Native American Inspired Folk Lore Short Story

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Submitted: February 17, 2017

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Submitted: February 17, 2017



Many years ago , about 200 or 300 years , a man named Jeremiah roamed the land unknown to the people outside of it . He saw giants , crusaders , and the most magnificent animals you’ve ever dreamed about. One night he stumbled upon a very large feast with bowls as big as boulders , but no one to be seen . He found a tree to climb up and see what was in the bowl . The liquid inside was blood red , and the bits inside looked like uncooked animal limbs . Disgusted , he quickly scaled down the tree only to be met by a rotten carcass of a deer . A loud thud shook the trees and caused Jeremiah to lose his balance . He got up but the loud roar of trampling feet only got louder . Out of the green forest stood 3 pale giants tall enough to touch the lights in the sky at night. They quickly see Jeremiah and scoop him up . Jeremiah struggled , kicked , and panted but the giants grip was too strong . He tries to talk to the giants but they don't understand . Out of the woods a mighty roar and galloping horses filled Jeremiah’s and the giants ears . Crusaders appear through the mist of the night . One by one the giants squeal and fall in a pool of blood . The crusaders steel armor and blades killed every giant , one by one the giants throats slit , feet cut and bleeding  , yelling and roars . Jeremiah is saved by the crusaders and trains to become one . Now he roams the land looking for and slaughtering every giant to cross his path .


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