The Princess with The Beautiful Voice

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Its about the prince who fell in love with a princess but do they know what lies ahead?

Submitted: February 14, 2017

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Submitted: February 14, 2017



One fine day as Prince Edward was walking through the jungle,he heard a beautiful voice singing a song. He then saw a beautiful lady;she was tall,average weight with a curly long black hair. She was playing with the animals and was singing to them cheerfully.

He then approached her. Seeing him,she quickly ran to one of the trees and hide behind it. ‘Don’t be afraid,I just want to talk to you.’, he said continuing,’Your voice is enchanting!’  She came out and bow her head down,saying thank you. He then asked her who she is and where she came from. She answered,’I’m Princess Mellisa and I’m from the palace near this forest.’ Prince Edward then introduced himself to her and he asked for her hand in marriage to which she accepted.

Soon they both got married and the princess was expecting a child. Prince Edward then hired a servant to look after his princess. Nine months has passed and it was almost time for Princess Mellisa’s delivery. Margarita,the hired servant was helping her for the delivery preparation when suddenly Princess Mellisa screamed for she realized she was about to labour. She then asked to Margarita to help her in the delivery for she knew it was too late to go to the hospital. Margarita panicked but she knew she had to help the Princess. But then,she realized that her plan would then ruined for Margarita had already fallen in love with the prince and she wanted to be his wife. She then helped the princess to deliver the baby bearing her plan in her mind. The princess then asked Margarita for water for she was really thirsty. Margarita gave the princess what she asked but what the princess didn’t know was she mixed it with poison.

The princess drank it and soon she succumbed to the poison drink. Margarita was happy for she knew her plan worked. Finally she can marry Prince Edward. Prince Edward returned to the palace happily for he was waiting to see his beautiful pregnant wife not knowing what had happened. He then saw Margarita coming out. Margarita broke the news to Prince Edward lying that the princess died due to labour and it griefed Prince Edward. The Prince blamed it on the newborn baby saying it’s a bad omen. He then told Margarita to take it away the following day. It was an exciting morning for Margarita for she wanted to comfort the prince and win his heart. She quickly dressed and when she went to the mirror to check on her hair,she saw an ugly figure. She screamed not realizing that it was her. She turned around so many times to see if there were anyone else in the room.  She then heard a voice saying,’Margarita,you killed an innocent woman and this is the consequence!’ Margarita then ran away to the forest leaving the baby behind with a letter.

Prince Edward heard the baby cries and it made him angry for he didn’t want to see the baby. He barged into Margarita’s room calling her. He then saw a letter written to him,’It says,Your baby is not a bad omen. I killed your wife,not your baby! I did this for I was in love with you and now I’m going away for I realized it’s no use. I became an ugly woman because of my evil heart. Please forgive me for what I did to Princess Mellisa.!’ Prince Edward felt guilty for he thought his baby was a bad omen. It was days and Prince Edward was searching through his wife’s cupboard for he was looking for her song recordings. She kept it there for him to use as their baby’s lullaby. He then found a letter from his wife. His wife had written to him saying that she is going to die soon and that she wants him to marry Margarita for she knew she would be a good mother to her baby.

Prince Edward then got into his horse to search for Margarita.  He then found her outside a hut cleaning the horse dung. Margarita saw him and ran into the hut. He then explain to her how he forgave her and that his deceased princess told him to marry her. She then cried realizing her mistake of killing the princess without knowing her good heart. As she cried,the tears started to roll down her cheeks healing her face and she became the beautiful Margarita she used to be. She then agreed to marry him and the three of them lived happily ever after.

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