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Submitted: February 18, 2017

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Submitted: February 18, 2017




This morning wasn’t gray but by soothing lavender and brilliant amber. She had been waiting for this morning for so long. She could see the shadows cast by the street lamps through the metallic blinds start to fade. She had trained herself for this morning since eight long years and now it’s finally here.

She was 50 year old woman. She sat up straight remembering the good old memories. She pinned her hair neatly and called out to Laura for a cup of coffee. Laura had been working for her for eight years. The same eight years. She pulled open, the draw adjacent to her bed. Out came a dusty wooden frame. Clearing off the dust she stared at it. A photograph that was all it took for the tears to burst from Debbie’s eyes. She clutched the photograph tightly and pressed it against her delicate body. She could see the reflection of her face in the thin glass that covered it. She looked past her own dreary eyes and focused on the face. It was the happiest memories that hurt her the most, they were the ones that cut her the deepest.

Eight years ago ……….

He was late for the train at Winston station. He hurried and rushed past Debbie. Rafael had no time to bid goodbye to his beloved mother, Debbie. Yet, he hugged her close to his chest and he left. This is all Debbie remembered. She felt numb. Rafael had to go overseas to fight a war for the country. He was a brave young man like his dad.

Debbie heard footsteps, the doorbell rang. She rushed to the door, expecting to see Rafael. She saw the mailman with a letter held out of his hands. Debbie takes the letter carefully into her delicate fingers.

Unfolding the letter, she read….

Dear mom,

Well if you are reading this letter right now, then I didn’t make it home. Mom, it was the hardest thing to leave you. You are really special to me, you are truly a god’s gift.

I just want you to know that you are the most important person in my life. The memories that we have shared have been the best of my life. I want you to remember that “I belong to you”.

I want you to know that this happened for a reason. Take comfort in that. I want you to be strong and always remember that I loved you very much.

I love you

Your loving son,


Debbie cried out loud. “Where are you?”, she cried out , “where did you go?”. She shattered the silence into a million pieces. She pressed the letter against her chest, thinking of her only son, Rafael.

All of us belong to ourselves. But there are times when you belong to someone because you are loved and cared by them. Rafael belonged to Debbie. Debbie cared for Rafael and she waited eight long years for her son. We all belong to someone, someone who loves you and who will always accept you.




You are always truly loved by someone and you belong to someone.




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