The Stage

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Submitted: February 18, 2017

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Submitted: February 18, 2017




Dusk had already approached the city of Lincoln in Nebraska. You could see the absence of the moonlight and of the glistening stars which now made the sky's colour as dark as the colour of black piercing eyes. Today is Friday the 13th and something unusual made it feel eerie here. The howls of the dogs echoed throughout the lifeless city and today was the day for Jenna to set up the stage for her Halloween play rehearsal named 'Let's Play Hide And Clap', gentle shivers ran down her thin delicate spine as the name of her own play reminded her of her past.

The stage was large yet petit. It didn't have any lavish look but it was what Jenna could afford. It had long white pillars by its sides with some of its paint chipped off in the upper and lower boundaries making it look as if it was half naked. The base and all around the stage was covered in silky black paper that shimmered under the radiant lights above and hideous ferocious monsters and dolls were painted on it. Each doll wore a ravishing dress but their faces were painted with crimson red, as the rehearsal took place there was a large black backdrop and suddenly there was a mic drop and all the lights and whispering that could be heard around the stage shut. A sudden sparkle of white light fell from above onto the stage and eerie music filled the atmosphere. There wasn't a single movement or a sound but there was a sudden change in the music that was now a lower bass of Pink Panther and a scary not so lean figure of little girl creeped out from behind the backstage as the long torn dress dragged along behind her. Her entire body was covered with fake bruises or was it so? Jenna couldn't recall this particular feature of the character which she had created. The little girl's feet was wounded with ugly scars and her brown tangled hair covered her entire face, as her long neck twisted itself towards the audience a slow crackling noise occurred and then she spoke "who's ready to play hide and clap?"

And at that moment Jenna couldn't believe her tiny eyes, the stage was now turned into a violent cemetery! Vicious dolls projected from the backdrop and some rose from the silky black paper, all saying the same lines in a chorus "sticks and bricks can break my bones but i'll always be alive to haunt you!", they screeched. The cemetery scene which Jenna thought to be part of script came to life, zombies and dead people stood up and walked in slow motion as they protested for their rights and good deeds which they deserved from helping others. They walked and walked and they whispered "you go first..." the black paper was now completely destroyed and all of Jenna's handwork went down the drain but it was the least thing she could care about rn because she had to save herself.





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