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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The morning of a Teacher

Submitted: February 17, 2017

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Submitted: February 17, 2017




The brisk morning air crept into the small one room apartment, whose walls were cracked and the lone window facing the dilapidated apartment buildings across the street; the street which was still dark as the old gray stone buildings blocked the sun from view at street level. The old radiator was still warm despite the electricity was out once more, as it is many time during the day, especially during the winter months when demand is higher. Getting seemed impossible this morning as the cold curled around the bed and awaiting for me to get up to attack me with it’s bitter chill. But I must get up as the week long break from work is over and time for everyone to start going back to work.


As with there is no electricity warming up the cold water is impossible, that is if i'm lucky any water will come out with no power means the pumps that bring water to the upper floors aren't running, thus I must go to work without a shower, though that is no problem the school has showers with hot water, a luxury that i'll never be able to afford. Being a school teacher in itself is a luxury a much better life than those who must labor each day year round with maybe if they're lucky two days off of their own, in the factories that produce the goods consumed by the rich elite or needed to power the military.


I must be on the street in ten minutes or else i'll be forced to walk the five miles to the secondary school and even then risk losing my job or punished by the officials who patrol the streets. Any form of punishment really, they can send me to prison for breaking any numbers of laws that they see fit. So I must be at the curb for the bus, which so many in the city use or the trams as like so much owning a car is the greatest luxury that any civilian can afford.


On the bus ride for those five miles like after every holiday this past year the mood is subdued by the  growing presence of armed military personnel showing up on the streets making more arrests than in any year before. Many think this doing is by the new leader Kevin Anderson who believes in a strong central government, one much stronger than we've witnessed where he believes many laws were rarely enforced and lax patrolling to catch perpetrators of what we think as non-serious crimes. Life under the old leader Kelin Frolls seemed like a paradise compared to what we have now, any type of criticism of the government no matter how soft is punished by death, public at that even the family is rounded up and punished by public whippings, then sent off to one of the death camps.


Once I get off the bus at the school I am surprised by the number of armed military personnel surrounding the school, I dare not to ask what the purpose of this is because I know as a teacher we will be informed what the meaning of this is for. It'll be either to protect the children or to make sure we're not breaking any new laws. My suspicion is the latter as it is known that the new leader despises public schools, believing that they are epicenters of future rebellions or independent thinking that goes against the intentions of the government. Still I walk into the doors and down into my classroom, which is adored with the national banner and a picture of the leader whom we must obey if not we're punished, in between the two are four large windows that give the students a overlook of the city. On the other wall facing the front a large blackboard which I must write the lessons the students will learn today, and on back wall a map of the nation and a book shelf filled with government approved books for the students use.


Behind the blackboard though is a closet where I keep all the students books, and lessons for the year. Like everything else the lessons must be approved by the government, sometimes though the government will send lessons to the school. That is the case for elementary classes other than math and science the government sends boxes to the classrooms for educational use, history and reading books are what is sent. The government for years has banned all use of computers, at one time many years ago when I was in school we used them for classes, but the government thought they would ruin the society and people's intelligence. So they banned them, though the main reason many thought is that foreign governments would try to spy on the nation which could be true.


The schools announcer asks all teachers to report to the auditorium for a special announcement, like many I guess it is to tell us about why there are armed guards around the school. When I and many other teachers reach the auditorium we discover about five to six armed guards, guarding the doors leading inside, we are asked for our school ID and are allowed to pass. We all quietly take a set near the front rows, the first four are marked off, adding to many of our suspensions, which are soon answered. Because there right in front of us is Kevin Anderson our nation's leader, like every time he is seen out in public he shows no emotion only give a stern look as he looks down onto us. Before starting he asks(more like demands) us to stand up for our nation's anthem, afterwards we all sit back down.


Anderson walks up to the podium which as the nation national crest attached to it, "Good morning educators of Public School 34. By now everyone one of you should know me if not I don't know where you've been hiding. The main reason why i'm here today is to by every measure possible rid free thinking from my...our country, it once nearly destroyed us, and I will not let it happen again. My guards will search everyone of your class rooms for illegal materials such as journals where students may have been allowed to freely write what they think about our glorious nation. If any illegal materials are found in your room you will be arrested and possibly executed for defying the laws that I have set in place."


I walked back to my room with a guard following the moment I stepped into my room he ordered my to sit down at my desk and get ready for the Leader. I could hear however though out in the hall as the classroom doors were being opened and once or twice a shuffle of feet and the loud thumps of boots as someone was being escorted out of the school. I began to get nervous not knowing what may lay await for me, I know though that there are in fact no journals but what else will be considered illegal?


At this time there he stood in my room with about three to four guards looking sternly; Anderson simply slowly walked over to the bookcase looking thoroughly at everyone of the books. He picked one out that had an old worn cover, I have never paid any attention to it until now. I started to get even more nervous not knowing what that book contained. Anderson simply looked through it, slowly turned each page as if reading it, suddenly he turned towards me, instinctively I stand up.


Anderson looks at the book confused, "where did this come from?" he said in softly.


I simply answered, "Sir I regret that I have no clue, I..I uh have been working here for five weeks."


Walking closer, "Do you even know what book this is. No of course you wouldn't like you said, this book right here you have.....has been missing from the National Library for over fifty years since the war. This book was written by our nation's first leader, General Fana Johnson it laid the foundation of this country."


Still confused a bit, but knowing very well what he is saying, "The book was lost during the first Civil War when the East seceded many thought it was destroyed. The Book of Fana has been then ever since the war been inside this classroom?"


Smiling at me, which I found strange and scary he simply said was, "Yes.". Walking back to the door pausing to look at the book in his hand, "Your room passes, though I must admit school number thirty-four will be needing a new history teacher, as the old thought free thinking was okay."


I would be lying if I told you my heart wasn't racing at all, the leader smiled at me, but also made sure to let me know that free thinking shall never be allowed. Mrs. Haftin, the schools history teacher was the one who I heard being dragged out..I know that all the rest of us teachers shall be lead outside to the school courtyard to watch as our co-workers are executed.


After half an hour, all us teachers are told to go out to the school's courtyard. Out there in the cold morning stands seven posts to which seven of our co-workers are tied and blindfolded to. I'm not watching the guards as much as I did this early morning, but i'm watching the Leader as he walks past all our co-workers. He stops in front of Miss Thierson, she's been here only three weeks, she's the librarian. My own room is three rooms from hers and I could clearly overhear the commotion. Poor thing, she'd been going through the whole library looking for anything that could be illegal. But the Leader cuts her free and says something, she crawls towards us but three feet from me a guard steps in front.

"Did the Great Leader tell you to move?" she says nothing, "You are to honor your Leader and do what he tells you, he did not tell you to move. That is disobeying your leader, which the punishment is death." He points a gun at her head and shoots her body collapses to the ground. Like the others i'm shocked but only so much. The Leader walks back a bit and gives the orders to fire, most of us close our eyes next thing we see is a small dark red dot appearing on their foreheads. We're told to go back to our class rooms and when the students arrive in a hour we are to act as if nothing happened, any slight hint of what occurred this morning to the students would mean a trip to a work camp. We all quietly walk back into the school and avoid eye contact with each other.

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