Reverent Sacrifice

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This is another short filler chapter that takes a scene almost straight out of the movie Beauty and The Beast. Jefferson may just be feeling more for Christine and she may be returning that.

Chapter 11 (v.1) - Chapter 11

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The White Rabbit's foot tapped impatiently against his chair. He looked between Christine, who had finished her food, and Jefferson, who had barely touched his. This was because he had been talking all of supper and barely gave himself a moment to rest his running mouth. The two were still trying spells to break the curse's magic. It probably did not help that Jefferson specialized in near nothing but portal magic, and that Christine was learning their written languages and form of spells along her way.

Casting a glance at the nervous rabbit, the Cheshire Cat rolled his large green eyes and tapped his spoon against the table top. "I hate to interrupt, but Mr.Rabbit and I would like to have a word with you, Jefferson. It's very important."

Christine took her plate and stood. "No problem! Do you mind if I clean my dishes?"

The Rabbit shook his head quickly, smiling at how polite and considerate she was. It was a pleasant change from the Cheshire's irritating slyness and the Brown Rabbit's mania. "Not at all, dear. Thank you."

Jefferson looked at the two of them, his jaw set firmly. "What is this about? Did something happen to-"

"-We still don't know where she is," The Cheshire Cat cut him off.

"We wanted to suggest something else to break this curse," the White Rabbit added.

"Perhaps you both need to try a different approach. You know what magic is the most powerful, don't you?" Leaning his round head on his paws, the Cheshire Cat let his body float up above the table.

Jefferson shook his head immediately. "That's not going to happen. There has to be another way."

"Are you so sure of that?" Cheshire grinned at him. "You've never known someone like her before have you?"

Jefferson's eyes narrowed. "I'm well aware. She is precisely the reason why that's not an option."

The Rabbit leaned forward, insistent. "You must in the very least consider it! How do you know something isn't already there?"

He slammed his fork into the table. "Because there's no way someone like her would be able to love someone like me!"

The rabbit all but leapt out of his chair and said nothing.

The Cheshire Cat tilted his head. "And what do you mean by that?"

Jefferson turned on him, eyes wild and blazing. "Don't you see me?" He asked incredulously, his face pinching with hurt, "I'm no good for her! All of this is my fault. I did this to myself because I was greedy and weak. It's ruined me! As soon as she realizes who I truly am, she won't be able to stand me."

"I think you underestimate her." The Cat said matter-of-factly.

"W-Well, we were only thinking that you could show her the library. The larger one. She would really love it, don't you think?" The Rabbit's voice was tentative and he was shaking like a leaf.

Jefferson slumped back into his chair, plucking his fork from the wood of the table. "Yes. She would." He stood and left the fork on his plate without looking at them, his face was stormy and dark as he walked down the hall to the kitchen. He looked in and found Christine putting away some dishes. He already felt a little bit better knowing where she was and what she was doing. He leaned against the doorframe with a hand on his hip, watching her for a moment. A tug in his gut urged him to get closer to her, and he tried to ignore it. He didn't know what this was, but it certainly wasn't love. It couldn't be.

"Christine?" he finally said when she was drying her hands.

She turned around, holding a dishcloth. "Yes? Do you want me to put away your dishes?" She tried her best not to let her eyes wander from his. She didn't need supernatural hearing to eavesdrop on the conversation in the dining room with how much he had yelled. Couple that with the burning scent of his fury surrounding him, and she could have guessed without hearing anything.

He shook his head, walking closer. "I want to show you something. A part of the castle you haven't been to yet."

Interest lit up her face and she put the cloth down. "There's more? What is it?" She asked to make him feel better. She already knew it was a library.

He grabbed her wrist. "Follow me, I'll show you." He led her out of the kitchen and through the south wing. Just before the North Tower, there was a door larger than the others in the wing. They pushed it open and entered the narrow hall. It was lighter than the rest of the castle with granite replacing the pitch black marble normally seen. The door at the end was massive and ornate with gold and silver vines and flowers adorning the white material that made it stand out.

Christine rushed forward several steps before having her arm seized by Jefferson. By then she had rolled the sleeve of her loose shirt down. She had gotten a bit tired of being so feminine, and her hair had been tied and pinned back as well.

"Wait! You have to close your eyes before you get to go in."

She narrowed her eyes, a small smile on her face. "Why?"

His hand slid down to hers, and she managed to suppress that the simple contact shot through her. "Please? Just humor me."

She groaned dramatically and squeezed her eyes shut, letting him tug her to the door.

He pushed it open and pulled her in. "Cast some light, it's dark."

She did as told and a large white orb floated to the ceiling, illuminating the room.

"You can open your eyes."

She did so immediately and gasped,"By the gods.."

The library was far larger than she had imagined. The white and golden walls rose high above them and were completely filled with books of every color and size. Elegantly decorated spiral staircases allowed access to walkways held up by dark wooden columns and in the center, a large fireplace acted as a centerpiece. The tall windows were covered by dark red curtains and the polished patterned floor had rugs covering areas with tables and chairs set out.

A jubilant smile spread across Christine's face as she looked around, her feet frozen in place. "This is..This is incredible!" She looked to him. "This is all yours?"

He shook his head. "Not anymore."

She gave him a puzzled look. "Why not?"

He chuckled and leaned in, as if telling a secret. "It's all yours now."

Her eyes went wide and she squeezed his hand. "Really? You mean it? I get all of this?" She was bouncing with excitement now.

It was all he could do not to laugh at how eager she was. She was still so young and full of a light and life that he hadn't gotten to see in well over a decade. She was practically vibrating with it, her massive aura that seemed to fill every room she was in, enveloped him with her excitement. He knew that if he could, he would keep her this happy all of the time.

She took a few steps forward, letting go of his hand. "Have you read these?"

He followed her, leaving a bit of space between them. "I can't say that I have. I was a preoccupied, so reading wasn't a priority.

That seemed to bring her back to reality and she stopped, her smile dampening. "I see. I really should not waste time. Do you want to-"

"Don't be like that. You're dying to run around and get your hands on every book in here. Maybe you'll find something that will help. Either way, this is yours now. you can do whatever you want." He got behind her and pushed at her back just to be able to touch her. "Go on."

She grinned at him again and threw her arms around him in a tight hug. "Thank you so much, Jefferson! I promise I will not let you down!" She let go before he could hug her back and ran into one of the aisles.

They spent the rest of the evening there. Christine picked several dozen books and laid them in stacks on a table near another window with a sill large enough for at least three people to sit on. She found a few pillows and arranged them so she could sit comfortably. She took three books, all of them on the origins of different worlds' magic, and began reading.

Jefferson sat on the sill facing her, a book on the geography of a world he'd already been to in his hands. He idly leafed through it with little interest as most of the information was already known to him. More and more he found himself looking over at where Christine was engrossed in a book of her own. Her eyes quickly scanned the pages and she turned them often, concentration set in her face.

She glanced up and locked eyes with him, then smiled. "What are you reading about?"

He shrugged,"Somewhere I've already been." He looked down at the map on the page.

"Where is it? What world?" She left her book open at her side and sat up. "Can I see?"

He nodded and moved over, leaning on the window so a space big enough for her was left next to him.

She crawled over and sat with her arm pressing against his, looking at the map. "That is a strange shape for a land to be in? Why is it a circle?"

"Well, the rulers of the land you're looking at sought to create a perfect race and nation. They believed that the perfect environment would create the perfect culture, so they spent generations shaping the land with spells that altered the nature of everything around them, including the landscape."

"That is amazing," she mused,"Did they succeed?" Such magic could be dangerous for the ecosystems of a land like that. Nature was meant to be wild and free, not tamed and carefully controlled. People could help it along, yes, but that was excessive.

"That's a matter of opinion. I found them rather dull," he said flatly, turning the page.

"Where else have you been? Are there books on more worlds with magic like that?"

He shut the book. "It's hard to compare the magic of different worlds. All of them have different rules and their magic has different abilities. It can be very random. As far as where I've been, I could go on forever.."

She looked at the book's cover, her eyes lingering on his fingers holding it in his lap. "We do not have forever, but there must be enough time for a couple of stories, right?" She smiled.

"You really want me to tell you more?" he asked, disbelief in his tone even as a smile grew on his face.

"Yes! You know so much, you have been everywhere. I wish I could do that, but I cannot just yet and you are the next best thing! Maybe even better."

He put the book down and sat up. "Fine, since you asked so nicely." Something in the back of his head told him to stop, but he ignored it, favoring the warmth he felt at having someone be so interested in him as a person instead of how they could use him. Maybe there was something there. He didn't want to dwell on it. All he wanted to focus on was the fascinated sorceress beside him.

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