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Teens don't really need homework, they shouldn't have it. Here's why.

Submitted: February 16, 2017

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Submitted: February 16, 2017



People keep saying “live while you’re young”, but they don’t really think about what that phrase means to us kids. Believe me, we would all love to, but sometimes, that’s just not an option. No matter who we are, gender, height, personality, rank, age… it doesn’t matter. Middle school and high school are hard for everyone.

There are the nerds, the geeks (yes there is a difference between the two), the populars, the dorks (weirdos), the comedians (class clowns if you will), the sit-alone-in-a-corners, the musicals, the artists, the environment enthusiasts, the LGBTs, the nomads, and the the list goes on. Anyway, there are so many different people in middle school and high school and they all suffer problems. They don’t all suffer the same problems, but they all suffer problems. Depending on the kid, these are the basic problems that we teens have to deal with: Puberty, hygiene, what to where, the latest styles/ fads, what songs to listen to, how to act, when and where to hang out with your friends, figuring out what friends are good to invite over individually, with a small group, and what friends are good for just parties, what to do with your friends, home chores, family time, after school activities (whether it’s a club or some athletic activity), attending the right meetings at the right time, running for student council, schoolwork, homework, and just plain keeping up your grades on top of all that! You wonder why we don’t explode!

Every single one of us is stressed, every single one of us has days where we just don't want to get out of bed. In the morning, we each ahve a different schedule. We drag ourselves out of bed, eat breafast, get ready, to the bus stop, and off to school. Mroings are usually pretty stress free (as long as we have a solid schedule that is). Then in school, we have to wory about fitting in, hanging out with your friends, paying attention in class, being on good behavior in class, etc. After schoo, if we have after school activities, we go to that, have a fun time, hang with our friends, i's all good! But then we get home. We are so tired and just want to eat dinner, check our social media, and just go to bed. But then we remember. That haunting thought. The one thing we have to do or our parents will kill us... our homework. The reason we have homework is still a mystery. Yes people have given theories, but to us teens, they're short lived. We have 6 hours of school every day 180 days a year. We don't need homework on top of that. The reason for this is becuase of all the other things that we have to take care of in one school day, doing homework will cause us to have only a few hours of sleep, far less than we need. I think it's great for kids to have homework as an option (just in case for some reason we have nothing to do), but I don't think they should be graded on it. Becuase it's a mandatory thing, kids aren't sleeping. They work late into the night, rarely remembering anything they did at home the next day. Their work isn't the best and a lot of the time, they don't hand it in on time because either they forgot, or some other reason. Having homework as a large portion of their grade puts a heavier burden on our shoulders that isn't lifted until those 180 days are over. Homework shouldn't be graded.

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