A Winter Wonderland

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A curse long ago... A princess who might end it...

Scene 1

 Narrator: 5,000 years ago, an evil sorcereress, Queen Irene, ruled a planet, unknown to humans. That planet was a winter planet, called Wintsicle. There was also a neighboring summer planet, called Sumhot.  Irene’s planet was full of dark magic, and gruesome people, who were very opposed to the totally opposite summer planet, Sumhot. Irene always tried to demolish Sumhot into an eternal winter, , but failed, because of a magical bubble made by the sun that engulfed their planet. But one time she almost succeeded, but something happened.

Irene: This potion will surely break the bubble, or I’ll die for 5,000 years. Pause But my dark magic is more powerful than their (said mockingly,) sun magic! Evil laugh

`She closes book and walks out of room holding the ingredients for the potion, with a mean smile on her face.

Scene 2

  Irene casts the spell, pointing her wand toward the castle basement, but fails, she falls to the in vain, and dies. A Tomb falls upon her.



Scene 3

Narrator:  Now let’s go in time 5,000 years later, when magic faded away, and the rulers of Sumhot were Queen Lola, King Roland, and Princess Shannon.

Princess Shannon wakes up to alarm clock, stretches, and looks out of window.

Shannon: Another sunny day!

Lizzie walks in

Lizzie: Good Morning, Shannon. So which outfit will it be today?

Shannon: hmmm…..  Any lemony outfit! It’s national lemon day today and I’m cutting the ribbon to the parade. I need to look fabulous!

Lizzie:  smiling how could I forget your favorite day? After you dress, call me and I’ll escort you to your hairdresser, and makeup artist.

Lizzie throws Shannon a yellow dress with sequins on the bodice and open toe daisy flats.

Lizzie: See ya later alligator!

Shannon:  In a while, crocodile!


Scene 4

Shannon walks with Lizzie to the hairdresser. As they walk Shannon trips over a loose floorboard.

Shannon: Ouch!!!!!

Lizzie: Are you okay sweetheart?

Shannon: Yes. But what is that?

A glimmer of midnight blue air floats out softly from under the loose floorboard. It rises up, and bounces off the ceiling to the open window.

Lizzie: I don’t know. I think it’s magic. A different type of magic… Tonight we’ll go to the library, maybe we’ll find book on magic. That we could check out.

Shannon: But daddy threw all of them out! Those books are worthless, we don’t have any wands.

Lizzie: Well, it’s worth a shot.

Shannon: I guess...


Scene 5

Shannon walks out of the limo with Lizzie. Her metallic yellow hair clip caught the glare of the sun and traveled down her blonde messy bun to her yellow painted toe. It bathed her with sunlight, while she cut the silver-yellow ribbon.  The parade started and everyone cheered.  Shannon looked around and smiled. Her father’s kingdom was perfect. And, someday this kingdom would be hers to rule. Then, a lemony smell traveled by her nose. She inhaled it, and then the same mysterious blue air she found in the castle interrupted her thoughts. But instead of just seeing it, she felt it! It felt like something she never felt before, and it gave her shivers.

Shannon: Lizzie!!!!!! It’s that air again! And it feels opposite of hot!



Submitted: February 16, 2017

© Copyright 2021 I'mAkitty. All rights reserved.

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I wrote this when I was 10, and never finished it. I'm not exactly in the princess stage now, just thought I'd post it and see reactions!

Thu, February 16th, 2017 2:05am


Wow! is it continued soon? I wait in anticipation... KMU!

Tue, July 4th, 2017 6:56pm


Unfortunately, not. But thank you!!!!

Tue, July 4th, 2017 12:36pm

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