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Submitted: February 14, 2017

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Submitted: February 14, 2017



She looked behind herself one last time, her eyes meeting his.

The same eyes she had trusted and loved she thought.

The same eyes who had meant everything to her.

The same eyes who had oppressed and hurt her for far too long.


 She walked faster and faster towards the stony beach.


“You wouldn’t dare!” a man’s angered voice echoed behind her.


“Watch me” she replied knowing that he couldn’t hear her.


She was expecting the water to be cold, but once her foot was submerged all she could feel was warmth.

 She walked further and further, fighting against the growing waves, until her feet no longer touched the sandy ocean floor and she started floating. She then continued her journey by swimming, only stopping when she couldn’t see the shore no more.


“Finally!” She exhaled.


“Somewhere where you can’t control me!” She yelled.  “I decide now!”


She stopped swimming, she needed to gather her energy so she started floating on her back. She drifted on the top of the water, bobbing up and down as the waves came and left. For once she felt safe.


“I am taking back control of my life.”  She murmured 

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