It's Vitiligo

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There are many people who differently disabled or affected with some incurable disease. They deserve our Love and Respect.In this story i have tried to write my emotions for a little girl affected with vitiligo(a disease of destruction of body pigments),who changed life with her efforts.

Submitted: February 15, 2017

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Submitted: February 15, 2017




Destruction of body pigments/ skin color all around body.Technically it is called vitiligo

It is a story of a vitiligo little girl.  

The world vitiligo day observed on June 25 about 2-5% population in India and nearly 4% of people in the world are affected with it. In our society, it is called Shwetakushta , it’s  a condition in which human immune system destroys melanocytes


What I'm about to say

It was real painful than it seemed to be..

It was some day in the 2nd week of Jan 2017.When I came out of the Forest park, Bhubaneswar after finishing my morning walks. In front of the gates, my eyes fallen on a girl, little girl distributing Leaflets..

Maybe hardly of 12 or 13yrs old.

I took off Leaflets, When my eyes fallen on her hands. Automatically I had started speaking

I asked “Kid, Is it some kind of Disease that spreads all around your body”. Why won’t you come to the Doctors

(Chhua, Aeta kichi gote roga tama deha sara baadhi chalichi,Doctor nka pakhaku kahinki jauna.I am really sorry chhua) I asked in my mother tongue Odia

I’m Sorry ;I said

She Replied: It's okay Sir, Don’t Be

There is no cure for my disease. I do not need anyone to worry about. I am happy with it…

"I am,” She said. She was staring at me, and I could see the corners of her eyes crinkling.

I am a Vitiligo.

It is not a transmittable disease.

She repeated / It is not a transmittable disease.

Then She Laughed

Only once in your life, you find something that completely turns your world around.

In my life, I got this disease...She Said

I offered her some money

You can have it all,

Anything you want,

May I;

She Politely refused, said:

Uumhh  Sorry Sir

No money could make me happy;

 I apologize

 Sorry Sir

Within a while I lose her out of my sight before asking more.

My whole day had gone off thinking about the little girl.  I had many things in my mind that I shall ask her name, shall help in her education and many more.

I have tried several times to find her. I could not ..

Almost I had lost that leaflet that she had given; I found it anyway from my reading table. I could not find anything about her. But found something that changed my life, she made me a better person.

It was a leaflet for a new Car advertisement; Which was almost useless for me.

But inside it I found a drawing; where some sign language symbols were there and written Help them if you can.

She was like an angel for me. The thing made a whole change in my life. I have started visiting some wonder of Silence Schools, where I found small little children fighting against all odds. I have tried to bring small happiness in their lives.The process continues and became a part of my life

Finally,I googled for Vitiligo,

Already I was shocked with the little girl’s reply “No money could make me happy”. Still wondering why did she said

I found “Vitiligo”.It could be treated by various methods”.

Oral drugs,psoralen therapy or steroid pulse therapy,application of lotion,narrow band ultra-violet radiation and excimer laser are considered most effective treatment for vitiligo.

Now radiation therapy,its available in different hospitals

Once the patches do not spread for at least a year/ disease is stabilized,then surgical procedures can be performed.

At last figured out it seems to be a difficult task to cure someone completely out of vitiligo

I got my answer for her reply “No money could make me Happy”.

She left a message for me that even though she was living a bad life; She had tried ;what she could do with her efforts. Many people are have much more difficulties. We shall try our best to help them

My search still continues to find her and to help people whatever I could. I will be the most  happiest person if I  will see her once again and with her disease completely gone.

There are many people who differently disabled or affected with some incurable disease. They deserve our Love and Respect.

Finally the Great Line



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