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Submitted: February 16, 2017

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Submitted: February 16, 2017



It is the day in which I have to prove myself

 I wake up early and I structured myself very smartly which I usually don’t look like.  It’s a water day a heavy rain after 45 years, may be nature warned me about what is going to be happen but I felt myself as Alexander the great. By defeating the rain with a rainbow colored umbrella I moved to the spot. First time in my life I have seen many actors at a place that is USA embassy. Like everyone I started my acting but heart touching sky in tension. Some clouds who completed their interview passing me with different moods. I walked to the interviewer I don’t know what happened for that three minutes, I have been rejected for my visa may be interviewer don’t like my acting. Felt that three minutes have decided my remaining life. But I haven’t come out of my character I came out as I have got what I want, I don’t know why I behaved like that . Finally my costume change made me come out of my character. Then started thinking what happened then the real me came out, my eyes started to flow, hands started to shake with all this life long experience I started going back to my place.

The train will be best example for life just observe a train it will have people with different mind sets, problems, moods, confusions, happiness, sadness, un responsibilities, over responsibilities, likes, dislikes and many. This is why I think train as a mini world. I sat in my reserved seat and thinking about how to end my life as early as possible here come a small hand on my shoulder calling BROTHER. I turned back with uncomfortness in my face. That is a small boy can’t explain how bubbly he is but one can easily say that he is sick. He asked me to place him in the upper berth, I lift him and place him on the upper berth after few minutes I came to smell the compartment become very serious which involves crying, shouting and searching ARJUN….ARJUN…..ARJUN… the police had involved, entire compartment is in hurry but I was still in a mood of how to end my life and ignored all of them. Suddenly a lady come to me and asked have you seen Arjun … I questioned who is Arjun? Then she went from their in a hurry. The police started investigating and finally they traced out the kidnaper that is not other than me. The police man came to me by knowing the information that someone has seen Arjun in my hands. Hearing that I rushed into the upper berth and pulled out the kid who covered himself with a blanket and asked “I think he is not Arjun ” all of a sudden a big silence and all started reacting violently, I myself became lawyer at that time and started asking and demanding to Arjun to explain what he had done to me, without waiting for response from Arjun his mother asked me to excuse them and took his son back. The compartment slowly gaining its original stage, a call for me from Arjuns mother and she requested me to don’t scold Arjun for what he had done because he has less days to leave I asked for expansion and she said that Arjun is suffering  from cancer by which he can’t leave more days

I rushed back to my seat and started thinking about Arjun may be it is not thinking it would be comparing myself with Arjun. How he is happy by knowing he has a problem which cannot be solved and how I am thinking how to lose my life for a problem which has many answers. Remembering how Arjun parents reacted when he is missing and compared how my parents can live without me.  Finally thought what I would be now without Arjun. “He made me stand before he fall”. Went back to Arjun played with him some time and came to know how important is “THE CELEBRATION OF BEEING ALIVE”.

After getting down from train my friend who traveled with me throughout this journey said that Arjun asked him about me by watching me sad while getting into train. Then I came to understand why Arjun does this to me and how he made me understand. “LIFE IS VALUBLE NOT SITUATIONS













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