A Widow's Dream

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An old woman only finds comfort in her dreams as old age and many strokes have taken their toll.

Submitted: February 16, 2017

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Submitted: February 16, 2017



In a chair sleeps an old woman, smiling as she dives back in time, a happier time and place. You see she is ninety-seven, weak and frail and for the past sixteen years has called this nursing home, home. Over the years she has suffered many strokes of which have taken their toll, now unable to communicate she finds solace in her dreams.


Her favourite dream is that of her wedding day, she can still smell the flowers, and sees her husband to be standing in front, he had just arrived back home from the war battered but safe. Walking towards him she sees the bright smiles and her mother weeping as her only daughter is now all grown up. However not all dreams are happy, she often dreams of the day that her and her husband received news that their oldest son had died in war, and the gloomy, dark days afterwards. With this she wakes up screaming and it takes the nurses awhile to get her back to sleep. The one that she rarely dreams of is the day she had to say goodbye to her husband forever, in that hospital bed many years ago she clutches his hand softly and kisses his cheek, afterwards the continuous sound of the heart monitor cries out the sound of death.


The joys of her past are now nothing but a dream, her everydays nothing but solitude and the weekly visit of her children that help in bringing some joy. Everyday she sits in that wheelchair yearning for days gone by as she is unable to walk on her own nor do much on her own anymore. Some nights she softly cries herself to sleep, being careful to hide it from the staff.


One day she is laid to bed, now very weak she can not do anything but dream, many dreams happy and sad. Every once and awhile she is able to open her eyes briefly and sees her children, grandchildren and  sometimes long enough to catch a glimpse of her great-granddaughter which brings a smile to her face. However though she falls back to sleep, a deep sleep, dreaming and smiling.


One afternoon she wakes up and feels strong enough to get out of bed herself for the first time in years, only to look around and see her family weeping over her now deceased body. She covers her mouth and too begins to weep, suddenly she feels a warming presence next to her, there stands her long deceased husband smiling.

Softly taking her hand he leads her out of the room and into the hallway,  and bright light appears at the end of the hall, he softly tells her, “Come now, it’s your time, they’ll be ok just as you were.” Pointing at the end of the hall, “We’ve been waiting for you, for you to be free once more and live forever happy.”  

She looks at the end of the hallway and standing there is her parents, brothers and her oldest son, all looking the way she remembered them the most. She looked at her husband and smiled as they both walked into the light.

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