The Curiosity of the Happy Footed Girl

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Submitted: February 17, 2017

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Submitted: February 17, 2017



So today was pretty awesome. It started off as any other school day. My mum got me up. I got dressed into my school uniform (white polo shirt, green jumper grey trousers and grey socks), had some Cherrios, got my black school shoes and coat on since it was cold out and off me and mum went to school. 

When we got into class the register was called but today the teacher had a special announcement to make. "Now everyone I would like to introduce a new face to the classroom she and her parents have moved down here from the north so please give a give a very warm welcome to Grace Taylor" he said as he beckoned her up. We said hello to her. I noticed she was only wearing a short sleeved polo tshirt and short grey skirt which was odd since it was freezing out. But then I noticed something cool. She was completely barefooted. I guessed she took her shoes and socks off to feel more comfortable. When she sat back down I didn't notice any shoes under her desk so I guessed she must have taken them off in the cloakroom. She had really long beautiful blonde hair. 

Later I saw her in the playground still in her polo tshirt, skirt and barefeet. I went over to her and asked her why she wasn't wearing her shoes and socks. "I don't own any shoes or socks. I'm always barefoot I love it. My parents love that I have happy feet too" she said with a big smile. "Isn't it cold for you though and doesn't it hurt" I asked her curiously. "No I love the cold especially the snow. I have tough feet and I love the feel of the ground" she smiled. "How come the school let you go barefoot then? I thought you had to wear shoes at school" I asked. "No" she smiled "my parents signed a special form so they can let me go barefoot." "That's so cool" I said. 

I sat next to her throughout the day to make her feel more welcome. She was so cool. We had the same interests as each other. 

In the last lesson I decided to slip my shoes off but kept my socks on. I went up to the teacher to hand in my work. "Why are your shoes off Harry" he said noticing only my socked feet. "Cos Grace doesn't wear shoes and I thought I'd give it a go" I told him. "Well you need to put them back on" he said disapprovingly. "But Grace doesn't wear them" I said hoping it would change his mind. "It doesn't matter you need to put them on please" he said starting to sound cross. "Ok" I said disappointingly not wanting to get into any more trouble. So I sat back down next to Grace and put them back on. My feet were starting to get cold anyway. I don't know how Grace could handle the cold but it was really cool that she could. "At least you tried" she whispered to me smiling. She saw the whole thing. I felt kinda embarrassed it didn't work. 

After school I told my mum all about the new girl Grace and how cool she was. She thought it was great I befriended her.

On the way home I asked my mum if she could get one of those special forms that let Grace go barefoot at school so I could as well. "No sweetie" she said "it's really dangerous you could cut your foot and besides it's very cold out." "But Grace has tough feet and she can handle the cold" I told her. "Just because some people can handle it doesn't mean everyone can" she said starting to sound cross "please just listen to me hunny and keep your shoes on." "Ok" I said disappointed not wanting to make her more cross.

 That night I had a dream about me and Grace. She was in her usual polo tshirt short grey skirt and barefeet. I was in my usual polo shirt with a green jumper on grey shorts and was also barefoot. It was snowing and we were having fun running about in the snow having snowball fights and making a snowman. It felt so freeing and was so cool. 

The next day I got ready as usual and thought I'd try wearing my shoes without any socks on. "Why haven't you got your socks on?" said my mum sounding cross. I told I thought I'd try wearing my shoes without them today. "No sweetie your feet will smell now go and get your socks on quickly we're going to be late" she said.

The car journey to school felt longer than usual as I kept wishing my mum would just let me go barefoot like Grace did. 

We got to school and I saw Grace in the playground barefoot and wearing a short sleeved white polo tshirt and short grey skirt just like yesterday. I said to her "I really wish I could go barefoot all the time like you do." "Did you talk to your mum about it?" she asked sensing my sadness. "Yeah she just keeps saying no" I said. "Well at least you tried I guess" she smiled. "Hey I know what'll cheer you up. TAG YOU'RE IT" she said as she ran away laughing. I ran after her as we had fun playing tag. I guess I was just going to have to accept the fact that Grace could go barefoot and I couldn't even though it felt like it was killing me inside. 

I started to feel better as the day went on and Grace cheered me up. 

It came home time again and Grace and I said goodbye for another day. On the journey home my mum could sense what was bothering me. "I'm sorry I had a go at you this morning sweetheart but you need to understand that you HAVE to wear shoes when you're outside" she said "I know this new girl Grace goes barefoot and maybe she has her reasons but I'm afraid you don't. Shoes are there to protect your feet. Look if it makes you feel better we'll get you a pair of sandals that you can wear outside during the warmer months when you're not at school how about that hunnybun?" "Thanks mum" I said with a little smile. It was some victory at least I guess even if it wasn't the victory I had hoped for.


Soon enough it was the last of school before we broke up for the Christmas holidays. We all said our goodbyes for the year and went home.

The next couple of days passed by without much happening. But then one Saturday it was snowing really heavily. It had laid on the ground pretty thick. I got on my jumper, jogging bottoms, my thickest socks, wholly hat, scarf, coat, gloves and wellie boots and was straight down to the local playing field where all the kids were.

As soon as I saw Grace there I was immediately stunned. She looked like an angel with her short pink flowery summer dress and dainty. Despite it being freezing she didn't look cold in the slightest. "Woah so you really can handle the cold" I said to her feeling jealous. "Yeah" she smiled "feel my arm." I took my glove off and felt it, she was unusually warm. "Oh my god you're freezing" she laughed. We spent the rest of the day with the other kids making snowmen (and snowwomen) having snowball wars and making snow angels. It was the most magical day of my entire life. I would never ever forget it.

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