love at first sight

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story of a man approaching and pursuing another man whom he falls in love with, but the man turns out to be straight yet the original man has trouble taking no for an answer.

Submitted: February 15, 2017

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Submitted: February 15, 2017



Love at First Sight

by: Bastian Perez

Andrew was a peculular man, ever since he was a child he found himself to be alone constantly. When he came out as gay to his friends and family nobody found it too surprising as he was rather flamboyant and never had much interest in girls. He grew up to work at an up and coming technology company and worked as a receptionist. He didn't love his job, but he never really found anything that he was passionate about. Like many twenty somethings he generally just wandered the world looking for something to do and hoping he had enough money to feed himself for the day, living pay check to pay check and getting drunk or high as often as possible to deafen the pain of reality.

He would often visit gay bars trying to find an attractuve enough guy that he could sleep with and abandon the next day, he didn't exactly have a way with words so it was tough for him to find someone who was interested in him. Yet one night he looked across the gay bar and saw an astoundingly beautiful man, his bright blue eyes glistened in the dark and dreary bar, he had just the right amount of stubble and the most perfectly shaped jawline on earth. Andrew began to approach this man and after minutes of second guessing himself, he uttered the phrase.

"Hi, my name is Andrew" he barely forced the words from his mouth, but eventually they fell out with the least amount of confidence humanly possible.

"Hi, I'm Brian" He looked Andrew in the eyes confidently, but with just the right amount of subtlety.

"How's it going?" Andrew looked calm on the outside, but was actually panicing deep inside, he was on the verge of explosion "you come here often? or..." Andrew immediately realized how obviously flirty that was regreted saying it directly after.

"It's goin' alright, and this is actually my first time at a gay bar"

The two of them talked for a few hours and eventually Andrew was able to obtain Brian's phone number after he claimed to be unable to go home with Andrew. Andrew texted Brian every day for the next few weeks until he mustered up the confidence to ask Brian on a date. He didn't directly use the word 'date', but he had assumed he understood. He did not. The reason Brian didn't understand is because brian was straight and although he was not currently seeing anyone, he was in no way interesting in being with Andrew.

Eventually the two of them met up at a coffe shop and chatted for a while, at the end Andrew tried to make a move. He leaned in to kiss Brian, but Brian backed away.

"Woah man, I'm not gay" he tried to say it as politely as possible

"You're not? Then why were you at a fucking gay bar?"

"I had a friend who was gay and we were just having a night out so he could find a guy"

"Then why did you lead me on like this? You knew i was interested in you right?"

"Honestly I just thought you were being really nice, I didn't know you wanted to get with me or what ever! Look we can still be friends, I'm just not gay ok?"

Andrew was fuming with anger, he had never met a nicer guy. He pretended to be friends with Brian, but any time Brian got in a relationship Andrew would get unreasonably angry and try to end it at all costs. Eventually Brian and Andrew met up again, this time at Brian's house with Brian's new girlfriend for dinner.

"Hey, I'm gonna go use the restroom" Hailey, Brian's girlfriend, left the room and left Brian and Andrew alone.

"She's nice right?" Brian looked at Andrew attempting to convince him that everything was going great for him.

"She's fine" Andrew was never satisfied with his new girlfriends, he then proceeded to place his hand on Brian's lap, slowly gliding up his thigh

"That's it!" Brian stood up and threw his napkin on the floor "You just can't fucking control yourself can you? Get the fuck out of my house!" he agressively pointed to the door with fire in his eyes and his long cultivated anger finally errupting from his mind.

"You don't know what the fuck you have standing right in front of you!" Andrew shot up from his seat and screamed at Brian crying profusely and matching Brian's level of aggression "What we have, Brian, is true fucking love and you don't Fucking see it!"

"Calm down, what are you two fighting about" Hailey arrived back in the dining room to see what was the matter.

"This doesn't fucking involve you!" Andrew screamed and chucked a ceramic plate at Hailey, hitting her directly in the head. She fell over to the ground bleeding vigorously from her right eye as Andrew stormed out of the house.

Andrew drove home that night crying and screaming. When he arrived at his appartment, he pulled out a pen and ripped a sheet of blank paper from his printer. He wrote down a paragraph or so about what happened that night and threw it on the floor. He went to the droor in his room where he kept his pistol. He loaded the weapon and held it to the side of his head aiming directly for his brain hoping to end his eternal suffering. He pulled the trigger.

Dear friends and family,

If you are reading this note I have commited suicide, I did this because I know that no matter what I will never be happy. Brian denies our love and is the sole reason for my passing. He and his girlfriend are the only thing keeping me from happiness. I am doomed to be alone forever so I will end my suffering now to spare myself the pain of the rest of my existence.

-Andrew Williams


Andrew WIlliams









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