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In our daily life, we are going through lot of worries.In the midst, the article titled "THERE IS NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD" will bring a solution for an everlasting happiness.

Submitted: February 14, 2017

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Submitted: February 14, 2017





ANUJA JOSEPH, Trivandrum, Kerala


“There is nothing impossible with God”. I have repeatedly tells me.Last day, I have read these lines in one of the magazines. That haunted me in depth. We are living in a society with dilemmas. Day by day facing new one meant new problem in your sense. When we had a trouble, that time we may felt, Oh! God, why you have lead me through a pathetic  life situation. Why you showed angry towards me only. Other people are living happily; only it’s my life.  When you lie in bed, think about those homeless people. When you had enough food for eating, think about those starving people. Likewise we all are blessed in some way, but we couldn’t see it in the right manner. We have always complaints, always showing dissatisfaction. Last month, one of my colleagues told me “it’s easy to write and say anything; it couldn’t be practiced in reality”. Like him, you may also feel. God have created us and gifted nature, air, water, everything.HE provided us talent and life in different manner. But we are responsible for our own destiny. Am I right? After all wrong doings finally concluded with “fate”.

“Is there any medicine for solving all dilemmas in life; I am helpless, I couldn’t balance in between family, work life and more.” Among us, most of them are searching for this answer. Guys, I will introduce a medicine for your everlasting happiness: PRAYER. You can refresh your mind and body with this medicine. And will give you peace. Right, in our troubles, will first seek help from a close friend. Close friend meant those who keeping an in-depth relationship with us. Why you couldn’t made God as your close friend. HE has solution for everything. It’s our laziness, breaks the relationship with God. We may intentionally forget that power in our happiest moments. When trouble comes, again look back to God. We know, no one of them will like a fair-weather friend who comes to us only for name sake. Likewise, God never hear you, when you maintain such a fair weather friendship with Him. Finally it’s the answer “THERE IS NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD”.

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