A Personal Philosophy

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Sometimes to feel a little less small in the universe, you just need to think, despite how scary it can be.

Submitted: February 17, 2017

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Submitted: February 17, 2017



If there is a God, do they feel that they have a purpose? If you were an omnipotent being, who could create entire worlds, what would you do? Well, you would make new life of course. Then begs the question - why would you create that life?

If a God brought all into existence, how was that God created? If that God does not know, then they would wonder. Of course, wondering about creation leads to wondering about purpose. So if a God begins to question their purpose, do they have a purpose at all? Would God create worlds and species to give themself purpose? If a God created the universe, then would they create the infinitely complex personality of each individual - or do they reuse personalities?

One of the oldest arguments of psychology is Nature vs. Nurture. In this argument, nature is where people are simply born angry, or happy, or born to be sad. In the nurture argument, one would argue that the nature of people can be changed.There is an halfway point to these argument. Personally, I believe that, while nurturing may play a part - nature will always be there. Our nature is the very essence of our being, our nature is who we are. Another word for our nature is our soul.

A soul is likely not physical. You can’t hold it in your hands, current technologies can’t detect it, and many think that a soul does not exist. A soul could be simple consciousness - completely intertwined with our body, dissipating when our bodies decay. On the other hand, a soul could be something else entirely.

Avicenna (Ibn Sina) was a medieval philosopher. He claimed the soul to be distinct from the body. If you were suspended in the air, blindfolded, you would not know that you have a body. However, you would know of your own consciousness. Logically, this means that the mind and body are separate.

A soul could be the most powerful thing in the world. A soul could be just on the verge of existence, nothing but a wisp of energy, but no matter it’s power, no matter its form, a soul does give the universe meaning.

I know one simple fact of the universe - that fact is that I know nothing of the universe.

Nihilism, the belief in the pointlessness of the universe and life, usually gets a bad reputation. To be fair, Nihilism deserves its reputation, often causing existential crises, or suicidal thoughts. But we don’t have to look at the pointlessness of the universe that way. Even if life has no meaning, that doesn’t stop it from being fun.

I am a person. I have a fish named Lucy. I feed Lucy, and I love Lucy. Neither of our existences serve some big purpose. Neither of our existences dramatically affect the nature of the universe. That does not stop either of us from existing. That doesn’t stop me from adoring my fish, and it does not stop Lucy from swimming happily in her tank. Whether or not Lucy understands existence, she enjoys it. Whether or not I understand existence, I enjoy it.

When people begin to search for a high meaning in their life, that is when they begin to lose the meaning of life they already have. If you ignore your relationships or your hobbies, or even ignore your needs, simply to search for higher purpose, for meaning, you may lose the meaning you already have.


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