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She took a walk wanting to relax and forget there cold judgmental stares and their harsh comments. To evade their questions and accusations. Not to cry, not to hurt...

Submitted: February 15, 2017

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Submitted: February 15, 2017




She walked down the forest path wondering how people would react if they knew the true answers to the questions they asked her instead of receiving those blank, emotionless stares. Would they look at her horrified or with sympathy? Would they try to save her or will they let her be engulfed by the darkness? She chuckled at such pointless questions, already knowing the answer to such. They would run and fear her even more, even though it wasn’t her fault. No, no it wasn’t. It wasn’t her fault.

She stopped in front of a pond, not noticing she had arrived at her destination. I mean didn’t she tell them to leave while they could, before it became too late. She told them that she would not weep for them, that she probably wouldn’t be at their funerals, that she would erase them from her mind as if they didn’t exist, as if they never met. So why? Why did they stay, instead of run? Why didn’t they abandon her like the rest, like they did before? Why did she remember them now? Why?! WHY?!!WHY?!!!!

She felt something run down her face. As she touched her face she noticed that it was water. She was crying. Why is she crying? Why does it hurt where her heart is suppose to be, why does it hurt so much?

She clutched the area over her heart, hoping that in someway it would subdue the pain. Why is it that she hurts when they weren’t there for most of the time, when they considered work more important than their own children? Why did they have to get her a present? Why did she even ask?! Now they’re gone, because of her.

She knew her job was dangerous but she didn’t care then. She didn’t have to fear for anyone. At that time she had nobody to love or care for, she was lonely.

When the opportunity arose for someone to care for her and want her, she took it.  She was a fool for doing so, because now her family was dead and it was all because she wanted to be loved, all because she was selfish.

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