Memories of a hidden past

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this is a story that is related to me and to my life , but that doesn't mean that my past defines who i am now, time passes and everything changes...

Submitted: February 15, 2017

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Submitted: February 15, 2017



I am gonna tell you a story

About an event happened back in history

It has a tragic past

And painful memories of what passed

It is about a female mage

Who always believed in change

She changed the world to suit her needs

She planted those seeds

Named hate and despise

And she wasn't that very nice

She hated all of humanity

Even tho she was a human in identity

She saw all her dear ones die infront of her eyes

Before she can even bid them goodbyes

She saw them falling &bleeding

Trying and seeking

For someone to save them from that one

Who made her hide the sun

She watched so many wars

She heard the shutting of all the doors

Then something she never knew about

Gave her a solution to all her doubts

She became so mighty and powerful

She turned to a demon, so frightful

She destroyed and changed everything to worse

A world full of hate and remorse

She was full of rage and wrath

Until she realised that she walked the wrong path

After she looked around

Can't hear a sound

Blood covered all of her hands

Corpses lying on all of these lands

Regret filled her heart

Hate tore her apart

She fell down on her knees

Searching for somthing to fix her deeds

Until the light shone in her heart

Stopped her from falling apart

And here this girl stands today

After she struggled everyday

And here I am on my feet tonight

After time passed and led me to the light

© Copyright 2018 Noran Ehab. All rights reserved.

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