Frog's Life-Changing Decision

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this is about a frog who makes a big decision (*gasp!*) i'm really poking fun at literature stories. you might think this is pathetically boring-but i can't tell you how many times i've laughed and cried over reading and writing this story.

Submitted: February 15, 2017

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Submitted: February 15, 2017



Frog woke up to the sound of Hydrogen and Oxygen puttering at his window. The non-solid, non-gas begged to come inside his home, but no matter how much cherries they promised, Frog would not give in.

 Frog was a smart, young frog who was a great problem solver. He was green with charming black eyes that surveyed the compound with great interest.

Here’s his story.


 Now, where we left off was when the compound by Frog’s stately bedroom window pleaded to come in.

 “Oh, dear!” Frog tittered. “I really shan’t, but I am a smart frog! Well, H20 let us dine together one other day!”

 Then, Frog hopped away to his tidy kitchen and began frying lily pads for a healthy breakfast. The color-less substance was hungry, and the tantalizing smell of lily-pad pancakes did nothing for their patience. They fell fast to the sodden ground in a weeping heap.

 Frog was saddened from this whole event, and he was silent as he chewed his breakfast, rolling his (charming) eyes inside his (smooth) green head to swallow.


 By noon, the watery substance was still weeping. Rejected and alone, they fell fast and loud.

 “Oh, filliwhiskers!” Frog tittered. “What should I do?” Frog sank down in his mossy armchair, and pondered for a minute. “Maybe I should invite them in. Then they will stop their pitiful weeping!” Frog sat in his thinking cap armchair for a few more minutes, just a handful.

Then, he came to a decision.


“Oh, oh!” the Hydrogen and Oxygen exclaimed. “May we? Oh, may we, Frog?”

 “Yes, you may!” Frog jovially answered. He opened his door to let them in.

 The neutral substance slowly stopped weeping, and the sun came out to dry their tears.

 Frog, our lovely main character had his door open wide, then wider as the compound stopped crying completely. It just disappeared! Frog was devastated.

 “Where are you? Did you run away?” Frog fretted. The guests were nowhere to be seen!

 But then, there was a rainbow. The rain was pleased. They had been invited. They would come back another day. But for now, the rainbow was here to stay.

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