The Shard

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The Shard, the a mark in the land, both long standing and mysterious.

Submitted: February 16, 2017

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Submitted: February 16, 2017



In the continent of Aphollia, where the plains meet the woodlands lies an odd landmark. The Shard. The Shard sticks out like an old wound that never heals. It stands well over 10 meters, with its sharp, jagged edges and a blackness so complete, it looked unreal. Sinister. Not of this world.

Now, normally people would travel to see this marvel, this..thing. There have been some, the brave and the curious. But most? most stay away. Even the wildlife takes great strides to avoid it.

Surrounding The Shard lies nothing but dead matter. No plants can grow, nor will it, for the ground is dead. But that is merely its appearance. Its true deterrant is the cold, lifeless aura it radiates. Stepping into its boundries invites a cold that penetrates your body and mind.

Your mind starts to whisper to you. Telling you to turn, run, and never look back. As you step closer, the whispers grow louder and stronger. Adrenaline floods your body, fight or flight. Yet your body chooses flight. Every time.

Many have tried to explain it's existance, saying it is a remnant of the devil, a dormant weapon of the god of death. To this day, no one knows of its origin, nor of its purpose.

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