My Strength,My Power

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Submitted: February 18, 2017

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Submitted: February 18, 2017



For some people,This day is special

For some, life has turned hell.
A lone tear escaped through my eye,
When I recalled our last goodbye.
I don't feel special, I feel incomplete,
I think of those memories which I can never Delete.
3 years ago, I remember that day,
When you stepped out to go away.
A special day for me, birthday it was,
When I parted from you, one of my powers.
Everybody was excited, everybody was glad,
I was standing alone in the corridor with a heart that was sad.
I wanted to express, I wanted to say,
I wanted my strength my power to stay.
Alot of things I wanted to tell,
I wanted to shout, I wanted to yell.
The time had arrived to go apart,
But what about the words in my heart.
Faking a smile I went out in the lawn,
But my strength my power had already gone.
With all my spirits I ran out,
"Wait! Wait!" I gave a shout.
Standing far stealing his eyes,
He turned around to say goodbyes.
Seeing me standing, froze his glance,
To tell some things, this was my last chance.
Destiny played a game, I couldn't move ahead,
Those words in my heart were left unsaid.
The car went away from my sight,
I was surrounded by darkness even if it was bright.
A lone tear escaped through my eye,
And I waved the last goodbye.
The flashback ends I am alone,
Waiting for your call, staring at the phone.
Today I confess what I wanted to say,
With all my heart I wanted you to stay.
'My strength My power' lies in you,
My love is deeper than the ocean's blue.
A hug from you is what I demand,
To feel your presence, to hold your hand.
A lesson from life, patience I learnt,
I pray to God for you, when I am hurt.
To see you achieve success is a delight,
Talking to you makes my day bright.
My brother, a friend, a teacher, a guide,
In tough times you were always by my side.
So close yet so far,
My strength and power you are,
My strength and power you are.

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