the young girl

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This is a short story that tells a mysterious tale of a young girl and her mother who were happily living together despite their unfortunate life. the young girl was devastated when her mother was murdered by a beast. before her mother took her last breath, she told her about a mysterious box that she kept from her for many years. the box held something in it which might change the young girl's miserable life.

Submitted: February 15, 2017

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Submitted: February 15, 2017




The Young Girl

This is a story of a young girl who lived in a small village of Orington together with her beloved mother. They were so poor they didn’t have the money to buy enough clothes to warm themselves from the cold weather and food to feed their empty aching stomachs. They took shelter in a shanty near the river and although they were unfortunate, the young girl was contented and happy. “As long as I have my mother with me I can’t be more happy.” said the young girl in mind.

The young girl was very industrious and eager to help her mother with the chores and always willing to do more than what was asked of her. There was a time when her mother asked her to get some firewood in the forest but when she came back her mother was surprised to see a basket full of fruits on their table. The young girl said, “I’ve gathered more than enough firewood for us so I went to town and sell the extra firewood. I bought us a basket of fruits in the market from the money that I’ve earned in selling firewood.” Her mother was so touched for what her daughter has done and she hugged her and told her that she’s very lucky to have a responsible and thoughtful daughter. And the young girl was filled with joy and lovingly hugged her mother back.

One day, the young girl came home happily from town and was excited to tell her mother about her day when she saw her mother lying on the cold floor with scratches and bruises all over her body. She was so shocked that for a moment she was immobile. She ran to her mother horrified and held her in her small fragile arms. “Mother, what happened?”, the young girl asked with tears streaming down her pale face. But her mother gave no reply. She immediately called out for help but no matter how much she shouted for it nobody ever came to help. The young girl was crying hard when suddenly her mother moved and opened her eyes slowly. The young girl felt so helpless seeing her mother like that. She asked her again what happened but her mother was too weak to answer. After a few seconds, her mother said, “Take care of yourself darling. Forgive me if I can’t stay with you any longer. I tried to fight for my life but the beast was so strong.” Horrified, the young girl said, “Get away from here and take the box. Take it with you wherever you go.” Her mother pointed her bruised finger to a wooden cabinet that was placed in the corner of their house. “Inside the cabinet… the box…treasure…”, her mother said with difficulty catching her breath. The young girl hesitantly looked at the direction of the cabinet. And then suddenly her mother coughed out blood and after a few moments she was lifeless. The young girl cradled her dead mother in her frail arms and she cried even harder for hours until her eyes were swollen and her voice was audible no more and she could not feel anything.

Broken, famished and so weak, the young girl stood feebly and walked very slowly to the corner. She pulled open the drawer and there she saw the box. She was certain she hadn’t seen that kind of box in their house before. She was perplexed why her mother kept it from her all these years. She took it and for a while she just looked at it as if it has something in it that’s more gruesome than her mother’s ill-fated death. She finally had the courage to open the mysterious box and when she did she couldn’t believe her own eyes. What she saw changed her whole life.

The box held a dozen of photographs. Bewildered, she took a photo that revealed everything her mother was hiding from her until she took her final breath. The photo showed a young woman wearing a fancy white dress sitting in a golden chair. She wore something on her head that glimmered and radiated power-a crown. She was so beautiful and radiant she didn’t recognize her for a moment. She looked at it very intently and gasped. Oh my. She knew her very well. She was her beloved mother. Apart from her mother, she saw another woman standing beside her. She was dressed in a silky dress that made her look like a queen. She was surprised to see that she looked very much alike her mother only she was a bit older than her. They both shared the same smile. On her mother’s right, was an old man wearing red luxurious clothing. He looked very wise and powerful but he was smiling benevolently just like her mother and the older version her. Both elderly looked glorious with the crowns above their head. She stared at the photo for a long time. She could not believe everything that unfolded right at that very moment. She then came to realize that she was a daughter of a princess.


by Taciturn

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