Nightshifters- Chapter 2

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Chapter two to Medicine Park's Pack. I will be uploading each story in segments, one chapter at a time.

Submitted: February 16, 2017

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Submitted: February 16, 2017



Myah’s eyes opened slowly, her vision foggy. It took her a few seconds to snap out of her daze and when she did, she realized she was naked. Naked and laying on… Leaves? She was just in the middle of the sidewalk and fully clothed… What the hell is going on? She thought to herself as she sat up. Her hair was a dark, tangled mess and the brisk air was snipping at her skin. It was completely dark out and all she could see was a lake and trees. She was in the middle of the forest, but why? Why did Myah have no recollection of what happened between her last memory and now? Myah slowly stood up and looked around at her surroundings to try and figure out what had happened and where she ended up, but her mind was just blank. After what seemed like forever, Myah finally gathered her thoughts and decided that finding her clothes was the first thing she should do.

While walking around the seemingly everlasting forest, she couldn’t shake off the feeling of being watched. Myah felt eyes on her from every direction and she turned and it was beginning to freak her out. This caused her to stumble a bit, as she wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. Looking in and around every single tree she had passed, Myah began to think that her clothes were stolen or not anywhere nearby. Just as she was about to give up, Myah found a pile of fabric right in front of her. And, of course, it all belonged to her.

Myah scrambled to put her clothes on and as soon as her jacket was on, she zipped it up to her chin, put her hood on, and shoved her hands in her pockets. She was freezing at this point and didn’t know how she was still functioning. Myah had wondered what the time was, but judging by the moon, it seemed like it was only the middle of the night. After taking a deep breath and looking back at the forest one last time, Myah ran straight and eventually reached the edge of the forest. She ended up exactly where she last was and as soon as she stood on that sidewalk, her memory began to come back in bits and pieces. First, she remembered the pain she had felt and how quickly it had escalated. And then, Myah remembered waking up, but this time, on the sidewalk. Myah ran into the forest, but, she was low to the ground. She couldn’t have been standing up straight. She had to.. be on all fours? Does that even make sense? The next and last thing Myah could remember before waking up cold and naked, was running through the forest. But it felt good, it wasn’t too cold and she could feel the wind running through her fur. Wait a second, fur? Myah doesn’t have fur, that’s not possible.


After taking a few second to think to herself, Myah decided that she should sleep on it. She had to have had some crazy dream, that’s the only reasonable explanation.

Myah took her time walking home and spent the entire walk thinking about what she would tell her mom. She decided that she would divert her attention away from the fact that Myah was home so late and fascinate her, or something, with that weird dream she had.

Myah arrived home and as soon as she walked inside, her mom stormed into the kitchen and asked where she had been. Myah explained that she sat down because her leg started to hurt and ended up falling asleep.

“I had this crazy dream, you seriously won’t believe it. I was like... a dog, or cat, or something and I was running through the woods and it felt amazing! It felt so real.”
Myah’s mom didn’t say anything, and just stared at her for a few seconds. She then forced a laugh and shook her head.

“Oh wow, sweetie. That seems intense. Are you fine now, does your leg still hurt?”

Myah took a second before shaking her head.

“No, I feel sort of sore but there’s no pain or anything. But I’m going to bed, I have school in the morning.”

Myah walked upstairs and into her room and took her clothes off. She went into her bathroom to shower but stopped at the mirror to look at herself. She looked like a total mess, her hair was worse than she had imagined and she had scratches all over her body.

After taking forever to take leaves and whatever the hell else out of her hair, Myah noticed something strange. Among the debris, there was what looked like a whisker. She picked it up and examined it before deciding it was just some other animals and ended up in her hair. Myah brushed through her hair before turning on the shower and getting ready for bed.

Once Myah was asleep, she started to have the same dream from earlier. Little did she know; the dream was a complete flashback to what happened earlier.

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