Abroad the ocean

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Submitted: February 18, 2017

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Submitted: February 18, 2017




Abroad the ocean

Little town with small church which was somewhere in the middle of it, like a hiding sign of hope for all citizen who were living in this town. Accidentally, I arrived here as a night guest, trying to find a hotel. At least I’ve found a bar to have a drink and ask something about the town. This kind of place supposed to have an invisible heart which was beating on slowly speed. That’s why citizen also were a bit lazy but cozy. Barmen came to me while I was looking around, walls, doors, windows; everything seemed to me so friendly that I smiled.

“Good Evening, what you would like to drink? We will be closed in 25 minutes.”

Said Barmen

“Whiskey, please, I will be fast, by the way, how can I find a hotel? I know that it’s near ocean but it’s to abstract as an explanation.”

“I will show you after, I live not far from it” he said. When he left me, I’ve understood that I always arrived in some towns searching for something new, but everything just repeated.

 In general towns were fantastic and lonely; I was part of somebody’s life, as a ghost who took a look for while on life of blankly people. Whiskey would change everything, invitation of alcohol was the most powerful thing ever more than bombs and guns and other stuff which were progress engines. Barmen came back.

“You have still 15 minutes, after I will show you where the hotel is.”

“Thank You”.

He sat in front of me.

“I bought this bar when I was young, I had a choice. Or I buy it or I move in a big city. I was sure that the bar could change my life more than a crossing, where are you come from?”

That was hard to explain.

“Global citizen, so did it change everything?”

Barmen looked on his watch and he answered.

“Sure, but I don’t remember now what exactly it changed, let’s go”

We had actually 5 minutes more but barmen decided to hurry time. People in small cities usually had their own understanding of how time was going. Numbers they were all indifferent to numbers.

We left the bar, he closed the door. Fresh wind was crossing empty streets, street lamps were crossing little avenues with funny names, I was completely lost in this magical movement of little town. He took a cigarette, I asked him one. He gave me.

“I had a wife, nice woman with blue eyes, but she died five years ago. I met here when I was walking in the beach, you know abroad the ocean we have also life, she said once, meaningful words.”

I asked

“So You miss her?”

“No, I did not love her too much but she was a nice wife”

“So why did you marry here?”

“I was sure that it could change my life. You know we have always two options which can change everything. Move or stay. Give or get, pay or be payed.”

I looked into the ocean. I was thinking about the life which was abroad it. Better than a church, new side of hope.

“So now you don’t want to change anything?”

“We are almost near the hotel, changing for what?”

“I don’t know”

“me neither, the great thing about all that when you look actually abroad the ocean you may feel a new life, bigger than this two options or all that you could have in life.” He said, he was upset and tired, all his life passed as a train on which he was late. Maybe he did not need any train because people in small towns had always their own understanding of how time was going,

“Have a Good night”

“You too and thank You” I replied. I caught feasible movement of the ocean and opened the door to get into the hotel.

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