message of the rose

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a girl who lives in a mill has a boring life until one day she starts visiting a well for water little does she know someone is waiting for her.

Submitted: February 15, 2017

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Submitted: February 15, 2017



?once upon a time.....

?there was a little girl who lived in a mill and from night to morning she'd write about the lives of others for she felt she had no life of her own and grew tired of trying to make one for herself so she turned to others'. one day she went out to go fetch a pale of water from the well. when the girl went to the well there was someone waiting for her...." what a fair lady you are". reluctant to respond the girl mearly acted as if the man wasn't there but that did not make the gentleman leave fro he just stood there and watched her fetch the pale of water and leave. each day the girl went out to the well to fetch a pale of water and each day the man would watch. till one day the girl went out to fetch the pale of water and as she reachd for the pale inside the well she nearly fell in when the man pulled her back out of the well and gave her a white rose. the girl ran in front of him to stop him form leaving and responded to the man for the first time since he had first come to the well. "why is it that everyday you come to watch me?" the man picked the girl up and brought her to her mill and left without a single word just a glance into her eyes and a kiss on her hand. the next day the girl rushed to the well and fetch a pale of water and there the man stood right next to the well awaiting her return. the girl fetched her pale of water and turned to the man and said "my name is Rose, what is yours?" "beware my lady for my name is what i go by but not who i am". the man turned away to leave and right before he left he handed the girl a piece of of paper and on it was written "for i am the one who wishes to give you your own story". the girl turned over the paper and by her suprise a little white rose lay attached to the note.....

the end.... 

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