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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: IN SEARCH OF THE TRUTH

horror survival and awareness guides to follow if you want to live




Being a dedicate horror movie fan I breath and sleep horror, who don’t love a good scare, snice I’ve been watching horror movies for 3 quarter of my life there is some life lessons one can learn from watching these movies and play a vast amount of survival horror games. Playing the new resident evil 7 game have taught me a lot more………first thing a knife and torch is a must have and should never be left at home and if something can go wrong its properly going too, second thing is to prepare yourself in body and mind.

I often find myself thinking if I was in a horror movie could I escape, can I help others and DON’T be one how is looking at the killer screaming and not reacting in time only to cut open by a knife or axed to death.

Take movies like Friday the 13th, nightmare on elm street, the purge, taxes chainsaw and many more, here are some guild lines that I think can help you survive a horror movie or any real life scary or horror situation.

  1. Never go upstairs – many times I see people running past the front door the escape the kill or to investigate a noise plz don’t.
  2. Don’t go camping if your in teens or early adults – don’t do it there will be drugs load music and sex this may sound good now but will be good when you are holdng your insides blooding to death I don’t think so.
  3. Do not answer the phone- now im not saying never answer the phone again use you drains if the killer is in the house her will most likely call you and say some creepy message.
  4. Leave the lights on
  5. Do not buy anything creepy……………that goes for DOLLS and GAMES
  6. Don’t let anyone inside your house …………..now only let people you know enter but if they giving off a weird vib don’t open.
  7. Always check your back seat of your car before getting inside – I make it a habit to always check the back seat never be in a hurray that’s when you start to make mistakes, at night park under a street light or just shine your torch into the car as you approach it.
  8. Don’t park your car far from the mall entrance if you know you may be coming back in the dark
  9. No your exits – when entering a building set facing the door but be close to a exit so you not surprised if something happens.
  10. Don’t investigate any strange noise you hear…………..no one is going to give you a medal or prize money for being bloodily murdered
  11. Stay out of motels…………. If you tired have a red bull or monster engery or let the next person take over no matter how honey you are or if the place have a 5 course dinner, there is properly a creepy guy watching you from if cctv cameras. [Watch vacancy 2007]
  12. When traveling don’t stop in creepy or strange towns………..never talk to those people small towns always have dark secrets from murders to satanic cults and even ghosts, if you find a great property for sale and the price is too good to be truth its properly is drive far away unless to what your life to become a living hell like in the Amityville horror.
  13. Keep your girlfriend close or family members ----very important you can never replace the one you love so protect with all the strength you have. Have a PLAN A, PLAN B, PLAN C even plan ahead if something can go wrong on a trip.
  14. Anyone acting stupid, childish or is the class clown in a survival situation must be left alone (they are going to be killed first)
  15. Keep your cool
  16. Never give up
  17. Never hire a clown for your birthday or invite one to your house, they creepy and look like they are plotting something sinister in the mind
  18. Never never visit an old mental institution or any old creepy building
  19. Always stay together
  20. Never go into a dark basement
  21. Don’t pick up. Open, read form ominous artifacts………one thing I’ve learned is nothing good comes from reading an old book covered by dust.
  22. Protect your ankles and feet [ MOST VULNERABLE BODYPART] how are you going to run or fight off an attacker if you dont have proper shoes on………  ladies heels are sexy but keep a change of shoes in the car of your bag.
  23. When a creepy disembodied children’s choir starts to sing- run drop whatever you were doing and run don’t look back just run in the opposite direction.
  24. Remember there’s always one last scientist working on a cure………..dont loose hope
  25. Never presume somebody is dead just because they where dragged off into the woods or dark hole screaming………………-this person will most likely reappear somehow stronger.
  26. Allways trust your instincts if you feel something is wrong it properly is, if the small voice is saying run then run, your instincts can very be wrong we have had the for thousands of years.
  27. Never pick up hitchhikers ----even if they are super-hot, most likely they will kill you, follow you, spy on you or rap you

  1. Never never never play with the OUJA board or visit séances, iv seen many movies and watch many youtube vidoes of these things going very very wrong, even the bravest of men will shit himself if he see the devil or some scary creature in the dark
  2. Stop ignoring people or children when they say they have seen something outside. 9/10 the children did see something now im not sayn open the door or window to investigate every time something makes a nosie outside use your brains STOP and think turn on a the outside lights first never just open your door.
  3. Babysitters beware…………..when you get the “phone call “  just get the children and leave the house or turn on all the lights and make as much noise as you can don’t be a HERO.
  4. Allways have your cell phone charged and for gods sake don’t put it on silent have in on vibrate rechargeable battery packs are cheap allways have on in your bag.
  5. Never take a short cut that you can not familiar with, no you route that you will be taking all the gas stations and rest stops and never travel alone. Watch the hills have eyes
  6. If you get hold of a gun aim for the head and DOUBLE TAP better safe then sorry

  1. If possible always have a FURRY FRIEND and I mean a good DOG they will always be there to protect you and can hear and smell things you cant. Dogs are the greatest weapon men can ask, they can lift your sprit when you are down, help you find things, protect you can even keep you warm if you don’t mind dog slim on you.


Allways have your EDC gear with you – this is a topic on it own but having some of these items on you can help you in day to day situations.I’v seen many times that having a simple knife and torch you can save your life


Just some things that I can think up right now.

More soon…………. comment, share

Thnx for reading

Submitted: February 18, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Cyrax. All rights reserved.

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