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When u have new friends they can be fun but when u lose them it's upsetting

Submitted: February 17, 2017

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Submitted: February 17, 2017



Have you ever had a friend?  It's awesome right?  Well duh :) . Do you hang out with your friend?  Well you should. I know I do. What are your friends names ? My friends names are Sierra,Maddy,Gracie,Kaylee,Sara,Lydia,Analiseia,Molly,Vanessa,Paige,Kylie,Elizabeth, Faith,Payton,Lauren, Anna,Kaitlyn, Analisa,Gabe,Lily,Raven,Alyssa,Grace, and Jocelyn. That's a lot right? It's all of the friends I've ever had.

Let's start from the beginning.Shall we. First there's Analiseia she was a good friend of mine in daycare and kindergarten. We had a fight about a toy but we got over it. One day out of no where she's not my friend any more because she was in another class.

Kaylee was my best friend from the start.We spent all our time together. She was awesome. Our memories are remembered well. We spent kindergarten together. Like all day together,recess together we tried to partner up with each other 24/7. When first grade was about to start we were separated because I had to move. I was very upset. There goes a friend. My only best friend. I never got her parents phone number so I couldn't contact her. Remember we were in kindergarten so we didn't have our own phones then.

Then there's my friends Faith and Payton. They were my best friends in first grade. Us three would do every thing, not on girl left behind. One day I had a play date with them. We had a tea party. It was so much fun.Us girls could not be separated. One girl does something we all do it.Even if we didn't care for it much we still did it for them to make them happy.

But there were days Faith and Payton were absent.So I had to manege with out them.I had to make more friends.I met Lauren she was a sweet and kind friend. If I had no one to hang out with she was there for me.we would spend a good amount of time together.

Elizabeth. For some reason I hated her for a while I don't know why but I did. But I got over that.We became friends.She was also friends with Lauren,Faith, and Payton wich was perfect. We were in second grade so in ELA we would write story's almost every day. I would come up with an idea and write a small story. When we were done writing them we would all share them together. We'd tell each other how good their stories are and help each other find out what we need to fix.

I was doing good the I moved again. I moved during half of second grade. Back to where I was originally. I was very sad but I wanted to see if Kaylee was still at my old school.

When I moved back i was super excited because Kaylee was still there. I only hung out with Kaylee and Sara.when Kaylee was gone I hung out with Sara. I was upset because when they both were gone I didn't do any thing really. I Kinda walked around by myself. 

I was once friends with a girl named Alyssa she was a good friend but not to me when we fought. So I let her go. Sadly we never became friends again.

In third grade I was about to cry when I found out Kaylee was moving to Alaska instead of a different city. I mean its Alaska come on. And right when I just came back at the end of second grade.

I've know Lydia since kindergarten. We were friends but didnt really talk much until third grade. We hung out together after Kaylee left because I didn't really hang out with Sara any more. I don't know why but we just didn't hang out any more ????????.

About a week later a new kid came to my class. Her name was Sierra. Her and I became the best of friends that I have been with any one.She invited me to my first sleep over ever. It was the best time I have ever had in my life.We went to the pool and the hot tub and the park at her apartments. To this day we've had about 100 sleep overs.

In fourth grade I was still friends with Sierra and Lydia but I met two new friends. Their names are Kaitlyn and Analisa. They were friends to I think . Me and Analisa we friends until one day she just decided she didn't like me any more. Isn't it funny how one day they wake up and just  decide thery don't like you any more. So because she didn't like me any more and I didn't know why but she bullied me and tricked my friends. Like one day Analisa told Kaitlyn something and I know Kaitlyn thought it was a joke but it was just Analisa tricking her into doing something. Analisa told Kaitlyn to push me and Kaitlyn did it lightly to me and we both laughed. But then I was playing four square and Analisa told her to do it again and she said OK . Because Kaitlyn was a strong person she accidentally pushes to hard so she has to do it lighter. Because Kaitlyn was doing it to light Analisa shoved Kaitlyn's arm hard and I fell over.  Kaitlyn apologized because Analisa pushed her arm and made her do it. And thus when I hated Analisa and never spoke to her again.


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