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There are too many people in this body.

Submitted: February 17, 2017

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Submitted: February 17, 2017



It used to just be Bella. Izabella Sunshine, if you wish. And she was adorable, with her unique style and positive outlook. She brought people up, she made them feel better, and she loved everyone and everything. She would spend recess protecting a spider on the jungle gym, because it had done nothing and the other kids wanted to kill it. She was sweet. She was cute. And she was the only one.

Then Dakota happened. She doesn’t like to talk about him. Dakota did things to her, nasty, horrible things that are burned into her mind. It happened once. Then twice, then three times, then too many times and she got angrier and angrier. But she couldn’t do anything, so she made somebody else. His name was Volatile. He’s angry and furious at Dakota and tells everybody everything, and when he’s in control, Bella was afraid. But she needed him. She didn’t think that he would stay with her for years.

By six months, she’s curious. She wants to see if she can do it again, but get somebody nicer this time. Somebody sweet, somebody chill, somebody to talk to about anything. So she tries and tries and makes something. But that’s just it. It’s something, not someone, not quite human, not quite monsters, just a human like creature that has it’s limbs falling off because sometimes the flesh is replaced with purple slime. She screams and hides, but she has to come back out, because she’s the only one that can control the body.

Then she learned making a new friend is gradual. But she learned it was possible when Izzy was made. Izzy, well, Izzy wasn’t nice. They were angry at the world for what had happened and they didn’t understand how to deal with it. They wouldn’t talk to Bella, so she tried to make another. Somebody to protect Izzy from themself. That’s when Horrific was made.

He.. he looked alright, at first glance. And then you saw that his head was all sewn up, and when he took off his shirt, you could see the words he had carved in. Useless, princess, bad, stupid. All things she was called by Dakota, and then Bella knew she had made a bad mistake. She felt so bad, she felt so useless, and Izzy could control so… maybe.. She just needed to leave. But, before she could, there was the car accident, and then she had to leave. When she woke back up, there was a tiny, tiny, blue thing next to her. She didn’t know what it was, but it was adorable, and she wanted to hug it and cherish it. She looked out on the mess of Horrific and Izzy, and decided that maybe, maybe, she could just stay here with the little blue thing.

She came back two years later to find scars on the stomach and the chest and the arms and everywhere. And then she found out they had been seeing a counselor for a month and lying to her. She was pissed, but she knew that she couldn’t do anything. So she made one more. His name was Luke. He turned out.. Okay. More okay than the rest. Depressed, but open. Apathetic, but not too apathetic. At first, he had trouble taking control. But Izzy was out of control, and even Luke, not having existed for long, could see that. And he needed to do something, anything, so ever so gently, he took control of the body. He got confident, slowly. So slowly. And Bella kept waiting for him to go crazy, but he never did. She started to trust him ever so slightly, and stopped being a control freak.

She continued to raise the blue thing. She figured out that its name was Spooks. Eventually, she figured out that they were born right after the car crash. None of the others knew about Spooks. She was afraid that they would tear them apart. But, eventually, things started to calm down, when more and more people were made. Jack, despite remaining nameless for a few years, became the true protector, ready to fight anybody who would dare hurt his mind mates, despite hating half of them. Mabel became the ball of positivity Bella missed being, encouraging people to pursue what they wished and getting them motivated. Manis was there to release energy, despite scaring people in the process.

All of them could almost work in harmony. Even Spooks, being introduced soon after Mabel, became a vital part of the systems, being a peacemaker. Bella could finally, finally relax. It felt better than it ever had before.

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