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Animals, especially dogs are man’s best friend. They don’t argue, don’t lie, don’t ask for money, don’t abandon you… They are kind of perfect mates, even if they don’t have our intelligence. Jessica loves so much animals, she made a career out of it. She is an animal caretaker.

Submitted: February 15, 2017

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Submitted: February 15, 2017



Animals, especially dogs are man's best friend. They don't argue, don't lie, don't ask for money, don't abandon you... They are kind of perfect mates, even if they don't have our intelligence. You don't need to be an astrophysicien to know about love and friendship, you don't even need to go to school. Ask your cat, your dog, your hamster, or your horse... They don't care, they are just happy with your companionship, and the food you provide them with.

Jessica loves so much animals, she made a career out of it. She is an animal caretaker. She is especially fond of dogs and her dolphin "Flipper". They are the love of her life. She would even spend "Valentine's Day" with them instead of her boyfriend, and it tells a lot about who comes first in her life. In her job she would rehabilitate injured and sick animals, and would release them when they get well enough. One of them was a grizzly bear, and when it was time to say goodbye she told him: "Good Luck Chuck". When she rescued littles red foxes who lost their mum in a car accident, she took care of them and treat them as her own babies. She called them the "Little Fockers". How cute it was to see her walking around the neighborhood with her baby cart filled with the Little Fockers. She even got a friendship with a Siberian Tiger when she worked at a wildlife conservation park abroad. She was so deeply connected that she could feel tiger emotions and instinct under her own skin. She would say joking about it: "I feel "The Killer Inside Me", and would call her big cat: "Honey".

Sadly, over the past decade, wildlife has been threatened at a rate never seen before. Many species went extinct, and many more are endangered. They need to "Escape from Planet Earth", as humans don't want to share it with anybody. Almost 8 billions people on earth take a lot of space, and other species are asked to step aside, but there's nowhere to go.

Jessica has "The Eye" for "An Invisible Sign". She is waiting for "Venus Rising", for the day life on Venus would be possible. And that would be a haven for all the animals on earth, cause humans are too selfish to share it. She is sort of a romantic dreamer, seeing life through pink glasses. She knows life on Venus is impossible, but she wants her friends, the animals, to be safe and happy, to live in a paradise, and she knows this very special place is not on earth. She gets so "Paranoid" with cruelty to animals, she can't stand it. This is why she is a dedicated animal rights activist. She fights hard for the ones she loves. She considers herself as one of them. Well,... people are basically animals, believe it or not. Charles Darwin would never have become so famous if his theory "On the Origin of Species" was a big lie. Jessica is "Awake" and never believed in The "Book of Genesis" about the creation. You know, this theory about God making the earth in 6 days, and taking a rest the 7th day, and making women out of men's ribs...

To "Meet Bill", her companion for life, was a blessing. This white dog became "The Love Guru" she was looking for. She actually thinks animals are equals to human beings, they have the right to be gods and goddess, pope and priest, gurus and shamans. She has the right to believe in animals the way she wants. But do animals really care about religion? Maybe she takes her love for animals a little too far. But when she got "Knocked Up" by her boyfriend, being pregnant put her view of life into perspective. Being a mother helped her to put her baby first, and all the animals second, and the rest of humanity (humans) third. I don't know if it's in the right order, but she doesn't care. She will always say animals deserve her trust and love more than humans, except for her baby. She actually has a good point in her favor: Animals never broke her heart, or cheat on her like some people did. It's "Some Kind of Beautiful" for a girl who has "Never Been Kissed" by a man. She only kisses her little friends (animals),... poor boyfriend.

This is what she thinks about love:

"Love is ever evolving and it takes compromise, work and patience."

I mean... about her love for animals, cause with animal lovers you never know if they are talking about people or animals. Better to be specific or you'll get confused.

"I think that people who don't like animals tend to be selfish, but I'm biased."

I have no idea if people who don't like animals are more selfish, but I'm sure she is biased. Being too fanatic can be dangerous. You might come up with strange ideas, not supported by any scientific studies. Too much loves will kill you, I mean, will kill your common sense.

"I share the same advice that my mom gave me - stay hydrated and sleep well. And that being a beautiful person on the inside is what really matters."

And here again, you don't know if she shares this good advice with people or with animals, as she consider them as "beautiful person". But if you look at the way she takes care of animals, getting them hydrated and making them sleep well, you'll have a good guess who she is sharing the advice with. But then, when she came up with her own baby and did the same, you get confuse. It's really hard to understand animal lovers, and there's no need for more examples.

"I like to organize. I have an opinion. I like to get stuff done."

And for once, nobody got confused. When she talks about herself, and only about herself, you know there's no confusion. She is a beautiful woman, and a beautiful animal (she likes to see herself this way) at the same time. And you can't get confused cause she doesn't ask you to choose between her and an animal. Anyway, people and animals alike see her in the same way. She is one of them, and it's all that matters.

"So, goodnight Jessica. You are a mother and an animal lover. Keep it in this order, cause it is meant to be like this. This is not God's Will, this is your heart's desire."


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