Fashion Trends of 1999

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What fashion trends were "in" in the last year of the 1990s?
Here I'll explore some of the many fashion trends that I saw worn in real life and in fashion magazines and catalogs-as well as on television.
Fashion was slowly evolving into something else not imagined back in 1990.

Submitted: February 16, 2017

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Submitted: February 16, 2017



Fashion had evolved drastically from what it had been back in 1990.  We had officially left the excesses of the eighties (which carried out into the early 1990s) and we had visited the past (the seventies in the mid- 1990s), but by 1999 fashion was "so Nineties" and would carry over somewhat into the new millenium.

One item I recall worn a  lot in 1999 were the velour tops.  These were probably carry-overs from earlier (perhaps 1996) and were usually striped and had either v-necks or polo necklines.  One of my own favorite shirts came from around this time and it was striped in black/ olive green and brown and to this day I still wear it. 

Irridecent colors were hot, and you'd typically see them in dresses or any type of clothing meant to be "party wear".  Silver, thus was a popular color, as were lurex type tube tops and dresses.  Yes, around this time we began to see tube tops everywhere. Jacquard was another material popular at this time-you might see this in the bags that women carried to go out.

Around this time the popular dress shape was very simple-I would describe it as a sheath.  The neckline could be squared, rounded, v-neck or boatneck.  What was important was that the design on the fabric itself was simple.  Mainly the dresses were emroidered with simple florals, butterflies or vines.  Shoes typically worn with these dresses included mary-janes and strappy sandals, both typically having heavy soles similar to platforms.

The animal print was hot in 1999.  You would see cheetah and tiger prints as well as zebra prints on everything from coats to belts, headbands and bracelets.  The flame logo became very popular around this time.  You would typically see it on shirts and sleeves.  Both the animal prints and flames carried over into the early 2000s as well as other items like cargo pants, barbell necklaces, and messenger bags.

The year 1999 was a year that kind of collected the previous years styles and distributed them evenly-or rather molded these trends into something new.  Some of these trends resurfaced later on in the next decade and so it's wise to have kept some of the 1990s clothing stored away in the closet.  Who would have known that my favorite denim vests and leopard print coat would come back into style?

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