The Young Murderer and Her Dog

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“Focus!” Jade whispered to herself, trembling. Every finger pushed against a note gave made her stressed and dizzy. The piano rumbled, increasing her breathing and the light-headed feeling that threatened her consciousness. The song she played was just few minutes long, but to her, it felt like hours. Just as she strained her neck to relieve her body, she pressed the wrong key. Panicking, Jade felt the tension from the audience and the judges, and the beautiful melody she made from the piano started crashing down. The audience whispered to each other and the judges made faces at the music she played. Jade’s heart beat fast and her body felt numb.
When is this music done? She thought with discomfort. Her teeth chattered, and her bare arms ached from the cold. She breathed heavily, as she awkwardly sped up her playing.
Suddenly, Jade felt a strong ache in her head, pumping like her heart. Shocked by the sudden pain, she stopped playing, and her head dropped down onto the piano, which made a loud screeching sound. The audience gasped as she collapsed, and Jade could see some people running towards her. Everything happened all so fast. She felt somebody lifting her up. She tried to speak, but her vision blurred, and she passed out.

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Chapter 1

Submitted: February 17, 2017