To follow our dreams or be logical?

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Just a serious thought I've been having, and would love to see everyone's own opinions.

Submitted: February 16, 2017

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Submitted: February 16, 2017



When you reach my age in life, you are constantly told to always at least have a slight specific plan for yourself. Whether this is settle down with someone, buy a house, get a job with a decent wage etc.


But what about all the conflicting advice we have been given since childhood? The whole ‘follow your dreams’ or ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’. Yet when I reached around the age of 12 or 13, I was always told to never bother with the jobs with a small wage packet; and that if I wanted to get somewhere in life it needed to be with money.


Yet here I am with a minimum wage packet, in a boring dull office job deciding whether to completely change my career, because I really want to follow my heart to acquire an honours degree in creative writing; and get a job in a hobby that I enjoy that is writing.


However, my logical thinking is stopping me from following this specific dream job/hobby that I have in mind. Because conflictingly I am in a job that is paying my bills and allowing me to save a mortgage for the future therefore am I that worse off for just not being in a job that I do not enjoy?


I feel that we are constantly advised so many things, yet they are all so conflicting with one another?


I mean there are so many achievements that I want to obtain in life like doing what I want job wise, and travelling around to see the world for what it is. But I also want to save for my own place one day so I can bring up my own family; I want to be earning a good wage packet so I can provide for myself and any beings that are dependent on me in the future.


How can I do both, why can’t I do both?


I suppose this article is just a rant from me about why I can’t do both, and to see if anyone out there feels the exact same frustrations that I am currently feeling in life.


If so, comment. Tell me what you actually decided to do with your life in the end; did you manage to follow both dreams? Or did practicality win over dreams and fantasies. 


I am twenty years old and still deciding whether I am young enough still to pursue my dreams in the work department and maybe I can just get a degree and in a couple of years be in the editing industry just like I want to be.


Feel free to comment as I have said above, genuinely interested to see what people think of this. Because honestly I am so torn in life at the moment and I am such an ambitious person that I want to do everything! 


From a very confused and young individual.

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