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Submitted: February 16, 2017

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Submitted: February 16, 2017







Jason~Boy-18-Power:Wind-Part Wolf-Romantic

Margret~girl-16-Power:Unknown-Part Cat-Awkward-Brother:Dillon

Layla~Girl-18-Power:Storm-Part Wolf-Crush:Jason

Dillon~Boy-17-Power:Unknown-Part Cat-Sister:Margaret


Other people will be put in story more the story goes on!!!


The Teens live together in a big house with separate rooms.




Margret get up hearing humming. She freaked out and screamed. Dillon was in her shower(the bathroom door was closed she did not see him). Margaret noticed it was just Dillon in the shower.


Margaret walked out of the room going to get breakfast. Jason was out there making pancakes. Margaret smelled the pancakes and ran down the hallway. Once Margret got to the kitchen Jason was just staring at her.


Jason said tiredly “Making're excited”


Margaret said happily “Well yeah IT'S PANCAKES DUDE”



Margaret said funnily “Why are you worried… Layla”


Jason said family ” Were not together Layla so stop with this thing you do”


Layla said madly “WELL YOU KNOW WHAT I HAVE TO BABY SIT MY SISTER GOOD BYE”. She slammed the house door and left(she was already dressed).


Jason said “Do you clean yourself with your tongue like real cats do”


Margaret said “no I don’t, why you asking…”


Jason said “ I don’t know”


Jason puts the pancakes on plates and left a note on Margaret's plate.


Jason said fastly “ I got to use the restroom and take a shower”


Margaret picked up the note, which had a heart on it.


The note read “ Margaret just so Layla is not secretly stalking us I had to make this message threw a note, but anyways my bed is breaking and the couch is way to hard, and you have a big bed may I sleep in your bed,(with you) until I can get it fixed.


2 hours later


Margaret said “ hey um… the answer is yes to the ….*whispers* note”*blushes*


Night comes around


Jason enters Margaret's Room.


They both get in bed


Margaret moves as far away from Jason as possible


in the middle of the night Margaret wakes up to jason hugging her and she was crying.


She was confused what was going on.(Jason guessed she was sad so he wanted to comfort her so he hugged her.)


This time Jason woke up and noticed he was crying(He was still hugging Margaret).


Jason stopped hugging Margaret and then he woke her up and asked why she was crying.


Margaret said weirdly “ I don't know, I also see that you have been to”.


Jason said “Hmm… well I guess we will figure it out in the morning”.


Morning came around


They both woke up and they were both crying and couldn’t stop(They stated in the bed and Jason was still hugging Margaret).


Margaret looked down at their chests and noticed that there heart were glowing. He noticed to, he stopped hugging her and the glowing stopped.

Jason looked at the alarm clock it read: 6:30.

Jason said curiously “We need to figure this out,”


Margaret agreed “Yah, wait so how are we going to do that”


Jason hugged her again he stared at his heart and noticed it was a white and then he looked at Margaret's heart and noticed it was pink. He noticed that they were both crying again.


Margaret said “wait so how did I start to cry and you didn’t”


Jason stopped hugging her and told her to turn around and go as far away from him.


When that happened Margaret heart glowed purple, like sadness and she started crying.


Then they did vise versa and Jasons heart did nothing.


Jason said “wait if I hug you and you turn away…”



That’s when his heart glowed blue, and he was crying.(He stopped hugging her in confusion)


Margaret said “ I think this is a connection between us. Some thing to do with my unknown power”.


Jason said “No’ you must be hyper connected like I am. Meaning you're the only girl hyper connected like I am the only hyper connected guy”.


Jason said “But to make sure you are and this is not corruption in are powers, to….”



Dillon was in his bead listening the whole time.


Dillon jumped out of bed and said “Kiss you have to kiss”


Margaret and jason bothy blushed.


Margaret yelled “were you listening the whole time”


Dillon whispered “that's not the point, now kiss”


Jason and Margaret got out of bed and Dillon pushed Margaret closer to Jason.


Then it happened. They kissed and their hearts were both golden and were glowing like the sun.


Then something even more cool happened they both transcend from into their golden outfits. Margaret had golden cat ears and tail, had a crown , golden lipstick, a golden dress with a bow in the front where her collar ended, and a diamond heart patch right next to her heart.Jason was wearing a golden tux with golden crown, Golden wolf ears and tail, a crown, and a diamond heart patch where his heart was. The transformation only lasted a couple seconds while they were kissing.


When they stopped kissing they were blushing so much they looked like tomatoes.


Jason said embarrassed “So um here this book and um it tell you more about what we are”.


Margaret said red as a tomato “tha...thanks”.

~to be continued



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