Dream car

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a poem about a dream car

Submitted: February 18, 2017

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Submitted: February 18, 2017



Dream car


What is your dream car or what makes a dream car?

Why do lumps of metal, plastic, rubber send a grown man or woman to a quiver.

And into automotive rapture. What is it when you see a nice car at the side of the road

That makes you stop and take a picture.

Is it the massive horse power, or that jet crushing acceleration and the bleeding edge technology?

The truth is we in our life time will never get to drive that dream car unless you pay to take one round a track for ten minutes. And that’s over in a flash.

So, what is your dream car because mine is?

The Aston Martin DBS with is style of the carbon fibre sexy looks and the sound of that

Aston’s 6.0 litre v12 throbbing engine pump the pedal to get that 510bph and the thought

Of doing 0-60 in four second’s flat that makes the hairs stand up.

So, there you go that’s my dream car that I know I will never get to drive or own.

So, tell me what’s yours?



By Simon Jones

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