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Submitted: February 15, 2017

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Submitted: February 15, 2017



Bad, good, right, wrong.
We are taught to think of one for all.
Perception, judgement, opinion, thought,
In their minds ideas fought. 

But we are not them,
We are anew,
We live in different times too.
Don't let their lives rule you.

Use their wisdom, their knowledge of life,
See their mistakes, see what it took, see what it takes,
To be a better individual,
But be you, in the first place.

In order for one to see beyond,
All that is, must be accounted for.
A fly killed, a bird dead, a cat hungry,
A rat killed instead.
Our actions reverberate, 
Our intentions resonate,
To the living, the unliving, 
The unborn, the undead.

Feel happiness, like a kid seeing his parents after a long day,
Feel bliss, like with your first lovers kiss,
Feel frustration, anger, love, hate;
Feel relief, when all ends well,
Experience sorrow, regret, and after all, move ahead.

Be humble, be generous,
Be true to yourself.
Be free of false restrains,
Be your best self.

Enjoy the small, the little,
Cherish the moment, the time passing on. 
Aim high, start low,
Progress, slow,
Steadily climbing mountains,
Reaching highs no one reached before.

Think for you,
Think for us,
Think for now, for then,
For them, and for what comes.

The future is how you make it.
Bright, sunny, cloudy, rainy.
If you like it, then you nailed it.
Stand proud, keep walking,
Feeling, experiencing, learning, overcoming, becoming.

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