the car window, not a single ray of sunlight was out.

¨Mitchell, why are you wearing sunglasses?¨ I questioned.

“Cause you s0 bright, that I need sunglasses to see ya.” He replied.

¨Ugh.¨ I sighed.

¨Sunglasses make me look cool okay.¨ He yelled.

“Alright.” I commented.

He started the engine. Everything was silent except for a long “prr.” I had closed my eyes for a few seconds and when I had opened them he had already drove out of the neighborhood. I looked in the back, there was a maple coloured guitar, a pink present box, and a dress that looked oddly like a rose. It was made silk, pink and when the light shined on it the glitter on it shined. The dress was beautiful. I looked back at Mitchell, he was smiling. He had rolled down the window when I was not looking. Maybe, for once this man was finally happy. Truly happy, not the kind of happy you see models have on their face in their pictures. Mitchell wasn’t that rich, he lived with his dad and occasionally he would go visit his mom.

The summer before my sophomore year, Mitchell had told me that I would be the only person he would ever love. He would call me everyday and some days we would be talking all night. I remember one night he had told me a story about how his mother got beaten by his father. He said that one day when we are married he would protect me no matter the cost. I still remember that to this day, what he said. A few weeks after he said that, he had left me for my best friend. I was angry and sad at the time but, I forgave him. He had changed from the ignorant little boy he was back then, to the man he is now. He looked over at me, and immediately his face had turned red.

“What?! You didn’t see nothing you here?” He blushed.

“I’m sorry, you’re really cute when you smile, ya know?” I shivered.

“Shut up. Try to stay warm you will get sick if you don’t.” He said as he rolled up the window.

I covered my body up with the blanket that he had given me before. His face had averted back to normal. He was so focused on the road that it looked like that he would kill about anyone or anything that gets in his way. The face of a child was gone and the face of a whole new person had emerged.

“Get some sleep it’s going to be a long ride.” He whispered.

“Okay.” I replied.

I shut my eyes and before I knew it I was asleep. Mitchell had never been that nice to anyone before not even me. Online, we had almost always got into a fight. Everyday would be a nonstop brawl, we would fight almost about anything. Just seeing him this calm and quiet surprised me. I never thought I would see the day that he would be nice to me. Maybe, he wasn’t the bad guy that I portrayed him t0 be. I dreamt about us and our life together, every step of the way. From the first day we met to the day we died. A few hours later, I was awakened to the loud sounds of a police siren. Mitchell's face was brighter than ever.

“What did you do now?” I yawned.

“Nothing just go back to sleep.” He replied.

“Where are we?” I questioned.

“We are on the border of my state.” He answered.

“Oh Okay.” I proclaimed.

A tall policeman walked over to Mitchell's side of the door. His smile was twisted and his eyes were sharp. Mitchell was as nervous as ever,, his whole body was shaking.

“What's seems to be the problem officer?”

“Sir do you realize how fast you were going?”

“About a hundred something.”

“Yeah more like a hundred and six miles an hour.”

The officer had then, signed him off a ticket, without questioning.

“This is a warning. Make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

The officer had then walked off and got in his car. He had drove off before we knew it.

© Copyright 2017 jewel denham. All rights reserved.

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