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Protection, blankets, light make you feel safer, but not all the time.

This was inspired by a two line Scarry story

Submitted: February 14, 2017

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Submitted: February 14, 2017



My dream is sweet, my dog and I are just getting back from a walk, now we are sleeping on the sofa in front of a he football. But Now he's scratching at my bedroom door, he bursts in and growls at the darkness, I turn on the light and see a movement in the mirror. When my eyes adjust I see nothing but the reflection of my room. The dog curls up next to me on the bed I wrap the covers around us and we go to sleep with the light on. I am safe with him by my side. I have this dream frequently. I miss him. He was my best friend. I still walk to the park by myself but its not the same. He was old but he would still fetch a stick to play with. I wake up. I hear the scratching at my door and smile, then I remember they put my dog down . I hear a knock at my window, I'm to scared to look up because I know its not the window but the mirror. The scratching gets louder and the door Handel starts to turn. Maybe it was never the dog scratching, he just turns up to chance them away before they got in. Now only the light can protect me. I reach out from under the covers and fumble for the bed side lamp, I turn it on and nervously look around at the mirror. The noise stops. No quick movements out the corner of my eye this time. This time its looking strate back at me threw the mirror.

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