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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
This book is just a preview into what I've done. Has tie into a short I'm writing now.

Submitted: February 16, 2017

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Submitted: February 16, 2017





“Just do it!”I looked in the direction of which the voices came from, unable to make out there face in from the sunlight, which was shimmering down into my eyes.

I looked down to my left arm it was in its usual gauntlet, the rusty shield and an empty fluid tube. My arm was still in the white overalls I’d been wearing the day before. I looked to my left then I felt it. My head wouldn’t move, fixed looking at my left arm.

“Just do it… Turn them all off! We can’t pay for this department, if they die then we don’t keep them. They turn off they still work then there not paper weights.” The voice speaking was of a middle age man, he had a thick South Carolina accent. Another voice replied “But sir that’s killing them. We… We can’t just kill them.”
I couldn’t see either of the men who were talking. I tried to move my body, I couldn’t, couldn’t even blink my eyes were starting to dry up.
I looked to my arm again leaning my head forward giving me a sight of what was under my arm, there was two tubes underneath, one leading from the shield and the other to the fluid tube. I wondered why there were tubes in my arms.
I became distracted a sudden aroma flushed in to the space, I smelt dirt flushing through an open door, and then I heard the two men talking to a third man.

“Why haven’t you turn them off?! I told you so do it you fucking morrons! Do it now you fucking idiot. Now! Now! Now!”  Still couldn’t move my head, I was now panicking trying to break loose. I couldn’t. Then I heard the fatal words “Turning them off in three… Two… One.”

I felt a strange tingling in my neck and then my eyes decide to close.



I felt a flicker on my nose, a small touch from something so kind. I tried to open my eyes they wouldn’t open, I could feel the kind touch on my nose, it moved to the top of my nose and then onto my head. I tried again to open my eye’s they were compliant, the left and right slowly opened. The sun light glared into my eyes, I couldn’t see. My basic instinct to react was to life my left arm up t shield my eyes. This worked. I could move my body again. I looked to my right hand it was hard to focus everything seemed a blur. The room was dark apart from the sunlight coming down. I couldn’t work out how many days had passed, how many moments or minutes or hours had passed.

I looked up to the top of my eye socket to see what was fumbling about on my skull. I saw the flutter of the red wings. It was a butterfly its wings fluttered at the same time I blinked. 

I moved my gaze to my right arm. It was in a similar gauntlet the weapon was pulled back in, collapsed. I clenched my wrist the weapon shot out of my arm a long metal tube. I flexed my wrist again pulling back the tube. I pushed down on the metal chair I was sat in. Still my vision was blurry. My body let me rise. My heavy shoes held me up. I tried to step forward my left was stopped, I pulled on my left arm disconnecting it from the two pipes.

I started walking my vision was becoming clear. The butterfly had flown away, out through a ventilation shaft. I walked forward looking ahead of me there appeared to be a few chairs on the in the room like the one I had been sat on. Each had a bodies in. I recognised a few of them, people I had grown up with. Two who signed up on the same day for this test program. But I didn’t sign up. I was made to. Born for it I feel I was.

I kept walking trying to ignore the dead to my right. I stumbled towards the door. The shoes I wore were heavy making it hard to walk. I had not made it half way and then the door swung open and in walked a woman.

She came in feet smirking showing the dimple on the left side of her face. “Hello!” She pushed her blonde hair away from her emerald eyes. She looked straight at me. “You’re the one who lived then?”
I looked at her then replied “Hello… What you mean what’s happening? And who are you?”  The woman looked at me taking in what I was wearing. “Oh I’m C.M.D. Nowts happening just everyone was supposed to die, someone lives I get to recruit. So welcome to the defence police… Walk with me!”

She started walking I followed. CMD was wearing standard combat overall, a simple black set of colour. Over her shoulder was a bow and a quiver. The ends of her bow were tipped in steel, presumably for close combat. I followed her we were outside in a corridor, the area was cold and dry. The corridor was clean ish, the odd sections of mood left on the floor from a muddy boots. There was no one else. We were heading to a door at the end. I we started to walk past glass windows I looked in the one on my left.

The window had a man inside smoking a cigarette. The next glass window a different room the same man. He had old wrinkled skin and a face full of white hair.

I kept walking there were no more windows. CMD opened the door and a raw of sunlight shot through the door. The woman stepped through and I followed. There were two men wearing full combat gear. Faces covered by bandanas. The two started to follow CMD. I paused for a moment lifting my left arm to block out the barrage of sunlight that had been launched at my eyes. I lowered my arm taking in the colour of the court yard I was stood in. “Where are we going?”

I looked around there were loads of children playing in the centre. They were playing hoop and stick there were six children all with their own hoop. “You’ve got your first day of work! Yeah we are throwing you in at the deep end. You’ll love it. What can you do, I haven’t had time to read your file.”
I started walking passing wooden doors to wooden houses. “I’m a mach one seer. I have mastery of three oversites.”
The woman nodded “What about a name I can’t just call you nothing.”

I thought in my head I knew the name that I’d been allocated “Par. My name is Witz Par Centfom.” The woman turned “Interesting. So you know who you’re fighting right?” I kept walking the two guards had rifles in the arms, holding their guns in wards both rifles pointed to the centre. A door opened and out ran a young boy, he ran straight into me. I didn’t fall. He did the boy landed on the floor. I turned and looked down arching my back, on the floor was a boy. He hand fallen straight on his back. I looked at him. “Hello?” I kneeled down my knee came up to the little boy’s head. “Do you want help?”

I arched my head sideways the boy looked at me. He was wearing a suit, more of a Sunday set of clothing but still a suit. The boy looked over his shoulder his mum had come out side. She was wearing a Sunday dress too. “Look mummy a monster.” The mother pulled her sun up and away. “Yes dear let’s keep moving.” She pulled her son up and started walking away from me.
“You coming Par?” I turned back nodding. I then followed her again. She reach another door pulled it open. But then stopped reached to the chair next to it and pulled up what appeared to be a fake fox fur hat. She put it on other her head and carried on walking.

I followed her through the door again. We were outside the building or village I was in. I looked to the sky saw a black spec heading from the right of me. CMD had seen it and so had the two guards. Two more specs appeared alongside the first one. CMD shouted “Get into position. Oi Par choose a place to fight.” I looked to the guards the pulled up the guns. The specs had become more visible they were barges of some kind. One started to get closer and closer. CMD had pulled her bow out and was now inserting one of her arrows.
She drew back the bow, pulling on the string till her elbow was nearly completely folded back on itself. I looked to my left arm I wiggled my fingers it was going through my head. I couldn’t use the shield. But the rest of the armour would have been fine it wasn’t that big on clunky. I flexed my first and last finger inwards. Steam poured off the shield it fell to the floor. The sand was pushed to the sides of the shield. I looked back up to CMD who was focusing her eye on the first ship.
She let go of the cable for her arrow rocketed from its platform zooming across the land heading for its target.

I could still see if flying in the sky its green tint glowing so brightly in the hot sun. The arrow hit its mark quickly there was an explosion the first spec quickly fell out of the sky and landed in the sand.
The second two specs started to get closer I looked to CMD. “Go on hit it again.” CMD didn’t look at me and neither did she load another arrow. “You’ve got to prove your worth!” I looked to my right clenching the right the metal spear shot out, ready for combat. “Fine… I’ll take the left your two idiots can do the right.” CMD nodded. And walked back to the gate leaving the other two where she was.

I stood up ready for what was about to come. Looked to the fluid pipe it was empty. I didn’t have any weapons. I looked to the two guards they seemed nervous one seemed to be almost panicking, they both had their rifles pointed to the specs which had now become fully visible, they were nearly upon us. The barrages turned one in fronted the two guards and one in from of me there was a strong push of wind from the barrage. The air shot past me I pushed the spear into the ground kneeling down. Holding me in place. Eight people jumped down, all holding modified AK-47’s. The men all hid behind creates. They were wearing orange uniforms mixed with black stripes.

© Copyright 2020 Abyss_tears. All rights reserved.

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