Girl and her Dreams

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Submitted: February 16, 2017

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Submitted: February 16, 2017



Girl and her dreams


We are living in 21st Century. We have technology, advanced medical facilities, education and almost everything like any other country. But what we do we really lack? The freedom to dream.

Earlier the society did not want girl children because they think a girl child is a burden to the family. But now we don't think like that. Now a days we have come out of the cocoon and do accept girl children just like a boy. The attrocities against a girl still persists. A girl cannot go out after 6 as she can be anytime molested  and if she ever opens up her mouth, it is regarded as her "mistake" because she is not allowed to go out after 7 and because she went out at that time she deserves that punishment. Somehow today i dont want comment on a girl's safety, but i definetely want an answer from all of you whether a girl can ever dream high?


Me being a keralite, I'm not at all surprised by girls getting married before 25 and who become mothers before 27. No offend meant to those who got married before 25 if that was your choice and not a forced choice. A girl and a boy are send to school with the same motive and the motive is nothing but to study well and get good marks. As soon as you complete your secondary education, you are soon sent to some engineering college may be by your choice or may be out of pressure from your parents who are pressurised by relatives and neighbourhood. Most of forced choices are made only for the sake of others. These forced choices are not put upon boys as they may protest , but these forced choices are only meant for girls. This is common in my place. Some parents allow the girl to choose about what she wants to do. Soon after they complete their education, they are soon registered into matrimonial site for the next step towards life : MARRIAGE. Mind you this is only meant for girls. The same girls are not allowed to go out with her friends and regarded as you are too small for that. But she is too big to get married. Some do allow you to complete your post graduation and mind you, you should get good marks. But soon after you complete the post graduation with "good" marks, you are registered in matrimonial sites to begin your next step of your life : MARRIAGE. A boy of the same age is still a kid and he is yet to settle, but the girl is too big and already attained a marriagable age. The girl probably doesn't even know how to cook , but yes she is supposed to get married.


Now my question is, just because your neighbourhood or relatives keeps asking you why are you getting your girl married, Do you really want her to get married? Have you ever asked your child whether she is ready for this? You beared her for 10 months in your stomach and you are supposed to be her best friend, but have you ever asked your child whether she has any more dreams in her life? If you think only boys have dreams of getting a job , then you are utterly wrong. Girls do have aim of getting a good job. She ofcourse wants to give back everything to you that you have been giving her since she was born. She wants you to feel proud of what she has achieved by her hardwork. Gone are those days when you should be getting married by 23. There was a time when there was no choice left for a girl. Earlier every family had many more children and because of that some had to sacrifice on their education. But now a days does any family have more than five children? A girl asks you only some time and that too for her to stand on her feet. Why do parents still not understand that she only wants to stand on her feet? Why is a girl married off by the age of 24 just because it is the right time to get married? What if the girl is not ready for it and would you still ask her to? Why is a girls fate decided by her horoscope? Is getting married the only motive and ultimate decision of a girl's life? I have not seen life as much as my elders have seen in life. But I surely don't get this logic of this. 


Dear neighbourhood, Stop peeking into other's life. Most of the people in today's world cannot stand for other's success. So i request all the parents and elders out there to stop caring for what neighbourhood will think if your child is not yet married off. Remember that most of them are jealous that your girl child is going to do something that they can never dream of. Don't let an astrologer to decide your child's fate rather let her decide what she wants to do in life. Let your child to decide to when she wants to get married. I don't think you have any objection to let your child stay at her home until she is ready to get married. Let neighbourhood anything that they want. Just remember let barking dogs bark.


I have no disrespect for any parents. I know that they can choose the best for us. But marriage or the rest of the life is going to be lived by your child and so it's her choice and her decision about what she wants to do in life


I totally have great respect for those boys who let their wife to pursue her dreams even after marriage. If you still think that a girl's ultimate motive is to look after her family , please do change your persepective. A girl has every right to dream and go high just like any of you. If you don't have such dreams, it doesn't mean that girl has no right to dream.

If all of them started to regard girl as a caretaker of kitchen, our country wouldn't have Kalpana Chawla who aspired high and achieved it.

Please do not put expiry date on Girl's dream


Sincerely written by a 24 year old girl :)

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