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Submitted: February 15, 2017

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Submitted: February 15, 2017



1.What made you switch over to art despite being trained in fashion designing?

Well, it’s not exactly a switch for me. Designing is creative and so is art. For me designing has always been a way to express myself but there are commercial limitations when you work for someone. Art, on the other hand, is free and without boundaries. I can do what I like when I am painting, which may not be the case when I am designing. Art gives me chance to experiment more with mediums, colours and moods.

2.Exactly when did you begin your art journey

I have always painted as far as I remember. Right from my school days, I had an inclination towards art. I used to represent my school in inter-school competitions. I then went on to submit my artworks for state level competitions. Then there was a hiatus in my art journey as I needed more time to focus on academics. I seriously pursued art when I joined NIFT and had more time for creative pursuits but was not completely focused on it. Recently, I have realised that art is my true calling and this is what I enjoy doing the most.

3.   How do look at your passion for art?

I love art. I am drawn towards any form of art be it sculpting, painting. I also like to do crafts, which is equally a passion for me. Art for me is a passion and a way to keep me occupied. It channels my energy, it gives me a direction and an outlet to express myself.

4. How are your ideas converted into colourful world? How it is different from the works of other artists?

As a rule , I never know what my paintings will look like before I begin and this mystery is exactly what creates the excitement and curiosity. Although the source of my ideas are fuelled by many things such as nature, travel, personal transformation , textiles and all things colourful, I find my deepest well of inspiration simply in the process of creating something out of nothing. I find that people are always looking for more positivity and happiness in their lives, and my art is my way of offering that to people and that is how it is different from other artists.

5 .What do mean when you say ‘painting gives me an outlet to express what is beyond words? How does it. connect you with viewers?

Art is usually about self expression, because the artist feels strongly enough about what they are doing to try and put it into a form that they , and others , can come to terms with.It depends how an artist’s works connect to the viewers. They may strike a chord with certain people and may not have any effect on others. Art is very subjective and a painting may say something for one viewer and something completely different for another.

6. What you have to say about your style statement when your art is not limited by style of technique?

One of the functions of the artist is is to make a statement of some kind. Somehow the artist tries to  communicate an idea , an emotion, or a purpose in their work. I do not subscribe to complicated concepts, my idea of art is simply beauty. I like to leave it free , it's about what touches my heart. The common element that runs through all my works is beauty that appeals to everyone and puts a smile on the viewer's face.

7.What are the prevailing features of your paintings?

I love doing mainly abstracts and mixed media artworks. My works create a visual rhapsody of colour and strokes that come to life on canvas. My palate includes a variety of reds ,blues and greens that enthrall the viewer and are a visual treat to the eyes. The uplifting patterns enhance the artwork creating a multidimensional effect.

8. Please tell our readers about the experience you have had during various art shows you participated in.

I have enjoyed each and every show that I have been a part of. It has been a great learning experience for me. I have improved as an artist and my style has evolved over time and I attribute this partly to my shows. As an artist one continually evolves and improves, art is a journey and not a destination.

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