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"No good deed goes unpunished." Doctor Michael Barnes noticed this aphorism constantly invading his thoughts after he volunteered to be the interim Director of the Harry Hope Fertility Clinic.
Seems SuperSperm is donated in Mike's clinic and then sold on the black market for amazing sums---billions---by a murderous organization.
That's okay----maybe----but now the heat is coming closer to Mike, his wife Fiona, Puzzle-Master employee, Brett Houdinski and Fiona's PI, Bill Richardson.
What a hell of mess . . .but also a fun ride.

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Submitted: February 15, 2017

The vast estate and mansion of the late Edward Wales is surrounded on all four sides. In the air, there are policehelicopters blasting out their favorite attack songs. At the North Gate are a
hundred members of the Whites First Brotherhood. They have come to kill and reclaim their armored personnel carrier from a troop of African Special Forces who occupy the Western boundary of the
estate. On the Eastern Front are two Police SWAT teams. At the Southern Gate are Fiona, Brett, and Bill, attempting to serve a search warrant. My oh my . . .
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