Licentious Intentions

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short story that I wrote about two people in opposing armies on the battlefield that fall for each other. WARNING: EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT

Submitted: February 17, 2017

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Submitted: February 17, 2017



Watching you from the darkness of the treeline I can't help but to let my eyes glide over every inch of your glistening body. The moonlight dancing over the trickles of water running down your flesh. A smile escapes my lips at the sight and my teeth gently rake my lower lip as my hunger for you makes itself known.


We know each other well. On the field of battle we wield steel for opposites sides, but tonight we are just two warm bodies in the moonlight. I can't help but to watch as you move water over your body, cleansing it from the dirt and blood from the day of war. Entranced by the movement as it falls over your skin. As if beguiled I freely move from the treeline, intent on my gaze upon you. Not caring of the labels that are placed upon us by higher statures.

You pause in dismay as my figure emerges from the darkness. The bedeviled look upon your face quickly makes way for a wanton grin that lets me know our intentions are the same. Our eyes challenging one another. My steps ever advancing as I begin to slowly disrobe and my feet breaks the barrier of water sinking slowly.


The brisk water envelopes my thighs and sends a tingling sensation through my body as I make my way towards you with every step. Closing the distance between you and I ...water ripples around my waist. My skins crawls in anticipation of our imminent endeavor that will enthrall my every sense, beckoning me to surrender to the temptation your presence brings. I can see the thirst in your eyes as your hand grasps mine to propel my body against yours. Your warmth radiates against mine..and your fingertips make a trail towards my back that leaves my skin aflame. I take my leg and purch it upon your side, wrapping it around you pulling you into me as I let it cascade downward around the back of your leg. I feel you against me tightly..your chest pushing against mine with every breath you take. I ponder momentarily if I should be the first to advance towards your lips...the in the midst of that moment you if privy to my your lips onto mine and let your tongue gently dance against mine. A deep breath escapes my body as I revel in the taste your mouth offers to me. I want you..not just your body...such a hollow pleasure will not suffice this insatiable hunger I feel for you...I want your soul...every ounce of essence your being entails and beyond.


Our mouthes affixed upon one another..pausing to take in each other's breath. Your hand slowly explores the curves of my body as mine ventures to the contours of yours memorizing every inch as to relive this moment a thousand times. Your mouth meticulously forging a downward path to my receptive neck. My body tenses up and my leg's grasp tightens. I can feel the grin growing upon your lips with my reaction. I extend my neck to lay my head back favoring each touch of your lips as my nails softly trail down your back. I've never felt so alive than at this very if every cell in my body was exploding in unison. At that moment I feel your mouth hover over my breast ... my mind expands to the furthest stars that hang above my head like a diamond chandelier. Your firm and aggressive ..yet so gentle and attentive..complete what I offer. What you offer me...sanctity.

Sides don't matter tonight and after tonight...there aren't any ...anymore....


Your hands run midway through my hair before closing and tugging my slightly before pulling my head up til my lips are on yours. Such a feverish kiss causes my body to react with urgency. Before my senses can register anything you yank my hair back and sink your teeth into my skin...such divine  pain sends my pleasure into overdrive. flicker your tongue against the skin firmly grasped between your teeth. My nails burying into your skin as your teeth bury deeper into mine. My body craves your flesh to fill the void in mine.


You grow against my skin...I can feel you..your excitement manifesting itself. The water hiding any evidence of my own. But what the water mouth..hands..and gestures show. You twist me around til my back isfirmly against the stone wall that partially borders this liquid haven. Pinning my hands above my head you bite my lower lip before pushing your tongue past to massage against mine. Putting my hands in one of yours you take the other and trail down to my breast caressing vigorously...taking my nipple between your fingers momentarily. Then shooting your hand straight  to my thigh you hike up my leg forcefully and press yourself against me. I can feel your hardness playing outside my soft entrance. I want to feel you inside of me yet you make me wait....letting the anticipation build until its seeping through every pore. Helpless in your arms...I await your mercy...feed my desire.

Just when I reach my brink you oblige us both and give in....

 There's not a word to describe this moment..the way I feel connected to you. Your sensations..your breath..your heart beat...your ecstacy reverberates throughout my body. Taking everything you are and making it my own. If I could..I would stay in this moment for all eternity. Stealing the stars from the skies....


Our bodies find a rhythm that compliments one another and everything we feel multiplies with every thrust, tug, and pull..You press your lips upon mine again..yet this time I can taste the flavors my body offered to you...upon your lips. The mere thought of this escalates my excitement. Your grasp ever firmer I can feel the tenseness in your body...relaying how close you are to giving yourself to me fully. I reciprocate the sentiment fully. I can feel the pressure rising as we move against one another again and again. Eventually the pressure is too much for me to contain and my body convulses as I let go ..letting out a loud cry..all the while you never let go. Midway through my release I feel yours...its a feeling that burns at my core and sends me into a state of Intoxification. You body still hard ....still throbbing..sending jolts of pleasure through let go of my hands which come to rest on your face. Staring into the dark abyss of your eyes I don't dare kiss you yet. I just want to look upon your face..taking in every detailed feature. Only after that...I pull you in for a long awaited kiss...your lips so endearing..I don't want to leave the abode of your arms..


You walk me over to the water's edge..where you dress me slowly..kissing my bare skin ever so often. One last time we kiss...stealing the breath from one another's body before departing in the night. Walking though the trees ..your taste still upon my lips..I can't help but wonder what tomorrow will bring. You're the one and only thing I will ever surrender to...If I meet you on the opposite side tomorrow...I'll betray myself to the world just to show that all I am...belongs to you...


The cold of the morning air filled my lungs with an intensity that sent chills throughout my whole body. I woke up to the realization that today was the day I would meet you again, but in such a different light. What would I do upon seeing you face to face again? I had my speculations but I didn't actually know. I guess I would just have to see and find out. I can feel my heart sinking with every passing minute. It is the unknow that I am frightened of.

I am not even sure what you will do when you see my face again today. So many thoughts encircle my head when all I really need is a clear mind. It is thoughts like this that can get you killed. Being preoccupied on the battle field has its dramatic downsides and I was hoping today would not be a perfect example of that. I'm trying to find the clear area through all this confusion. My mind keeps wandering back to last night and the way you tasted.....the way you felt....the smell of your breath. How can I possibly focus when I still feel myself acheing for you. This deep seeded longing that I felt just to gaze deep into your eyes again.

How could this have happened? We are pawns on separate sides of the table, playing against one another. Yet in the corners of the night we two became one, indulging in the pleasures of the flesh.

"We're ready, we are just awaiting your lead M'lady."

That was it. It has begun. I had already slowly dressed while my mind was wandering through all of this. I had almost forgotten what was imminent. Picking up my sword, I slid it into my sheathe hoping that it would not meet you today. Slowly making my way to my horse I cleared my mind trying to focus on the task at hand. Thousands of lives hung in the balance and I knew it was more than just my fate I needed to worry about. Taking a moment I scan over the thousands of men that were ready to lay life on the line to do their duty. I made eye contact with many taking in the full weight of my duty and responsibility.

Onward to our and all...beckon me my sweet mistress...I surrender to your bidding.

Hearing the rhythmic foot steps of  thousands of men, as well as horse, is almost mesmerizing. Before I knew it we were coming face to face with the opposing forces. You. I can't help but to pause to scan the scenery for a glimpse of you, yet your image does not make itself known.

It is too late to back out now. I couldn't even if I wanted to because that call was not mine. Although my heart raced with the thought of your possible demise upon the initial strike. I cannot fathom this feeling for a man I have not known in such a way for that long. Yet there was this feeling I could not deny no matter how much I tried, and try I did. It felt like something had reached down to my very core and took hold, wrapping each finger around with me with such eternal grasp.

The trumpets sounded and I knew that it wouldn't be too much longer now. Suddenly I felt the cutting of a rope and away went the catapults. The boulders were flying through the air ready to make their marks on the field. My heart skipped a beat as I watched with a blank face to maintain composure for my troops. Inside was a silent torment due to the mystery of your soon to be fate.

With a great thud I see the bounlders make their mark. Some of them roll continuously making a path of destruction while others just lay where they land. Each line holds their places no more. I reluctantly dig my heels into the sides of my steed and charge in full force. With a swipe of my blade I make first contact and claim my first casualty. After that initial attack I am losing track of how many have fallen to my blade. I can just feel the ache in my arm and shoulders from the constant battling.

Then it happens. I see you. You don't see me but you aren't far from where I stand. I am trying not to focus on you so much because the slightest distraction could end my existance. As I am fighting with the man in front of me I feel a sharp, hard push to my back and I turn to find you had been pushed into me. You turn to face me and the pause was only momentarily but felt like forever. Both our swords in our hands lay at our sides. In an instant I pull my sword up, while you keep yours by your side with a look of surprise on your face. I could tell you were unsure of my intentions. Just then I plunged my sword into the shoulder of the man behind you that was about to cut you down.

What have I done? A look of sudden surprise yet shock came over my face as I looked into the eyes of the man I had just stabbed. His eyes looked into mine with confusion. I knew I had just crossed a line that I would never be able to cross again. My path was chosen from that point. I had betrayed my own kingdom. In the eyes of my people and of my king I was now a traitor.

Your hands were suddenly upon my arms pulling me towards you. I look into your eyes feeling so lost. Then you place a hand gently upon the side of my face. I close my eyes wanting nothing more than to melt into them at that very moment.

"I found you. Twas my only goal out here on this field of blood...was to find you. Even though I didn't know if you felt the same way. Seems the world is falling down all around us...yet the only thing I see is you. Your actions...they saved what was already yours."

My heart stopped when I heard those words fall from your lips. I could stand here forever caught in this moment, but I quickly started to realize our enemies grew as our allies withered. We needed to get out of there quickly before that was to be our resting place. So I took your arm and ran furiously to find my steed. We make our way there and I purch upon the saddle. As you are about to get up I feel a sharp tug on my hair as my head is pulled backwards. My head rests upon the back of the horse as I feel a cold, sharp blade upon my neck.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"Danyan.....leave her be! She is coming with me."

"Do you really think now is the time to go have your way? Maybe we wound her and later we can take turns ....aye?"

I could feel every move of the horse bringing the blade deeper into my neck. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the look on your face go from intense to furious. The next thing I know the blade slowly falls away from my neck. I turn to look and notice Danyan lieing on the ground soaked in blood. I lean back up and you get on behind me.

"No man shall ever touch you any way."


With that being said you dig your heels in and away we went making our way through the carnage. After riding most of the day we make our way to a camp site amidst the forest. The sun is slowly setting as you make a fire. I take care of the horse and lay down the skins and fur that was on the saddle onto the ground. I ly down watching you move in the light of the fire. Slowly you crawl over to me and lay down next to me. You put your arm under my head and press your lips against mine. Your lips feel like home to me. Everything about you sets me at ease. I feel like I can let my guard down and surrender to you. Your lips linger on mine for some time, letting your tongue play with mine. I prop my leg up onto your side and pull you into me.

I look up into your eyes, "I don't want to let you go again. I feel like I belong to you. LIke I was thirsting so long for something yet I didn't know what it was....til I found you, that is."

"I knew. How could I not? When I first looked into those beguiling eyes I knew I was done for. I knew that my will was not to be my own again. When you came to me that night I knew that I couldn't hide it anymore either..and I don't think I really wanted to at that point. You are a necessity to the air I breathe..."

That night I laid in your arms sharing my lips with yours time and time again. Our bodies naked in the firelight entangled in one another. The forest echoed with the sounds of our lustful cries. We were one there by the firelight making the heat from the fire look like a frozen ember compared to the heat generated by our flesh. Taking me again and again I never wanted morning to shed light on this night, but I knew we would share many nights. I look forward in spending them much like tonight...surrendering myself to you..over and over again.


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