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Chapter 1 (v.2) - The Morning of a MP

Submitted: February 17, 2017

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Submitted: February 17, 2017



The room was small, in it just only a small bed which I lay and a trunk where I keep my clothes for when I have a day off which comes about twice a year. The room was warm...a bit too warm for me, but I enjoy it knowing that somewhere else in the city many were waking up cold, as their home had no electricity to warm the heaters. Overall I do enjoy getting up as each day of my job is joyful, unlike the regular person who must wake each morning and get onto the bus or tram so they will not face the likely punishment for having to walk with out the proper permit.


I must get out of bed and be ready to get into the conference hall to receive the days reports and orders. After taking a hot shower and eating a bowl of oatmeal, I dress and walk out into the hall. The place where I live is on a block that houses military police, like myself and top members of the national party who govern the nation with a iron fist. our Great Leader Kevin Anderson rules with a even hand though many civilians think otherwise, they know better than to speak out against the Great Leader or they'll be publicly executed and their family will receive at lest 100 lashes to their backs. It is the laws to protect this nation from another war. As I walk the long hall down to the conference room I still yet admire the pictures of the past great leaders of this land and the great generals who sacrificed so much to help keep this land glorious.


Once I arrive in the hall, I take my seat and wait until our Captain walks in we all rise and salute him as he returns our salute. Motioned to take our seats the thirty of us are told what our orders today will be; "Today we will be accompanying the Great Leader Anderson to Public School number thirty-four wherein he shall talk to the teachers and look through their classrooms. What he'll be looking for exactly will be illegal materials such as journals that were written by freedom of thinking and such. Any teacher that is found guilty of committing any crimes while the Great Leader is there will be arrested at once, marched out of the school to a courtyard wherein they'll be executed for committing such crimes."


The ride to the school was short, as like any official government activity all people and non-government vehicles move out of the way. However though there are a few times those who do not move out of the way, and with people..well they're simply ran over after all human lives in Fantoa mainly civilians lives are not worth the cost. And on this cold day wherein many are bundled up the truck runs over three, one was carrying a baby but oh well more will be born.


Once at the school we are in our body armor with M-16s strapped around us, as I look down the street towards the front of the school I see a younger school teacher staring at us then quickly walking inside. Good for him as if he'd stood there any long he'd been arrested for what ever crime we wanted to charge him with. In this case we could charged him with trying to organize a protest, which the crime is punishable by death.


After five minutes, we're called inside to help aid our Great Leader in the searching of class rooms, any and all materials that show free thinking has been allowed will result in death for those teachers who's class rooms such things are found. I find myself in the hallway next to the history class room, I watch as four guards enter as does our Great Leader. He says a few words very sternly has I also hear people ripping pages out of a book? The next thing I see is a middle-aged woman being dragged out of the room with tears running down her cheeks, the Great Leader passes by me nodding his head. He walks into what I think is a Literature classroom, my commander is smiling at me and whispers, I've got a good feeling today, many traitors shall die.". I simply nod my head in agreement.


The Great Leader says a few words about a book, then leaves that classroom showing that it has passed. As I walk by, glancing into the room I see the same younger teacher I saw this morning looking very relieved. Up next I'm ordered into a library to search through all the books for anything that is illegal, the librarian that I can see is crying and very nervous. The third book I reach for is hidden behind several large books, the title is all the proof I need to demand an explanation (Our Love For Democracy).


I walk up to her holding the book cover first so that my commander can see as well. Sternly, "Why is this book here?"


The librarian shaking, and mumbling something I can't understand. Now I shout at her, "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!".


She looks up with even more tears streaming down her cheeks, first year, I was going through all the books and I thought...".


I give her no time to finish, "You thought what? That this is ok. Now explain yourself!".


Holding tightly onto her wrist, no looking back down, "the former librarian, told me it was ok to keep it, Leader Frolls gave it...".


I grab her wrists and so does another guard, she's pulling and screaming to not to kill her that aggravates me to the point I pull her hair back and force to look into the eyes of the Great Leader. He takes out a knife and uses it to write on her arm, "NO DEMOCRACY". She's now all out and screaming with a nod of the Great Leaders head, I shove her to the ground, and shout, "HOW DARE YOU DEFY YOUR LEADER AND LIE ABOUT LEADER FROLLS!" Two guards come and drag her out of the room, blood dripping onto the tiles all the way out.


Twenty-minutes latter we're all outside in the school court-yard, the teachers have been ordered to come out and watch as their co-workers die, for harboring illegal materials and as a future lesson. Out of the fifty teachers and administrators, seven will be executed, each of the seven have been tied to polls and blind folded. Great Leader walks out and passes by each of them, he stops right in front of the librarian and cuts the ropes. She falls to the ground where-in he says something to her, she shakes her head up and down and starts to crawl towards the school. One guard steps in-front of her, Did the Great Leader tell you to move?" she says nothing, "You are to honor your Leader and do what he tells you, he did not tell you to move. That is disobeying your leader, which the punishment is death." He point the gun at her head and shoots her body collapses to the ground.

The Leader gives the order to fire, all six are killed in one try their heads flop down and a small dark red dot appears on all their foreheads. The Leader speaks up again, "Let this be a lesson to all of you, that free thinking will never be allowed and this will be your punishment".

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