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The positivity you try to maintain will consistently feel like its at war with the judgement brought from others, but at the end of everyday you're given the opportunity to reflect and make better decisions the next day to move on to a better path.

Submitted: February 17, 2017

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Submitted: February 17, 2017



We remember those who will seem to bring us up in feelings as if we're special or as if we mean something to them. A good question is why are those people usually the ones that seem to hurt us the most as they say and do things that most likely no other man or woman will do to you? Everything is simple, nothing is complex. We as people go through some of the roughest times rather you have a lot of money or not. We've missed out on some of most valueable lessons we should learn as children. That is simply to "Live". What does it mean to really live and what keeps us so down in spirit?

Next time you close your eyes, for your sake close your eyes and think of all the things you like. The peace you have just created in your mind, and the picture you painted of yourself is the true life worth living for rather it seem impossible or right around the corner. Nothing is impossible, you're closer to that bit of heaven than what it seems. What holds us back? Those things you speak out your mouth that you most desire and feel are very important, but certain people that are "close to you" could say anything that opposes your truth and turn it into a fantasy. Listen to yourself and not others for their personalites are not the same as yours. Some people are not to be talked to about anything personal although we can't help it at times, we must remember to look truely in our own minds which are truely peace zones and recognize whose worthy of sharing your heart and soul.

I have met people who I've only known for a short period of time, and I love them like my own brothers and sisters. Then we have those that we know for years, but can't depend on for nothing. At the end of each day you must not blame anyone but yourself. It is you that makes those conscious decisions to keep negativity around. You can't curse a God that woudn't stand for your actions either. Instead pay attention to those that you feel strongly about whose intention seems clear as day. Those that will open their homes when you just ask for a cup of water, those that will fight with all their might to keep you around when others will make us feel hated, those that will pop up when they can just to spend time when you sit to yourself most of the time, those that will connect and understand what your "dreams" are and respect them by adding to that semi perfect picture you've painted in your head. Those that appreciate your creativity rather it be writing or playing games. Even a simple game of pool can change someone's perspective to the most positive one yet all because of the love and support from those you know as "friends", but to me they are my brothers and sisters.

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