Athena, Goddess of Athens

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All about how Athena was born, and how Athens was named after her. Recommended for anyone who just wants to read a short little poem about Athena for entertainment.

Submitted: February 17, 2017

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Submitted: February 17, 2017



  Zeus's wife Metis should've given birth to a son, who'd be born with one mission, make Zeus's rule done. 

  So Zeus snatched up Metis, and swallowed her whole. Satisfied that his throne no one stole. 

  One gloomy morning, Zeus had a splitting headache. He yelled out in agony, and made the Earth quake. 

  Hephaestus came running with his big bronze axe, and split Zeus's head open with a couple of cracks. 

  And out sprang Athena, daughter not son, dressed in battle armor, the fun had begun!

  Born with wisdom right from the start, Athena pays attention to her head, not her heart. 

  Although she's intelligent, and helps no frauds, she still has competitions between the goddesses and gods.

  Take for instance a city, powerful, not lame, that wanted a god or goddess to give them a name. 

  Poseidon struck the ground with his trident, and see, out came a river, both long and pretty. 

  Athena huffed "Even though your boats won't sink, taste the water, it's too salty to drink!" 

  Then she took her turn, and struck the ground with her spear. And right where she struck it, an olive tree grew here.

  "The bark will make houses, and keeps them warm. The oil makes light, so you can see in a storm."

  "The olive is food, another one of your supplies. It will help you make sure hunger doesn't create your demise."

  The citizens realized, what Athena said was true... so they accepted the olive tree, and named their city Athens, too!

  This amazing goddess, with the well-known name, thinks brain-teasers are easy, and war is a game.


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