Just Your Average Teenage Love Story

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Exactly what the package says - its a short story that you've read a million times before...or is it?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! This is the reason I missed a chapter on Not Really Me - I was too busy writing a short story THAT IS ACTUALLY SHORT FOR ONCE!

I realised half way through this that I can't write romance. I read enough of them they you'd think I'd be able to stick something half decent down on the page but apparently romance is one of those things that experience is essential and research only gets you so far.
So yeah, here is the romance story written by your resident only-had-one-boyfriend-never-been-kissed asexual writer. Enjoy!

Submitted: February 14, 2017

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Submitted: February 14, 2017



So who am I you ask? My name is Sam and I’m nearly seventeen. I like films, drumming and adventures. My hair is blond, my eyes are brown. I have a little sister Rose, who’s six and, my parents are called Christopher and Rae. I have a large, black Labrador called Duke and I’m in a band called Lasagne. Oh! And I have a loving boyfriend called David. That sums me up, I suppose.

This is the story of me and David and how we realised that maybe we were forever.


David and I met when we were fifteen when we both went to see Kingsman at the cinema and ended up sitting next to one another. His dark hair flopped over one eye and he often flipped it back out of his face. I felt my heart melt because that guy was cute. Afterwards when the film was over we walked out at the same time and as it happened got on the same bus. I made sure to sit next him and struck up a conversation about the film. A friendship was well under way by the time I got off so we exchanged email addresses and agreed to meet next weekend. Things moved quickly from there. We emailed practically every day, met up every weekend and in less than a month I felt confident calling him my best friend.

It was actually David who made the first move towards a relationship – but now I reckon it was under heavy influence from another friend – by asking me to the cinema with his friends Annette and Matthew. When I agreed I didn’t realise that they were a couple. I only got it when they started smooching mid-film. David was glancing over at me with a slight smile on his lips and oh god I wanted to kiss him so badly. I compromised by reaching out to brush his hand with mine and then slotting our fingers together. David squeezed and gave me a bright grin. We held hands throughout the rest of the film; my heart was beating so hard I’m surprised it didn’t burst out of my chest.

Annette gave us a knowing look when we came out of the cinema and my face flushed.

She laughed lightly, “Hey Sam, don’t look so scared – David’s fantastic. I’ve known him all my life; he’s like my brother.” She saw my stricken face. “Oh! Don’t worry, I’m not going to swear to break your face if you break his heart but be gentle, okay?”

I grabbed one of her hands to emphasise my point, “I won’t I promise. I really like David, Annette. He’s the best thing that’s; happened to me in a long while.”

She smiled, “Point taken. Now let’s catch up to the others.”

David gave me a shy glance under his eyelashes and my heart flip-flopped; god he was perfect. Annette linked arms with Matthew and went off, leaving David and alone – her point was clear. We tentatively reached out and joined hands, shared a shy grin and set off after Annette and Matthew. By the time we reached Di’s Diner Annette and Matthew were already there and were just sitting down. I slid in beside Annette who raised one eyebrow but didn’t say anything. Mid-meal I felt David’s foot touch mine and I flushed. David’s mouth curled at the corner and I had an overwhelming urge to lean across the table and kiss the look off his face. I refrained from doing so because I didn’t think it was appropriate but I wanted to so much.


We didn’t kiss that day and we didn’t kiss on our second date either. It was nice taking it slow; getting used to each other. Our first kiss wasn’t something planned. We were walking by the river, holding hands and talking when we came across some steps down to a small secluded spot with a bench. We went down there and it was beautiful. There were flowers in bloom and the water lapped gently at the riverbank. David and I sat in silence for a bit; it was so peaceful. I tried to lean my head on his shoulder but he tried to do the same so we ended up bumping heads and giggling. Our eyes met and we leaned towards each other. My eyes drifted shut just before our lips met. David tasted faintly of lemon and his mouth was soft. I brought my hands up to bury them in his silky hair; you don’t know how much I’ve wanted to do that since I first saw him. David’s hands gripped my waist and pulled me closer to him. We were practically chest to chest and I could sense David’s heart beating fast against me. My skin felt like it was on fire everywhere David had touched me.

Our kissing came to an unfortunate end when the heavens opened and we were drenched in seconds. Hand in hand we raced for my house because it was the closest. We clattered into my porch, laughing, and shared a quick, damp kiss before going inside. We squelched into the kitchen where my mother was baking.

“Sam!” she exclaimed, hurrying towards us; dusting her floury hands off on her apron as she went. “And David! You poor things; you’re soaked!” David and I stood awkwardly dripping onto the titled floor. Mum bustled off and then stuck her head back around the door. “Sit down, dear. Don’t worry about a thing.”

A few minutes later she came back with a towel and some of my clothes for David. “You can change in the bathroom, Sam will show you.”

I lead David down the hall, showed him into the bathroom and then carried on to my room.


When I came out David was already in the kitchen, twisting around on a stool up at the island eating a freshly baked gingerbread man with Rose; Duke at the foot of the stool hovering up any crumbs that were dropped. David looked comfortable up there, surrounded by my family. He looked like he belonged. I hovered by the door for a moment, just taking the scene in.

“Sam!” Rose called. “Come and have some gingerbread with David and I!”

I couldn’t help but to smile at her enthusiasm. I paused to rest my hand on David’s waist and give him a brief kiss before continuing to Rose’s seat and scooping her up onto my lap. She twisted around and flung her arms around my neck to put a smacker on my lips. Ah yes, I love six year olds. David just looked at my, a smirk on his mouth and amusement in his eyes.

We stayed in the kitchen just chatting to mum but after a while we moved to my bedroom….no it’s not what you think; we played board games. Mum insisted we left the door open though “just in case”. It didn’t make any difference except that it meant Mum heard our – very exciting – Monopoly game at full volume. When we started playing Pazazz she came and shut the door because “Ican’t hear myself think”. We got too quiet during Cluedo and Mum came to investigate.

“David, does your mother know you’re here? I don’t want her to worry and you can call if you like?”

David leapt up, “Oh yes thank you, Rae. I forgot she thought I was just going for a walk.”

When David left, mum stayed, leaning against the door. “You really like him, don’t you?”

I looked her in the eye, “I think I love him, Mum.”

She smiled across to me, sadly even. “Treasure him while it lasts because love doesn’t always last forever.”

“I know, but David’s special.”

“He is,” Mum agreed.


So how did we realise that maybe we were forever you ask? Well it all started at a Valentine’s Day party at David’s school when Lasagne were asked to play. Me and my mates turned up and played; people actually liked us! Some more than others… Fans surrounded us – our lead singer Mark especially – and flirted unscrupulously with us. They’d started playing music again and Move Like Jagger came on so I grabbed David’s hand and dragged him onto the dance floor, praying that that would deter people from flirting with me. It worked, but not in the way I’d hoped. People around us stopped dancing and started staring at us. Hisses of “faggot” and “pansy” were heard. I looked at David, uncertain, because he hates any kind of attention but he just gripped my hands tighter and stared unwaveringly at a point above my head.

“It’s okay,” I mouthed. “We don’t need to do this. I can say I was just to get the girls away from me and you’re not actually gay.”

David shook his head. “I have to do this at some point, Sam.” Then he pulled me nearer and brought one hand up to cup my cheek and said, loud enough for everyone to hear, “I love you, Samuel Harris and I’m not afraid to show it.” I closed the final few centimetres between our faces and kissed him. The whole room was stunned into silence momentarily but the first noise I heard when I stepped back was clapping. Only one person but still. The person clapping was standing all by herself at the edge of the dancefloor and she had a rainbow hairband on.

“Whoo! Go boys!” she cheered.


The headmaster threw all three of us out for “disturbing the peace” but I think he was just homophobic. The girl was called Ruby and she informed us that she was a lesbian before racing off to catch a bus that had just pulled in in front of the school. David and I looked at each other. His house was ages away and mine was even farther; there were no buses going our way so we linked hands and set off.

Maybe you wouldn’t consider that a positive evening but it meant so much to me that David was willing to stand up to his homophobic classmates and say he loved me.

“Hey, David?” I said wen we’d been walking for a while.


“I didn’t get a chance to say it earlier but I love you too!”

David stopped and turned to look at me, “Really? You’re not just saying that?” I took his other hand in mine.

“God no. David, I love you. You and only you. I know we’ve only been together for two years but I can see us years in the future, in a house with a dog, and maybe a kid. David you’re my everything and I want you – and all your little peculiarities – forever. You’re the first person I want to tell, the first person I want to see when I wake up. My love for you is eternal, David. It’s solid, unshakable; it’s a part of me. You are a part of me.” David’s lip wobbled, he flung his arms around my shoulders and gave me a sloppy – slightly tearful – kiss on the cheek. Then he took a step back, sniffled a bit and wiped his face roughly.

“Did you mean all of that, Sam? Really?” I nodded, a lump suddenly forming in my throat. “I know we’re only seventeen but will you marry me? Someday?”

 “Someday? Definitely.”

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