Topance , blue birds , and other usless things

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It's a work in progress , tell me what you think . The book revolves around two women ones name is Emily and and the other character name is int named. the book is based int the early 19 hundreds.

Submitted: February 17, 2017

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Submitted: February 17, 2017



Topance ,blue jays and other useless things


Conwy,Wales April 12 1910


In my small town just outside of London it always seemed so quiet but it yet so loud. Around here rumors spread so fast you blink and people are whispering your name.A second goes by and your are the new Cherry Mary.Cherry Mary mean a woman whom lays with a woman.They have no proof of course if they did it wouldn't be wrong.


Conwy,Wales April 13, 1910


When you wake up there is a couple seconds where you don't remember anything.but when you remember and everything comes crashing back on you. Today I went to the market it was dreadful it was cooler than to be expected in April. But the chill didn't stop the rumors.


Conwy,Wales April 14 ,1910


Let me explain a little bit.Her name is Emily and we met at a pub. She was sitting at the next stool over in a very unladylike manner , and was drinking whiskey. I told the bartender I'll have what she's having after arguing for a few minutes he gave up and poured the glass left a burning taste in my mouth as I asked her where is from.

She replied London I then said a  city lady ea. She then said well not anymore I just moved.I have a house just down the street.

Then I said it's really quiet but you will get used to it. The she asked where I'm from I replied a town in Scotland but I was to little to remember where.

The bartender came over and said if you two Mary's are done drinking then get out I'll have none of that in my bar. Then me and Emily disgruntledly left the bar and on are way out she asked do you want to come to my place.I replied with one word Yes.the second we closed her door both of us were naked.over the next few weeks we would have frequent meetings, but one time we forgot to close the curtains...


Conwy,Wales April 15, 1910


A woman by the name Camila saw us as we were on top of each other but she only saw Emily. Since then Emily is in the town jail. I can't bail her out if I do I to will be arrested. The love of my life has been arrested and I don't know what to do.


Conwy,Wales April 16, 1910


Emily has fierce red hair and eyes that could melt diamonds. Every single night I dream of  her her eyes pressing the soft. I dream of the feeling of being so close to her, her lips pressing against mine. Then when I wake up reality sets in. My Emily the woman whom I want next to me at all times is behind bars because of me.

I cry myself to sleep every night. Then today I came up with a plan I an going to subdues the guard and steal his keys. Tomorrow I will have the woman I love on a horse riding far far away. For the rest of the day I liquidated all the assets I could and packed up everything.


Conwy,Wales April 17, 1910

The first part is easy the gard is a 40 year old man with a drinking problem. The hard part is getting out of town. I bought a horse and a saddle and all the required accessories . I tied the horse to a tree in the woods, and put my sachal and her carpet bag on the horse. My sachal contained some clothes, money , and the doll my mother left me in her will. Emily's carpet bag was filled with some clothes, a bottle of whiskey , 3 loaves of bread,and a water jug. Im wearing my lowest cut dress as i walk toward the guard he stares at me as i pull him forward. This was one of the worst experiences of my life, but I got the keys. I convinced the guard to finish up his bottle of bourbon and and when he did he was passed out in two minutes. I unlocked her cell and she gave me the tightest hug I have ever gotten. We ran to the horse hopped on and sent the horse toward the beach.




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