My Life: Entry 1

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this is just an entry of my daily life so ya includes my background info to my life

Submitted: February 16, 2017

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Submitted: February 16, 2017




Febuary 16, 2017

Hi if your reading this im so glad this is my first time acually on here and yeah today is boring so im giving you a backround story on my life. Over the past 5 school years of my life (Im in 6th grade) I have had only 1 bf but it didnt work out lets name him Julian. Julian in 5th grade started crushing on me and I was obviously was also crushing on him. Also at the time my friend lets call her Jess was going thru problems at the school because some girls were reaveling all her secrets so we went to the counsler and got that sorted though and another girl later to be my best friend was also being you can say bullied so we became close.  But anyway later in 5th grade this boy started a band and wanted to have me included. Lets call him Wyatt. Wyatt asked me which I was only gonna be the only girl so I asked if two other girls the girl who I became close to lets call her gwen, and another girl she is also my friend but we later took her out. Us band were good and put me and my crush close because he was in the band. He was so confident around me. Later through the year gwen and me went through ups and downs and that was a sign that she shouldnt be my friend but I never thought that. She would exclude me out of games, sometimes she would get mad at me for no reason. But one day my crush asked me out on snapchat we used to talk alot and pass notes but it didnt work out this is the end of 5th grade next entry will be the start of 6th grade.

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